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Rainbow Dash


Rainbow dash in my style ;) gonna try and draw 'em all!

Applejack here: [link]
Fluttershy here: [link]
Rarity Here: [link]

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Do not use, copy, heavily reference or re-distribute this artwork in any way without my permission. My little pony: FIM is property of hasbro.
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This is perfect! :iconrainbowdashlaplz:
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:O.........I.....have nothing to criticize here.........Before I go nuts complimenting you on everything you did, I'm going to sleep tonight to make SURE I'm not overreacting. If I'm not, this may be my favorite work on the site. I only come here for pony art, but even with this one still competing against some clever art with beautiful backgrounds, it's just flawlessly shaped with a good facial expression. Bbl.
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Holy shit, this turned out way longer than I planned. I guess the more I like something, the more I type :D

The reason I like more realistic adaptations of MLP characters is because of the depth of their characters. It's easy to enjoy the happy and funny innocence of the show when the characters feel like real people (props to the writers), so when I saw the accuracy and quality of your art...well, it made my day.

Here are my criticisms. The fact that the curve of the muscle-crease on her neck lines up perfectly with the curve of her jaw looks a bit odd. I think you did a better job with that issue in your Rarity picture. You also had the shading on her neck start pretty strictly along that crease, which can make her neck look a bit caved in. I think changing the shadow on her neck would make a noticeable difference because if I just pretend the shape of the shadow just HAPPENS to line up with that crease, it looks great. Also, I'm not sure why you put the back of her jaw so far back on her head, but that only leaves a sliver of neck behind her head for it to be attached to. This was the first tiny "flaw?" I noticed. I also just noticed the yellow areas on the different parts of her coat. I really like how the sheen of the sunlight gives a little yellow tint, especially on her tail, but there may be a bit much of it on her coat. At first I wondered if she got peed on or got dirty in a crash or something. It is a nice detail, but maybe it should be more subtle? Or maybe it's NOT the sheen of the sun off her coat and I'm looking at it wrong? Anyway, these are the only four things I could see by staring on two separate occasions to look for ANY improvements.

Everything else is why this may be tied for my favorite work (MLP art) on this site, along with your Rarity work. If I could give them a rating, I think this would be 9.6/10 and Rarity would be 9.9/10, 10 being the most conceivably perfect adaptation of an MLP character with a decent background. The reason they're tied is, while I think your Rarity piece is done ever-so-slightly better, I like RD a little better as a character. Anyway, unless someone else raises the bar, these are perfect-pushing amazing, but I don't see how that's possible unless they copy your EXACT style and just add a lot of texture detail to the coat, mane, and tail. I took off .4 because each possible flaw is probably debatable, pretty subtle, and I'm working down from the overall feel I get from this if the ratings move in integers, which would easily make this a 10.

