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[DL] Enhanced Overhaul Princess Celestia


Don't re-colour or de-complile this model

:iconaeridiccore: ended up updating the Overhaul Princess Celestia model with some new flexes and bones, mostly the same ones as the enhanced overhaul ponies have.

Aeridic asked me to upload this on his behalf for some odd reason again.

Princess Celestia© Hasbro
:iconkp-shadowsquirrel: Original Model Maker
:iconoogaboogaman: Original Model Importer for Source Engine
:iconponinnahka: Pony overhaul assists
:iconjuicedane: and :iconnutrafin: eyebrows and enhanced ponies assists 
:iconaeridiccore: for setting her up with the new enhanced flexes and bones
:iconstar-lightstarbright: Preview Image
:iconstefano96: for gmod port

update one: added gmod version thanks too :iconstefano96:

© 2018 - 2021 BeardedDoomGuy
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is there a download for this model?

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Outstanding model!

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Thought I might shoot this question over, but is there any plans to add phonemes to Celestia, like the advanced mouth flexes the VN models have?
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Chrysalis: HAHAHAHA is will be easy to take you down princess celestia! with my new army of shadow! tham will not betrad me like my formal subject but i will make them pay for this traition!
Celestia: You think YOU can Control the shadow army? You are a fool, this army will eat you very slowly and were you will finaly get it, is will be far too late! this is why luna a become nightmare moon in the first place and why i sealing her to the moon for the shadow arm can not corrupe her more! twilight and her friends a go to the place were all shadow monster coming from but i will not only beat you but save you from the monster you will become and dont think i will fall like the last time! this time i will fight with all my power and you will be sorry to fight my and no guards will help me!
Chrysalis: You are Fool! You think i will belive those lie! Luna is weak this is the reason why she be transform to Nightmare moon to the first place! the army of shadow a only make her more powerful but take her away from this wonderful power! you will need your sister to beat me!
Celestia: hmm is look like be strong to resit to the control for now but is only a mader of time befor you tansform! for luna i fail to protect her first but i save her with the element and twilight a cure her but you is still time to save from it but if transform is will be too late and the element can’t save you! somepony a past the most of his live on evil thing and transform as a nightmare can not be save by the element, so will a no choise to kill you! so will save you from this and you think will let you hurt the changeling? sorry but is will be not be possible, Luna Fight the army of shadow on the side of thorax!
Celestia:… starting , you not talk the way use to be, well is not surprice and you treat my family, my subject , my kingdom? well i Princess Celestia will stop and save you and show you the light! Thorax him a see the light befor he start to learn friendship and love! …i will teach you my self the true mean of live and this time you will become a good changeling and mayby your old changeling will take back in the hive…you know your changeling still love you but you scare them too, is why none of them a got the courage to help to be a better changeling and you know who the changeling belive the most on you? is thorax!(celestia see on the face of Chrysalis some tear but chrysalis blind by the power , she a not see it!) Well is time to put end of this and dont worry i will save you!(celestia see a image of luna of the past on the time) I fail to save Luna to become Nightmare moon , in the past i be young and naive but now i am stronger as befor!(Celestia see on Chrysalis face the right side showing fear and the lift hate! the part who show fear is like a child who be so scare and ask help and the other side is nothing blood murder killer…a monster!) I see now and i will save you form it!
3 houre of battle and celestia won. twilight and her friends seal the gate of shadow and luna a save the hive.
Celestia: Chrysalis..are you ok?
Chrysalis: Why? Why you risk your live to save a monster like me?
Celestia: i ..well First i meet you i belive you be nothing but evil but to day i see the true…You are not a monster but a child who need to be guilding to the right way, i will teach for be a better changeling! dont you want be with your family, your subject..your child?
Chrysalis:(cry) yes i want it but no changeling want me! i put fear in thier mind, i dont de.?!
Ocellus: You are Worng Mother!(Chrysalis be shock to hear the voice of her favourite little child) yes you put fear on us but will still belive in you! king thorax a never stop to belive as your return and reform, so please come back to us!
Crysalis:(she see ocellus with her Friends) i see you a learn the magic of friendship on the wing of princess twilight….i will not return to the hive(ocellus be sad) not yet…i need to learn to be a better changeling and a better me, i am not wordy to be a queen again but if my family want me to be back, i will but not now..i fear i will return on my old self…… Princess Celestia..You are more a Princess , You are a real queen to equestria, but you still call Your self Princess and you be so love my your subject and some see you like a mother…i am nothing compare to you…can learn form you?
Celestia: yes i will teach you everything you need to become the queen you need to be for the changeling not the tyrent you use to be, is will take time but i know you will become the wonderful changeling you want and need to be and i am sure , you too will become more as ruler ficure but a mother ficure too! are ready to learn what i learn in all my live to become the ruler i am to day?
Chrysalis: yes but dont call me queen..i not ready to call like this for now! i nothing but a broken queen!
Celestia: You are Right on this but you will reborn as a wonderful queen and i will make sure of this!
