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Taking a break.

Valentine's Day Cards? FILLED

Valentine's Day Cards? FILLED

Do you want a Valentine from me? Here's the deal, draw me something (I don't care about quality, in fact, keeping it a doodle is probably best), if you don't know what I like, ask me. And in return... You get a doodle from me! Of anyone you want wishing you a happy Valentine's Day! It's like elementary school card passing out. :> Positions closed, starting work on them. 1. ~HabitualFlippancy ( 2. :iconmedox: 3. :iconedge-chan: 4. :icondemonuncle: 5. :icontentaclees: (And my random-ass friends who can't get it together enough to comment in the top 5, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.) The goal is to fill them. Are you up for it?

Emo music?

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CaptainVArtProfessional General Artist
I always wondered what happened to you.

I mean, not like every waking moment.  But even after a decade, I kinda wonder if accounts like yours still have a living person behind it.  Did you just move on with your life? Are you dead?  If you are alive do you still draw? Do you work somewhere where you are happy?

Do you even remember these?

If you came back, would you be surprised to find this?

Or maybe, you really are moved on - reincarnated after so many years to not even recognize your own work.

Eh, Just thoughts.
Wow... it's been two years since anyone's left a "Come back" or an "i miss you!" comment... I just want to say, your gallery was awesome back when it was up... your work was amazing, and i was so sad when it was taken down... so if you do still check this account every now and then... I just want to let you know, that you still have at very least one person who would like to see you return. But if you can't for one reason or another, i suppose we'll just have to accept that. Miss you B.O.E.
what up.
Hey, whats going on? 23/female.. come chat with me on this website CLICK HERE
I miss you! :cry:
SierraSalamanderHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello.....Just dropped by your profile again (after....several....years???) and....what happened to your lovely gallery? :sniff: WHY IS IT GONE???? NOOOOO!!!! *anguish*
that co is ment to be cowincedence
Hey what a co
I have a comic book called Bear of EVIL you should check it out at [link]