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[DL] Nightmare Moon

[10/28: updated the Helmet, necklaces, shoes, and open wings to :iconblackarmsgeneral: newest parts.]

Two nightmares done.

Give+me+a+rocket+launcher+and+send+me+to+Hell+ a57 by BeardedDoomGuy

Nightmare Moon © Hasbro
Helmet, necklaces, shoes, and open wings and other stuff by :iconblackarmsgeneral:
mane, tail, and closed wings by me

Happy fucking Halloween!

*sorry for the re-upload, dA has some problems with updating .zip or .rar files.*
© 2014 - 2021 BeardedDoomGuy
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I know this is old, but her tail is a little mess up, a part sticking to her and not moving right when I grow or shrink it.
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downlaod link please?
AquamarinePeridot's avatar
It's at he upper right.
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In SFM her mane is a bit too transparent.. is there any way I can fix that?
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She's so pretty...
Never mind.  I found it.
Where is download link? i can't find it. you know?
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something is everytime. i hate this shit. everything could be alot easier if there is a sfm for gmod
KaiserTrinity's avatar
I need help. my model is invisible. do you an idea what i can do against this? thanks!!!
KaiserTrinity's avatar
Need some help very fast. the model wont show up for me. its just invisible!!!!! every kind of help would help me!!!!! Please!!!!
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sorry but i need help. somehow i cant see nightmare moon in sfm. can anybody(pony) help me? as fastest you can? the model is just invisible!!!!
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How come the Gmod version looks...Different...I mean the older models manes were a see though blue but the New one in Gmod is Really Really Clear, Is there any way to fix this?…
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I need this for addons :/
RaggedyCargo652's avatar
I got the Nightmare moon zip thing. I try putting it in the addons and such but it didn't work... where do i put it at? :/
                                                               Please help me!! X3
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Addons isn't a good idea to put there. If you're an SFMer, put it in you're Usermod folder or the creative one, VN_ponies.
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i downloaded this...and....noting showed up. 
the things i downloaded for some reson wont show up.
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Nothing? Not even the WinRAR file?
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I was gonna make a Gaben joke say something like "The sales will last forever", but I decided not to.
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