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The Night Stalker's real alias was Joe, and was a psychologically unstable mercenary who worked for the Assassin Brotherhood in New York. He feared the daylight, and thus only came out to strike at night. He gained the moniker Joe because one of his Templar victim's last words were to shout it out as he died, though his actual name was never known.

It took about 8 hours (not all at once).
Like this multiplayer char but not as much as Victor Wolcott (The Mountebank). :D
This pic contains little spoiler for those who have not passed some multiplayer achievements but it's not lethal I think
Hope you'll like it :D

PS: Here are other fanarts from me on ACB:

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woow...  love this, now my new wallpaper :D characters like Joe and Shah'kulu always become my favourites, and you really captured him, this is how I imagine him, like in the rain and everything... a stunning great job! :) (Smile) 
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By far one of the best fan arts
What branch of assassins did he belong to?
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thanx. uhm, not really understand your question. American assassin? (but he's more like mercenary, as we can read in animus.)
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I doubt he was unstable, maybe a little detached from other's (given his getup) but somehow I think it's exaggerations is in accordance with the work of Abstergo's revisions to the information the Animus provided. (fortunately corrected by Erudito)
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So perfect! Like a fan of AC3 online i agree this picture of my favorites inmediatly. Good job!!!!
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You think you could do the Robber? Not very many people do art for him and I bet you could do a really cool one. Hope it doesn't bother you that I asked.

I've seen your Creed drawing and they're amazing! This is my favorite out of what you have.
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Thank you. I think it's the matter of time. ;)
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You're welcome! The Night Stalker is actually my 2nd favorite character from the multiplayer, so this one caught my eye. 
And that would awesome, the Robber is my favorite out of all of them. :D
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Thanks for sharing this amazing FanArt of my favourite AC3M-Charakter :)
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np, glad you like it :)
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This is...
I love this character, is my favourite, but more I love your drawing! Look at that light!! Impressive! And the background really reminds me at the Multiplayer lobby.
And the rain.
I love you.
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Wow, thanx :D I really appreciate.

You have nice gallery, I like your style ;)
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omfg! >< very nice!!
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Poor guy. He's not unstable, he works for a good cause. Just everyone thinks he's a bad guy (or is that what he's trying to make people think?).

Rock on, Joe. Hook them Templars!
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you did a great job on this one. Love the Night Stalker. Best mp character ubisoft has created.
I really like the colours you used and the rain drops. kepp up with ac mp stuff!
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Best multiplayer character in AC3. This picture is awesome, really captures the Nightsalker
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Finally some art on him. And it looks pretty BA! Awesome job :)
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