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[DL] Clementine the giraffe

[Don't recolor, decomplie, or, use to make a OC with this model!]

Oh boy it’s me again, back with a new pony model but wait this one’s not a pony but a giraffe.

shocking I know!

big thanks to for letting me port his gina model.

and remember "show some love to us modelers, we need it."

 * Eye posing
 * Face flexes *same as the overhaul pony models*
 * Eyebrow flexes *just like the enhanced overhaul pony models*
 * Eyebrow posing *just like the enhanced overhaul pony models*
 * Tongue posing *fuck tongue flexes*
 * Three skin groups for the eyes
 * New skeleton! 3 chest bones, 4 neck bones, and, 4 tail bones

Clementine the giraffe © Hasbro
:iconponinnahka: Pony overhaul assists
:iconjuicedane: and :iconnutrafin: eyebrow assists 
Image by :iconkelchanferret:
Base Mesh by

If there are any kind of bugs or errors please let me know ASAP.
© 2017 - 2021 BeardedDoomGuy
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Anon262's avatar… i found an issue, not sure why it's happening, i downloaded it the right way
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Must of been an oversight when I was renaming all the files.
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Oh boi I can't wait to make my super egy winged Girraf OC wid dis, Mr. doom gai can I pls make alicorn giraff oc with sources if I credit?!?!?

I would be so Desu in your favor.
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This is a nice character, She should be in the show (:
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>Hasnt watched the show since season 3
>Sees that there are now fucking giraffes
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You say that like it's a problem!
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ummm... no I'm not lmao
NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Hey, Just commenting on what I see.
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Get ready for Posters
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Aww, that adorable giraffe. :D
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Here I thought it was something you can get on Gmod easily XD
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The madman did it again!
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Oh boy a model that is high quality that won't be used by anyone, and nobody will give a shit because it's not a pony
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i didn't expected to see this model at all
The Modelers get love and they working with Fun, On Fun things i see. That's very awesome c:
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super tol

super cute :3
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