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Twilight Sparkle Equestria Girls casual clothes.

I wasn't sure if I should have done the unicorn or alicorn version, but in the end I choose the alicorn one.

This is the last one of my Equestria Girls casual clothes vectors (at least for the mane six). I'm still planning to draw Vinyl, Celestia, the Crusaders and others in this same style, but not yet.

In the meantime I want to try something different, for example ponify some characters from games and anime and also experiment with some other techniques besides vectoring.

I really hope you like it.
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Dang ƾhaƾ ịs ƑR][ƙҠịn' ƙoo|.
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I like it, but the shading is WAY to much. 
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So... Shiny...
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I wondering about this.
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WooW these vectors are the best I've seen these thinning are amazing as glare *O*
She would ask for RQ  ^^
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That you'll take the father do I teach drawing draw haci? and That you'll stay curious twilight sparkle with the clothing of equestria girls
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Aww, she has the best clothes and I love her so much. :D
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this would soooo make an awesome reflective foil sticker
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Beautiful design!
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she's perfect in every way
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ohhhhh~ shiny mane o3o
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This. is. AWWWWWWESOOOOOOOOOME!!!1! :squee:
You have no idea how much do I love this! I still think you should make a unicorn version as well. I'll love you forever if you did that! :D
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Thank you for your comment. 
I'll want to do an unicorn version (or maybe one with her wings folded) in her dance attire from the movie.
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Wings folded in would be nice, but I'd be expecting a unicorn version anyway. Thanks! :D
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Thank You I Love It!
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