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Will Mangin
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a 34 year old artist, geek, father, husband, and US Airman. I draw mostly giant robots...and the occasional video game character or superhero.

Current Residence: Germany
Favourite genre of music: alternative, punk, jazz
Favourite style of art: mecha, western comic
Personal Quote: "The sharpest tool in the shed, is still a tool!"
  • Drinking: a never-ending cup of coffee
So... As I've been posting more of my OC's, it has been brought to my attention that many of you might not be as familiar with them. So... I figured I'd link you all to some comics/stories that my characters have been featured in or even just made a guest appearance. :)

First off, these awesome fancomics by :icondrivaaar:
Courage Under Fire part 1 pg1 by Drivaaar Courage Under Fire - Full comic here:…
Crisis Of Conscience pt1 pg1 by Drivaaar Crisis of Conscience - Full comic here:…

Some awesome stories written by :icontm2-dinobot:
Drive and Duty part 1Drive and Duty
by Sam Ford
"Touch down in three cycles. Prepare final checks for prisoner transport."
The loud speaker blared over head, alerting the security team of their imminent landing. Amateurs. Dart could tell they were landing, just by the pitch of the engines and the shimmy in the tail. These CDC Autoloopers knew nothing about speed, or machines, or what it meant to be free. Ironic that he was the one in binders right now.
The glowing rings sizzled against his wrists, not burning, just letting him know they were still there. Dart grinned at the black and white security trooper as he walked by, checking the binders on the other prisoners. As soon as he was past Dart rolled his optics. Idiot. If these frag jockeys thought some low grade security systems would keep him back they had another thing coming. He was The Dart. As soon as those doors opened he'd be gone.
The transport touched down with only a slight servo crunch. Whoever was in the cockpit might not have known how to fl
Drive and Duty part 1 Drive and Duty part 2The Velocitron circuit was perhaps the most famous race in the galaxy. Thousands of beings from a myriad of worlds attended, and billions of cheering fans watched the televised results. The rules were known and abided on by all the racers, and each had the begrudging respect for the others. They were all the cream of the crop. It was the panicle of standardized racing, all atmosphere and pomp surrounding the sport. Money and fame flowed like water all around the track, bathing everyone it touched. It was a place Dart knew he would reach; some day.
The Pylon Driver, on the flip side, was a dirty alley race down deserted streets. The contestants were killers and thugs who were there for the thrill of murder more than the speed. The rules were virtually non-existent, and the only eyes watching the track were those betting. Gamblers, pushers and slaves outnumbered racers a hundred to one. Dirty cops turned out in droves, and not a single medic was to be found.
This was the bottom rung of r
and part 2
Broken BladeBroken Blade
By Sam Ford
The door hissed open with a screech, struggling in its tracks against the old hydraulics. Like the rest of the outmoded war equipment, the base was falling apart. It might have been considered foreshadowing if Beamer had taken any notice; an allegory for his own place in the world. Instead, the Autobot simple strode through the faulty door, suppressing a sigh.
The sight greeting him upon entry filled him with both sadness and relief, with a strange twist of anger thrown in for good measure. In the hangar bay where the Valliant had once berthed now rested a recycled Decepticon relic. Rodeo's ship, albeit badly damaged, had been conscripted by Autobot High Command some months prior. The orange titan, expressing his displeasure in a less-than-constructive way, had spent the night in the brig. It had taken Beamer four megacycles to procure the proper paperwork, finally freeing his friend. Apparently Rodeo's outburst had not gone unnoticed, and some weeks lat
Broken Blade
Verticon's Night OutVerticon scowled. The music was hot and grating, the squelch turned up too high, burning her audio receptors. The percussion played at a desperate 180 BPM tempo; not fast enough to be true Polyhex metal, instead keeping it slow enough for the few humans to follow. Not that the humans were listening. The two in the corner were stoned out of their minds on Durabyllium Rust and probably wouldn't survive the evening. The third sat across the bar and was currently swapping mandible juices with something one could only hope was mostly organic. Without care he might lose his head to the cross-species make out session.  
The songs changed again, and the treble player gyrated faster, doing his best to stab a burning poker right through her temple. That was the problem: this was just another Iacon pop speed cover, and the original wasn't even worthy to give her a processor ache. Her patience ran dangerously short. Only idiots could like this music.
"Good music, huh?"
Ladies and gentle bots,
Verticon's Night Out

Transformers Generation None: The Signal by :iconvenomx1: (and partially me):… (external link! sorry!!)

Beamer in an canon TF/GI Joe comic:
beamer in tf-gi joe art of war by beamer (which isn't a story... but figured I'd include it)

Also...some fun little side stories by :iconshumworld:
TF Big Battle page 1 of 8 by shumworld Battle Royale
a CHIBITRON Christmas pg2 by shumworld Chibitron Christmas

The take away from this... other people like my characters more than I do! jk Trying to work on some stuff that I've been developing with TM2-Dinobot for awhile now. I'm slow to get it done. I figured that maybe posting about it would spark my motivation to finish some of my own stuff. :P




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