So here's what you did right specifically. I'm going to start with the head because that's the first thing I look at. More specifically, the muzzle comes first because muzzles vary a lot, and it's either hit or miss with me. You kept the muzzle at a perfect medium length. Any shorter and it would look more like the show, especially if it was skinnier too. Any longer and she'd look more like a horse and less like a pony, and you'd have started leaving the character design behind a little. You also gave it a good thickness and put the corner where her muzzle integrates with her head high enough on the face so that it doesn't look like a nose. I'm happy that you kept her bottom jaw (under the line of her mouth) lined up nicely with the top. Idk why some people move the bottom jaw back and not only make the muzzle look like a nose that way, but also shape the mouth odd (slanted) to make the jaws line up. Sometimes the mouth is open when they move the bottom jaw back, but it still makes the muzzle into a nose. I'm impressed that you gave her nostril some shape instead of just putting a dot (or leaving it off like some artists), and you did it without making it look like a huge hole in her face. You also sized the eye brilliantly and shaped it well. You seem to be quite good a facial expressions, and that reflection of her character is something that helped this start at 10/10 and didn't take a .1 off. The way she's flying with one hoof out is how she often does it in the show when she's about to go fast, so the face matches well. Perhaps she's just in a mad mood, who knows? Maybe it's the line at the end of her mouth line, but detailing her mouth even when it's closed helped a lot. The size of her ear is as perfect as I can imagine, and the folding at the bottom is very impressive. Her mane has minor hair detail, which is perfectly fine since it's consistent with the show and the rest of this piece. You sized the neck very well, both in length and thickness. I didn't even know horses/ponies had a slight muscle-crease on their necks before I saw your art. Her mane looks more like a mane and less like a mullet than in most works I see, and I think her neck design helps with that a lot. I also like how you made the mane come down her neck on both sides. It always comes down on one side of her neck in the show, but somehow you made this look normal on her. The shading on the inside of the hair on her right side is a nice touch too. You even kept the top of her hair in the show's style but at more realistic proportions, and the way the hair spreads around her ear is great.
Looking at the body, I'm very proud of your belly. I'm so happy that you gave her a curved belly; it really helps it look more real and less lanky. Both in the show and looking at real horses/ponies, the mid-section (belly) would normally go a bit lower and be a bit bigger, dipping down almost to the joint on her back leg, but somehow you made it look normal here. I don't know why, so just take that as a confused compliment and MAYBE consider trying a larger mid-section in the future just to see what it looks like? Or maybe because she's technically still a filly (the whole mane 6 are) she should look smaller? I'm a bit clueless here beyond checking for the belly curve since it looks really good the way you did it. You also gave her a distinctive chest so that her whole body doesn't look like a bent noodle up to the top of her neck; well done. Something almost as important to muzzles to me are wings, and they're the second place I look (for pegasi). I think artists need to copy you here, even if they have a different style for everything else. Maybe they can scale the wings down a bit if they want to follow the show more, but out of my own preference, your wings are perfect. She's a cartoon pegasus that flies with wings that aren't realistically scaled to lift her, so assuming magic or cartoon logic or whatever, her wings don't need to be huge. However, sizing them with the show's scale but more detail just looks weird, so I think you're spot on (based simply off what looks "good" to me). The "top" of her wings (the part toward her head) looks great. That bone or w/e is yet another awesome anatomical detail you've added that I wouldn't have even thought to look for. The slightly changing feather sizes moving along the wing and the fact that the change in feather length isn't uniform along her wing gives it a much more real look. I also like the little feathers near the "top" of her wing, too. Her cutie mark takes up most of her flank, like the show, but seems smaller to scale, which looks great with your design. Every little bend and corner of her legs look amazing; I'm not even going to pull up a real horse to try to compare. All I know is her legs look more realistic with the skinnier scaling and it looks excellent. The way you gave her separate hooves while keeping the coat color is the only way I've seen distinct hooves on an MLP character that looks, not just as good, but BETTER than the "hoofless" design from the show. Finally, the tail's length is well done, and the yellow sheen on the tail is very attractive. You're a brilliantly anatomically accurate artist, and I'm glad you're part of the MLP scene :)
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Jesus fucking Christ O.O This is officially the longest comment I've ever seen on the internet...
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woah! Once again I missed this because you commented/replied to your own comment instead of on the page xD I feel bad that you took so much time typing this and I didn't see it right away! Careful not to do that on this sight or things might get lost ;)

Thankyou for the great critiques! I shall try to keep them in mind when doing my MLP work even when my style/proportions fluctuate all over the place xD only once thing I will mention re: "jaw so far back on her head" its kinda because of the way I learned to draw horses before MLP:fim series. I imagine it does look that way but what I am trying to draw is the bulge of the jawbone sticking out. Rather than terminating the line and picking it up again for a smaller detached curve I just keep it going all the way around (I hope that makes sense). I will try giving it a go the other way but in the past it has only left them seeming a bit fat faced or thick necked. I can only try right? :)

Thank -you- for the wonderful feedback! I don't nearly get enough (and I don't blame busy people) but I feel immediatly greatful every time someone leaves something to comprehensive and positive for me to read.

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Well, like I said the head and neck still look fantastic. Only when I focused in on the jaw and back of the neck alone did I notice how thin it could look. Maybe if the neck-crease didn't line up with the jaw it wouldn't even be noticeable when I focused on it.

I'm glad to see you like over-the-top feedback ;)
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It's awesome! Looks like a great blend between MLP and your style :)
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Really neat! I like the determined look on her face, nice combination of styles!
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Woo! It's awesome!! :D :+fav:
i got Rainbow Dash in the pony personality test ^^;
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Lovely work! She looks cool in your style.
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Love it! Rainbowdash is my favorite next to Applejack! :heart: I can't wait to see the others!
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Yaaaay its Rainbow Dash ^^ well, I must say this really does look awesome in your style. I like the accuracy of how Rainbow Dash appears in the series, and even her striking pose and her expression is down to notch.

>w> I'll admit that I can't wait to see the others...

Though owo Fluttershy will always be my fav. <3
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Rainbow Dash is my favourite when shes not being an egotistical bitch xD so half the time I like her best. AJ second so i'll probably draw her second.

You sound like fluttershy sometimes x3 her squeaks.
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Haha yeh xD I can understand that. Also I like AJ too, but due to the shyness and the squeaks of Fluttershy, I can see the similarity of me in that pony OWO

But again I like your adaption ^_^ cos I know its your style, but I also recognise MLP <3

T.T I must say though... I'm missing out on Season 2. Not sure where I can watch it off.
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isn't it still on the youtubes? o.o;; thats where I watch it?
KitaeKat's avatar
:< depends from which source on Youtube. everytime i tried to look for Season 2, i'd only find like 0:10 clips.

makes me sad cos i want to know what's happening T^T
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Hi I know it wasn't me you were talking to, but I don't want anybody to be without ponies in their life: [link] :D
KitaeKat's avatar
;w; Awww thank you so much for the link. I'll save it <33

T-T I was sad without watching the series to date.
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