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Right now it's 03:47 and I'm at work at the hospital. It's my last day of six weeks of internship, next week I'll be nurse flying solo on the ward. I look forward to some days off, sure, but I'm even more excited to get to work on my own. Sunrise is not even two hours away and I'm sure blessed to walk home under a peachy sky again. It's great... but work has drained most of my free time these last few days and that's why I haven't published anything on the blog or here. But it'll come!

Before my computer died in a more complete manner (not just graphics as before), I was re-watching Fringe and it reminded me of some great RP I had in Champions Online. It even inspired me so much that I dug up most of my old characters and begun expanding on the story of my "main".

A young man that has never been in full control in his entire life, even less than he has yet to realize. It's no crystallized project yet but I intend to keep fleshing it out and write about some of the more dark and inhumane moments of his life. Right now I'm working on a single short story that I hope will be finished by next week (along with at least one new blog post).

Do you, the reader, have any superhero character in your repertoire?

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I'm from the deep forests of northern Sweden, born in 1988. As a young scout (pathfinder to some) I was introduced to Live-Action-RolePlaying (LARP) and was hooked there and then. Since then I have attended over a hundred events and hosted roughly a dozen myself.

My best friend guilt-tripped me into pen-and-paper roleplaying and a month later I had begun writing a scenarios and a world of my own and debuted as a DM at a convention. When TES V: Skryim came around I decided to host an Elder Scrolls campaign, which "Fear and Racism across Tamriel" is all about.

I have also run a few storylines on both retail WoW (Defias Brotherhood) and a private realm called Conquest of the Horde. My specialty has become the draenei, although I favour dwarves, goblins, trolls and tauren. The point of me being on the interwebs like this is to share all my creative outlets with people who can enjoy it, possibly even be inspired by it. Maybe one day in a distant future I can call it a job.

Before I have had a chance to transfer or finish some new stories to publish, check out my profile from CotH -…. It contains both stories, journal entries, character descriptions and some manipulations I have done.


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Awesome! If you want to use it as an example, feel free. I would love to see what you do with it. Just be sure to credit the stock artists.
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