Thorax: and i will do all i can to help and were you be ready , i want you ruler with me as my queen! were i be younger you say your self, you want a king on your side but no changeling a be wordy in the past but i will become this king you looking for!
Chrysalis: you really want me as your queen alter all i done?
Thorax: yes mother but to me your are more a mother but i love you but so scare of you befor i never see i am in love to you but were i give all the love is this moment i finaly get it! so i protect the changeling for you be ready to come back to us! so yes i forgive Chrysalis!
Chrysalis:…….can’t say no to all this kindness but give time to be ready..i need to think and to learn to become a better ruler and i will learn it to the start!
Twilight: and you got the Best Teacher for this! Right Starlight?
Starlight: i will you a 100%!
Chrysalis: i am sorry for the worng i done and say..but i not ready for friendship….for now!
Twilight: is normal! Starlight a time her time to learn all she know of friendship and Discord too!
Trixie: and not Forget Trixie!
Twilight: hahaha yes you too Trixie but Trixie dont forget the magic leason you will get form me and dont be late!
Trixie: yes Princess Sparkle!
Chrysalis: ha ha ha ….so is what to is to be a good ruler and be love and recprect?
Celestia: yes but twilight a still so many thing to be a Great ruler like i do..she remind me as my self as her age!
Luna: yes but as better!
Celestia:……….yes you are right on this but i think twilight will become more better on the future!
Luna: Chrysalis us will show you your room!
Celestia: Luna can you stop say us were you talk of your self? is very comfuse many your subject, we are not in the old age you know!
Luna: well us..i do like to do the way of Fluttershy(she look Fluttershy)
Luna&Fluttershy: BABY STEP!
Chrysalis: i so many thing to learn! i promise to be a better changeling and maybe a better queen! and i..(she her self in a mirrior)
Mirrior Chrysalis: You Fool dont let Transfor you to this weakling!
Chrysalis:SHUT UP!
Luna: i know what you feel!(chrysalis snap back to the reality!)I be like this alter i be cure but my mind be torture by my sin!(Chrysalis see Nightmare moon in the Mirrior) so remenber the monster you want to fight back and become a better self and on this moment you can finaly say good by to it(chrysalis see Nightmare moon be gone and see luna in the mirrior) This is the sin mirrior! i use many time to remind to never become this monster i be..yes she try to take over but she fail and you know?
Chrysalis: the magic of Friendship?
Luna: yes and no…is i am not alone and got my family and my friends to help me to be a better pony and a better princess! right Guards and maid?
Luna: sometime i got nightmare but my guards or my maids help me to feel better and i got my sister too! if you got nightmare , I will here for you!
Chrysalis: Thanks you both of you i will work hard!
Luna: yeah but too night , you will rest! Here your room and this is the maid will good care of you(chrysalis see is a Changeling)
Ladybug: welcome Queen Chrysalis!
Chrysalis: dont call me queen..i not wordy of it!
Ladybug:….ok i get it.. you feel lost and you think you are wordy to be a queen but dont worry i will be for you and You still my Queen! I will share my love with you for the time you too Transform and live free of your past my Queen!
Chrysalis: thanks you Lady Bug but Call only Chrysalis for now!
Ladybug: OK Chrysalis! and good night!
Chysalis: thanks..and good night you too!
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what in the ever-loving fuck
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a story i made, but i think i made it a bit too fast, do i have make mistake on it?
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Do you need to delete SFM folder if you want GMOD model to work? Sry if this is a nonsensical question i'm new to these downloads.
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Can you make the horn removable maybe? 
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Is there a walk cycle for this model? All the animations I tried do not work.
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Is that image of the new model of Celestia above a mirror flip?

I ask because all the models of her that I use in Garry's Mod don't have the ability to flip Celestia's mane to the other side of her head if I want to pose her like that.
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the SFM pack has a normal and a mirror mane and tail.

the gmod pack only has the normal mane and tail.

The gmod port was made by stefano96, any errors regrading gmod you should contract him.
BeardedDoomGuy, ReligiousSheep64 needs your help to get the lilybonbons to blender software.

Think you're up to the challenge?
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If said person needs help then "they" can contact me about it.
Well, this said person is Ellen j./ReligiousSheep64.
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then ReligiousSheep64 can contact me about it.
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Alright, thanks for the info. Appreciate it.
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...sweeeeet. :D
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[Praising of the sun intensefies]
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She's for GMod and/or SFM, right?
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right now for SFM but there will be a gmod patch coming out soon.
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Well, I got SFM not too long ago, and it seems to be more complicated than Miku Miku Dance, which is what I currently use. :proud:

Plus, I don't want to use SFM at this time. :sigh: The reason being is that my laptop is way past its life expectancy and could break down any day now. :tears: Revamp I worry that using SFM will increase the chances of breakdown further. Worried I'm sure that SFM does not contain viruses or anything, but I can't take any chances, because I can't afford to. :worries:
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