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December 5, 2009
Wabbit Season by ~Beanjamish: "Bean has taken Elmer Fudd... lovable, failing, non-terrifying Elmer Fudd that we all know and love... and made him into a dirty, gritty, realistic Elmer Fudd that, if I were Bugs Bunny, would scare the absolute HELL out of me. Be Vewwy, Vewwy quiet, indeed..."
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Wabbit Season

He's gonna Fudd you up.

I dunno. I had a fun idea in my head of taking Looney Toon villains and making them gritty badasses. About a 1 1/2 hour speedpaint.

Elmar Fudd belongs to the Warner Brothers

EDIT: This thing has become MASSIVLY popular online and I am ecstatic that so many people enjoy it! I get requests now and then to sell prints, but I need to make it clear I can't do that. When this piece first got a lot of attention as a Daily Deviation and people asked about prints I talked to some professional illustrators I knew, and they made it pretty clear to me that while yes, a lot of people sell shit online they don't have the rights to (look at all the Mario shirts for example) it is illegal. I am not willing to risk my integrity as a professional or the wrath of Time Warner by selling this.
That aside, the image was done as a speed paint. It's, like, 8 inches tall at 300dpi. Kinda hard to print that.

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This is so badass! Would be awesome if you contact Warner and work with them to turn this into a comic or prints!
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I would love to see more like this! I loved Looney Tunes so much growing up! Amazing work!
datrain's avatar
I think you probably could have maybe depending on the clothes gotten away with this as its own thing and sold prints without the acme ref. btw what your saying about the wrath of warner really gets me thinking about how disassociated companys are to there fanbase -_- I mean cant they hire you maybe as a freelancer or take a small percent of the earnings oh and btw I hope this message doesn't get you down because your not alone and stuff :). btw this is such great work and im entertained by it :) cant wait to see more!
datrain's avatar
btw I said probably and maybe because I don't remember how fudd's clothes look like lol
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intergrated-squish's avatar
I love this so much. Can't elaborate how much!! :-D
jetrazor74's avatar
Freakin' Awesome!
WhiteTigerDemoness's avatar
Words, I cannot even begin to form them. :heart:
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Popinns's avatar
It's amazing how eerie you made him look compared to the original Fudd. I love it!
is this print for sale? let me know
is your print for sale?
MJSettlesII's avatar
i want to see it as a movie
septemberthief's avatar
fuck that is creepy.
yay imgur!
Nioga's avatar
My childhood... Never the same...
Yeah, I just came from imgur, gotta leave my marks here and tell you that you made me shit bricks with this drawing.. keep it up brister, I wanna see so much more.. a fellow drawer.. (that sounds retarded, but nm(
I want to buy this... email me
Windego's avatar
Dude, I saw this on Imgur and just had to find you. This is effing awesome!
leorising1959's avatar
Just found this and I love it so much! Can't help thinking, though: shouldn't the caption read "vewy" instead of "very"? Thinking of Elmer Fudd as a total badass even with the lisp is hilarious, IMO, but I understand if your mileage varies.

In any case, awesome work. Thanks for this.
Is this print for sale anywhere?
Is this print for sale anywhere? Great job, man. Great job.
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