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[DL] Cynder the dragon

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[This model only works in SFM]

This model was made by a furaffinity user "grimm"

Now the original version had some ..... NSFW parts which I removed so everyone can use it and I added eye posing.

Now the model came with face posing and face flexes which i haven't touched, so its still there.

Cynder © Activision
© 2016 - 2021 BeardedDoomGuy
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*reads the description* I'm sorry. What?
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Im not going to lie But adding them parts to models really Ruins them. I mean Why Put them on -_- But thanks for removing that nasty Crap Mate,
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(*see notes*)
wait i like that original, just give link of the original
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Thanks for the edit! Been looking for a SFW version of this model forever :)
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How do you DOWNLOAD this model? It's not in your workshop.…

Spyro Emote (Spyro Does A Thing) 
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...Do you seriously not see the Download Zip button on the right of the picture?
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I did. But it's still not in my SFM.
I also downloaded it.
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Organize the files.
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That doesn't even help
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Go to the usermod file. And dumb materials in materials and so on. Seach on YouTube
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She looks nice (I wound mind it if was SFW but I'd really wished for the NSFW version too)
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Nice detailing and textures.  I think it could use a little bit of refinement, but it's really great otherwise.
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Hm... Look's like edit of my port for Gmod.

No offense, i'm fine with it.
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I got this off an old DE thread before it want under, So I don't know who did the port.

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Np man, but now you will know :^)

And if someone want to get NSFW model for GMod, you can go on my DA page.

P.S. you actually can go and get this version too, i kinda optimize textures to make folder with them much lighter. I think you can just take textures from it without any changes.
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I had been waiting for a while for Cynder to leave for SFM.
Thank you for creating and uploading this model.
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where can we find the NSFW model?
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Converted this to Gmod… 
I only added some shit physics to it, lol.But i posed with Advanced Bone tool.
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Oh man Cynder. Everytime i see her i think of Spyro.....then i think of Crash...then of Twisted Metal....then my old Playstation that a dark day stop working. Anyways thanks for sharing, and clean up her model. I got a lot of respect for this characters and it kinda make me sad the things they do to them. I will try to make a nice poster of her honoring the good old days.
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is this model release for sfm workshop?
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When I tried to port it to Gmod, it just showed up as invisible for me. Any help please?
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"[This model only works in SFM]"

thanks for reading
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One of my favorite characters in one of my most favorite games. ^^
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