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Kimaris by bean5011 Kimaris :iconbean5011:bean5011 4 1 Little Red Riding Mimi by bean5011 Little Red Riding Mimi :iconbean5011:bean5011 1 0 Mimi's Cooking Contest Submission by bean5011 Mimi's Cooking Contest Submission :iconbean5011:bean5011 2 2 [PKMN SC] Mimi's Swimsuit meme by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Mimi's Swimsuit meme :iconbean5011:bean5011 2 3
PKMN SC Mimi's Quotes
Event Tiles
"O-Oh wow! Isn't this my lucky day!" (item)
"This book has so much to learn from...I think I learned a lot!" (exp)
"I-I feel really inspired by this book...I should go train!" (weapon exp)
Relationship Tiles
Asking -
"I-If you don't mind me asking...what do you like to do on your off time? Surely you can't be training every single moment." (free time)
"You look quite happy...did you read a really good book?" (happy)
"What is your dreams in life...? Oh gosh, does that sound creepy?" (dreams)
"I-I think it would be a good idea to team up!" (team up)
Replying -
"I read and read and read and...what was the question again?" (free time)
"I read the most beautiful ending to a book was so sweet, I can't help but smile!" (happy)
"I dream to one day actually look pretty...we all know that's impossible though" (dreams)
"I-I hope I don't trip you!" (team up)
Asking - Married
"H-hey (name), ...I love you, don't forget that" (love)
"You're better than any kind of book I have r
:iconbean5011:bean5011 2 0
Chapter 2: Versus the Knight! by bean5011 Chapter 2: Versus the Knight! :iconbean5011:bean5011 1 1
Mimi and Masrur Support C
Masrur let out a small sigh as he left his tent one morning. After the battle against the Dutarus forces, the army was given some days off, and he dediced to enjoy himself. You know, take a little while off, lay down, read a book and what not.
And that is just what he did, he grabbed one of the books he recently had bought when he had met this... certain cutie that happened to talk to him out of the blue when he had gone out training about a week before the battle. After getting into the more comfortable clothes that he had brought into the camp, he sneaked out of his tent and stepped towards a local park. surely there had to be a good tree for him to lay under and have a good read.
Mimi was enjoying her day off as well, she was already onto the fourth book in the saga. She was wearing regular grey skirt that went to her knees with a black top, and of course, with her traditional hood. She never leaves her tent without it. She had grabbed the fifth book to take with her as well, as she
:iconbean5011:bean5011 0 0
[PKMN SC] How to PROPERLY introduce a new characte by bean5011 [PKMN SC] How to PROPERLY introduce a new characte :iconbean5011:bean5011 6 1 [PKMN SC] Mimi Feral by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Mimi Feral :iconbean5011:bean5011 4 0
[PKMN SC] First Fight! -Mimi and Donovan RP log
+Mimi was on the training ground, trying to get a little bit more training before the battle in a couple of hours. She fired off a few thunders, and a few missed their mark quite badly. Looking closely, it was possible to see the girl shaking.
"Oh come on..." the petite girl sighed "These nerves need to go away for this battle..." and she fired off another thunder, not really paying attention if anyone came up to her.
-Donovan was honestly terrified for this battle. From what Lord Wynton and Pelton had described, there were numerous archers out on the field. He had to be careful, otherwise it could be disastrous for him. He flew out onto the training grounds on the back of his well-tamed Noivern, as he clenched his axe in his hand.
Once he made it to the grounds, he didn't see anybody training except for the girl in the Mimikyu hood he had seen from time to time. She seemed to be using her magic attacks, but was barely hitting the dummies and targets set up on the field. He approached
:iconbean5011:bean5011 1 0
[PKMN SC] Sleepy Days by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Sleepy Days :iconbean5011:bean5011 3 2
[PKMN SC] Casual Reading Days (Mimi and Masrur)
+Mimi had been at the camp for a few days already, and although she liked to be by herself, she knew that to be around here for such a long time, she had to try to do something she had not attempted in a long time, make friends and allies.
She walked around timidly, looking around even though it looked hard to see through the hood, she could see pretty well. It didn't help when she bumped into a giant hunk of metal, and fell down. "Oh! S-Sorry about that!"
-The giant hunk of metal, who was just a man a whole 2 feet taller than her, looked down and gave her a warm smile, waving his hand a little bit "oh don't worry about it. It was my fault. I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings." The man's gentle voice said as he knelt down and held his hand out to her so he could help her stand up. "Have we met? I am sure I have seen you around the place. The hood is unmistakable"
The man's dark brown eyes were visible behind the pair of glasses he wore and gave him an air of wis
:iconbean5011:bean5011 1 3
[PKMN SC] Roleplay meme by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Roleplay meme :iconbean5011:bean5011 1 0 [PKMN SC] Wedding Gown Meme by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Wedding Gown Meme :iconbean5011:bean5011 2 7 [PKMN SC] Wedding Gown Meme by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Wedding Gown Meme :iconbean5011:bean5011 2 0 [PKMN SC] Mimi's confession by bean5011 [PKMN SC] Mimi's confession :iconbean5011:bean5011 5 11


