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[DL] FO:E Blackjack alicorn armor

*update 8/28: fixed the lightwarp issue.*
*SFM only, sorry gmodders*

A birthday gift for :iconthe4thaggie:

Model by :iconuncommented:
Ported by me
Image by :iconargodaemon:
© 2014 - 2021 BeardedDoomGuy
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Reminds of Decapre. But in pony form! :D
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umh, I noticed that falloutshararam and Cyberpunk-DS used the model's leggins, I'll do a robot OC, but I'm looking for just this leggins, how can I take it? and where? P.S sorry for my English mistakes.
Can you put this on the steam workshop?
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Soooo, just curious do you have the leg prop thingy?..... :3
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Are you excited that Argo used the leg armor for an animation of FMA:Bro?
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Do you by any chance know what map did argodaemon use for the image?
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Version of this without the words? This would make a great background on PC.
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while I didn't like this part of PH... this would make a badass background
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Someone needs to make a version of this without the words.
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You would get an instant watch for this thing if I knew I would actually check your gallery. |'3
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I "Really" need to learn how to make things look as nice as that.
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What exactly is preventing this model from being Made GMod-compatible?
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Funny enough, I was on the Facepunch's modeling forums, and there was an arguement in a thread about people not making SFM models GMod-compatiable. Some folks were saying it was "easy as shit to make" physmodels and it was seen as lazy to not be ensuring compatibility for both SFM & GMod for reasons other than high polycount or number of bones. (Forum link:… )

Your thoughts on that?
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Super Mega robotic-Alicorn Machine that is Awesome
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It's Super awesome!! These robtics Detalis, glowing eyes and that Contruction is just Amazing!
i'm just waiting for gmod version and Someoone just need to make this as Playermodel, NPC, and even as a costume to PonyCreator Custom-Player-Models OC tool for Garry's Mod!!!
You're The Best Persons on the Entire Valve Productions!!!!!
Keep Goin'!

 BeardedDoomGuy can you reply to this comment when it will be fixed and works with gmod, please? i'll be thankful :3
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oh damn no pony should mess with her
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that lighting tho
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HohohoHO how cool is that !
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I feel it right now
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holy shit this looks amazing :O 
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models like make hope that the day comes where  steel hooves enter gmod
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Awesome job, and that lighting is badass!
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