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Comic #169:
It may come as a surprise to some of you but I don't actually identify as a furry. I like to say I'm 'furry adjacent' having so many friends and supporters in the fandom. Animals are just my favorite thing in the world & the more human elements added to them just make them less interesting to me. 
Furrys are some of the most genuine and giving people I know and don't deserve even half the hate they get as a community. I'd be a part of it but I just feel like a square peg in a round hole every time I try.

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SimplePanther93Hobbyist Artist
Hmm... I don't like that much generic furry style,but I'm a big fan of were style and natural anthro .

Feral is good too,but mostly because Lion King fandom on DA made me love it ^^
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TheRantDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
This comic speaks to me, especially as someone that can't decide whether to consider themself a furry or not. The first anthro image doesn't do it for me either, but all three of the ones after that are the kind of thing I really like. I do think there is also a happy medium anthro between the first and second image too though, just with more carry-over of the animalistic features. 

I agree 100% the community doesn't deserve the hate it gets. I love a lot about it, like the fursuits and the talented artists, but when I think about really calling myself one or delving into the fandom as an actual member, I tend to have sort of the same feeling you do, like I'm missing something. I tend to refer to myself as either a fringe furry (just hanging out happily on the edges of the fandom and supporting/appreciating what they do). Either way I'm a furry supporter.
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This guy Like me......Wink/Razz .....Heart 
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CyborgLucarioHobbyist General Artist
I like all styles, but in recent years so have I decided that my characters will have both an anthro and a feral form, because I believe they will look good in both.
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Those search bars though XD
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ArtsyGoatAlanHobbyist Digital Artist
I like all of it, to be honest. I consider myself as a furry, purely because of that. Everyone has what they like, and I even have points it is just too far away from being the animal its supposed to be. Like I love charrs, werewolves, actual animals, but also zootopia and such. 
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MistingWolfHobbyist General Artist
I've also gradually moved away from anthropomorphic characters, although if you look at my gallery, I never had many to begin with. My original OC that was to represent me was my maned wolf/cheetah hybrid, Vapor, but I've grown out of her as representative of myself.

My "me" character, I've figured, is Iris, of whom I only have one high school drawing of in my entire gallery. Mostly because I'm best at drawing animals and can't even draw an anime/manga style character as well as that aforementioned image these days. XD
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HunterCat1Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hahaha! Relatable!
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markedwolfHobbyist Digital Artist
me...... my whole gallery....
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WitchyBrookHobbyist Writer
I feel this. I kinda feel like I'm getting out of the fandom because a lot of the characters are too human for me. Zootopia is cool but I've always loved Balto and Brother Bear. Over the years the bipedal and brightly-colored characters just lost their appeal for me. Maybe it's the escapism for me, but weres and animals have always seemed cooler than anthros and furries.
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Lyrical-CraftHobbyist Traditional Artist
werewolves and bears are my thing
sorry to the community, but i just hate furrys for their sexual hentai crap and also human animals are you kidding, why is that normal :/
why not just shave it and call it a mutated human experiment :shrug:
Now all new people remember or know are "oh you mean those people who wear weird animal suits and do dirty stuff?" kind of things.
If it bother anyone from the furry community or support, nothing i can do about it, but that's what I see happening nowadays, just saying. some suit designs are damn cool, I'm not into the whole "oh my animal has so many human element it's great."
Anthros are ok in my opinion, given that i loved zootopia, but werewolf type of legends or histories and natural wolves and bears are totally my zone to be in :D
they seem so graceful so damn majestic, sure they'd kill a person but i can't help but be enticed
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wahots55Hobbyist General Artist
YES! I relate to this a lot! The more animalistic the better!
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Jinglez-ArtsHobbyist General Artist
Naturalistic anthro and snarly werewolf are definitely my top fave styles of 'furries'
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JeclrsHobbyist General Artist
I love that the regular wolf is a jpg image. Do why, but I do.
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I am OK with that
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DreamCrystalArtHobbyist General Artist
One of my friends actually said I was a furry or at least part of a niche side of furries because all I draw is animals and not wanting to draw human type art. Needless to say I didn't really take that very well internally lol (and this was years ago)
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SpitfiresOnIceHobbyist Digital Artist
I feel the same way! I have tried to fit in with furry communities before because people said I was one so I figured I might as well? And then I felt really out of place and like I had nothing in common with them. I adore seeing people's fursonas, and I love my own, but I love them more as a four legged cat that I collect and draw art of. Not a roleplaying thing or anything. Suiting, conventions etc. just aren't my thing, and I find I never really relate strongly to people who are active in the community. They're great people sometimes, just different interests, I suppose!
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FoxofwondersHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, at least the bear version of you also has some anthropomorphic traits. :p (Though I guess it's not as 'intense' for bears since they can already stand on two legs, plus you largely stick to bear anatomy to begin with.) Still, I guess that makes it easier for furries (and non-furries) to think you could identify as one.