Mimi for a Beany by solidant Mimi for a Beany :iconsolidant:solidant 4 1 PKMN SC| Casual Clothes Meme by Minish-Mae PKMN SC| Casual Clothes Meme :iconminish-mae:Minish-Mae 5 0 PKMN SC| Ashni and Yamraiha's Wedding Collage by Minish-Mae PKMN SC| Ashni and Yamraiha's Wedding Collage :iconminish-mae:Minish-Mae 6 9 [OPEN] Animal Anthros and Pokemon Gijinka Gatcha by Minish-Mae [OPEN] Animal Anthros and Pokemon Gijinka Gatcha :iconminish-mae:Minish-Mae 9 19 PKMN SC | Masrur Child Meme by MasaruHerrera PKMN SC | Masrur Child Meme :iconmasaruherrera:MasaruHerrera 1 2
After discussing it with the mods, we've decided to create a PENDING APPS folder. This will show anyone who's interested the other applications and will help the mods keep everything organized.
To submit your application to the pending folder, please request to join the group. This way you can sumbit art into the PENDING APP folder.
If you've already requested an app check, results for those app checks will be released later today through Notes.
I'd also like to remind everyone that the due date is May 20th, 2017 though if an extension is needed, please tell the mods! There will be an extension regardless if we don't have enough people in the group to start.
Other things I'd like to mention is that Maps will also be out soon! More details will be on this later. For those just seeing the group and are interested in joining, here are the links to the application journal that was posted prior.
:iconthe-peak-of-despair:The-Peak-of-Despair 1 5
Event | Hot Spring Scramble!
:bulletblue: ~ You've Been Invited to the Outrealm Islands!  ~ :bulletblue:
With the brigands by the Ethotarus River taken care of, everyone's ready to head back to their respective kingdom for some rest, but, just as everyone is returning, a call goes out from the Outrealm Islands! It seems Anna has something for everyone once again! Knowing her, it's probably something extravagant. Whoever wished to head there made their way there in a group, both Ethovalon and Dutarus meeting at the islands. They found the usual portal and walked through, only this time it wasn't a winter wonderland or sunny beaches, but they ended up in a ... bathhouse of sorts?
Confused, you all walk around as you try to figure out where in the name of Lacoria you are. Finally, Anna makes her appearance, and she's wearing a breathtaking yukata. She gives you all a wave and claps her hands together happily. "I had heard that Ethovalon and Dutarus finally became friends! Nothing could ma
:iconpkmn-shattered-crest:PKMN-Shattered-Crest 3 77
PKMN SC | The Battle Against Three True Heroes! by MasaruHerrera PKMN SC | The Battle Against Three True Heroes! :iconmasaruherrera:MasaruHerrera 2 2 PKMN SC | Donovan Modern App by Minish-Mae PKMN SC | Donovan Modern App :iconminish-mae:Minish-Mae 2 2 PKMN-SC: Yaku by goldenMisfortune PKMN-SC: Yaku :icongoldenmisfortune:goldenMisfortune 9 3 PKMN Shattered Crest | Yuri!!! On Ice Meme by EnchantedArchitect PKMN Shattered Crest | Yuri!!! On Ice Meme :iconenchantedarchitect:EnchantedArchitect 3 0 PKMN SC | Morgiana Feral Meme by MasaruHerrera PKMN SC | Morgiana Feral Meme :iconmasaruherrera:MasaruHerrera 3 0 Kala Scattered Crest Application by MaluMia Kala Scattered Crest Application :iconmalumia:MaluMia 4 1 [S-C] Aavya RP Meme by snubby25 [S-C] Aavya RP Meme :iconsnubby25:snubby25 7 2 [S-C] Aavya App by snubby25 [S-C] Aavya App :iconsnubby25:snubby25 6 6 {PKMN SC} Erasmus by pengykun {PKMN SC} Erasmus :iconpengykun:pengykun 5 7




Hey guys!! I finally decided to open up commissions! I will do your OCs, and pokemon gjinkas! Sadly though, this will not be for points, because i'm in some desperate need for cash. Even if you can't buy, I would really appreciate some signal boosting! Onto the prices!

OCs and specific Pokemon Gjinkas:

Rough sketch- 5$
Flat color- 10$

Random Pokemon Gjinkas:

Rough sketch- 3$
Flat color 7$
Shading 12$

Simple background- Free! Just ask
Transparency- Also free! Just ask
Complicated backgrounds- 3$
Extra character- 5-7$, depending on how complicated it is.
Pets- 1-3$ Depending on how complicated it is

This will be through paypal! To send money, my email is

Thank you so much in advance!


bean5011 has started a donation pool!
26 / 50
Hey all who ever watch my page and stuff. I am asking for a donation for 50 points, not too much at all! It's only to donate to friends/people I think should have some. If it is okay I will probally do this again.

But who said I wasn't going to do this without anything in return!

1 point- a paper sketch
5- A computer sketch (This is higher because I'm better at that)
10- Computer Line Art (Shoulders up if human or hedeghog)
15- Computer Line Art (full character if human or hedeghog)
20-Line art+color (Shoulders up if human or hedeghog)
25-Line art+color (full)
30 (if someone does this I would be amazed)- Line art+color+shading (Either)


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