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its been roughly a month so i should really start explaining stuff now lmao

some of you probably noticed that this account looked rather pale in the last month, and on the youtube channel all the pony videos got unlisted aswell and got a new name.  thats because the two owners of these accounts split up due to personal reasons, its just me now here, brigi (the artist). as much as i would like to explain everything, i cant do that. so to keep it short and simple, theres been a huge violation of trust basically.
Because of this i forcibly took this and the youtube account. but for my defence i was very not comfortable with the tought that the two accounts that are filled with my work falls on the hands of someone i can no longer trust at all with anything.
so what will happen to this account now? honestly dont quite now either but these were my ideas for the future:
  • i will keep this account as what it was basically, and that is a place where i upload commissions, art i owe others an the like. because lets be real, thats whats been uploaded most of the time here.
  • i could put up here some more conceptual sketches and doodles of mine of animations, characters or just general ideas. since i dont like to post those on main, they could maybe find a place here.
  • ive been wanting to do comics of my own for a while and have a couple of stories but this is just a big maybe, since im not the best in actually making a comic tbh
Please tell me what your toughts are on those, or if there is anything specific you would like to see, or maybe even got other ideas, im all ears.

i still have to bring myself to clean up the gallery, i want to move everything thats in there in one big folder that will be called old stuff/past stuff or something along those lines.
As for the pony videos/speedpaints, i have made a public playlist of them a week or so ago, so you can still enjoy them, they will stay unlisted tho. it starts with the animations, goes into the speedpaints then and at the bottom i included some never posted (mostly speedpaints) too, cause why not~

im not gonna say im more active on my main brigostre cause honestly im just as dead lmao, but its less dead than this account. and that one i check regulary unlike this one.

and as a close off i wanna say i planed to open commissions at the end of march or in april. so if anyone still interested after all this mess, be on the look out~

Sorry for any confussion, concern or displeasure that all of this might have caused! none of this was intended and the whole thing came suddenly.


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Hovel Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I maybe get an obvious answer to something obvious to see but i dont obvious know.

What happend? All pony videos got whiped from the YT channel and this account... well looks kinda wiped too <.<
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