I personally am a big fan of naturalistic anthros, not sure if I'd call myself a furry though. I don't care much for most 'modern' anthros myself, but I'm glad for people who have an easier time expressing themselves through them, and I've had many positive experiences with people who identify as furries. Wholeheartedly agree that the hate is not deserved.
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TortiveHobbyist General Artist
Picture 1: every time I try to draw picture two.
Picture 2: Werewolf, Hybrid Form (Human-like)
Picture 3: Werewolf, Hybrid Form (Wolf-like)
Picture 4: Wolf or Werewolf in Full-Wolf Form
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MatrixPotatoHobbyist Digital Artist
Same TBH. I have some furry friends and they're honestly great people. I just feel I don't fit into that whole "human body-animal head" theme XD
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To be fair, even as a self-identified furry I am less interested in full anthros most of the time. LOL And definitely in RP I prefer ferals.

Thankfully they are usually a pretty accepting buncha nerds but I get that some folks may not feel as much of a fit. :)
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SoldierYenaProfessional Digital Artist
Wow this is a big mood.

When I joined Kotar, a fantasy roleplay with no restrictions on species and a community reliant on artwork to show their characters, I told the admins that I really wanted to make a gnoll, because I've always loved them in DnD, but in real life I have no friends to play with, so a roleplay forum was the best I could do and I just really didn't want them to say 'no you can't'. And they didn't, they just laughed and said my artwork was cool. So I made a few characters, I made a wemic and talked about adding a tiger character who was cursed. They noticed my character species patterns and asked if I was a furry. And I just said yes, but it's easier to just accept that normal people will always see anyone who even just likes animals as being a furry, but I insisted that I was not a Hollywood furry- I didn't yiff or do porn or anything like that, I even told them that I was not going to bring my fursona over as a character. Obviously, upon hearing that I had a fursona they really cemented the idea that I was a furry in place. But I insisted that I would not use my fursona because people tend to be sensitive about what happens to their sona in roleplay, they tend to be ultra Mary Sue-ish and I was not about that.

But then I made Nefarious and I was just like...


Thankfully they didn't mind. x3 In fact, everyone else seems to really like him and his design but they definitely think of me as a furry and I'm just like 'whatever' about it. x3 But I feel you, I really don't identify as a furry. I'm just an animal artist and creature designer, so animals are par for the course, you know?
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Yep, sometimes a character just sets up shop in your brain and tells you that they are now your fursona.  That's how I got both of my current ones:

Chakat Firepaw started out as a Champions character concept and shi is in many ways what way I would go to become my ideal self.
Chakat Marquis came about from a discussion of how to make an evil chakat and shi is a manifestation of my darker thoughts and urges.
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OniVraskHobbyist Writer
The werewolf looks awesome, I love him. :) Also the naturalistic anthropomorphic lady looks real nice to as does the wolfy.
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