A word on Hatred
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I find it Ironic that someone can denounce another person for being racist, and then turn around and announce that they themselves hate an entire country of people. At the same time protesting that they are not biased in anyway.  Hating a country based on a small cross section of people is not only sad, but kind of crazy. Also blaming another country for your countries political decisions is lame, every country has the power to make up its own mind about situations. Once their mind is made up they then have to deal with the consequences. An example would be me saying I hate all of Europe because of the World Wars and some random tourist that didn't know what building they were looking at in NYC (none of this happened). A. some random tourist do not represent an entire continent, and B. the wars were political and no one really wins in a war.  As citizens of the U.S. know, people are different all over the country. People, education, accents, and personalities vary greatly from state to state. So basing your opinion on the random people that happen to vacation in your country is extremely unfair.

Maybe its me, maybe I am just tired of all the hate towards my country as well as within it. I understand these problems exists everywhere, but sometimes I really feel like we are being blamed and bullied for everyone else's problems. Which is ironic really, since everyone considers us the bully. What can we really do though? Are we to apologize for being rich (which we arent anymore)? Or for our sub-par schooling (really we should get pity for that)? When we help other countries we get in trouble for "meddling", and when we ignore them we get in trouble for having the power to fix something and being "selfish". Also when we show any kind of National Pride we are called pompous, but really who doesn't love their country no matter where they live. Its extremely obvious at the olympics where spirits are high and everyone is cheering for themselves. Yet when we are patriotic we get in trouble.

So I guess there is nothing for us to do but what we always do. Ignore all the hate and go amongst our normal lives hoping no one throws a bomb at us.  Trust me, we do not like to be hated, but apparently no matter what we do the world needs a scapegoat. So until we can figure out how to be liked, I guess I will just have to grow a thicker skin.

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