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Princess of the year

I present to you, all the official Disney princesses, in the fashion of the year their representative films premiered.

This took forever, seriously, had to do a lot of research and stuff. But it was really fun to draw :)

Some notes regarding my choices: I went for what could be accurate for the time AND what I think the girls would personally wear. If you don't agree with me that's fine, but remember that our perception of fashion is really personal and it's different around the world (I'm Swedish, so this is how I've seen it).

In case anyone else wonders who they are:
Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida
The official princess line up.

Characters © Disney

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I'm glad you left out Elsa, Frozen is very overrated. lol

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Awesome job on this. Love the choice of clothing, and how they match with their personalities.

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I love the idea of dressing them in outfits popular at the time of their respective films' releases.

And you could also point out that their hairstyles more or less reflect the eras the films were made in. Snow White had a bob because the likes of Mae Questel donned it, and Ariel's long, wavy hair does scream 80s.

cutiepie185's avatar

It's weird to think about how there wasn't a princess movie for 30 years.

huckleberrypie's avatar

Not to mention that the princess drought also coincided with Disney's "dork age".

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I love their outfits! It brings the evolution of popular outfits.
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i like the way Mulan and Merida look :D

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This is so accurate though! I love this
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Can you make their BOOBS alot more bigger!
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@bealor can you kindly delete this guy's awful messages?

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Can't handle the facts and the truth! XD

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I just don't like bullies who throw arounf Autistic like its an insult

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Facts are facts and this is the REAL WORLD and not your SPECIAL LITTLE WORLD!

I hope you understand even tho you wouldn't ever understand!
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They are probably just a little 13 year old who so happens to get a phone for thier Birthday and don't know online etiquette. I originally said something bc the artist had thier right to draw something without sexualizing it. Or without the dumb comments telling them to.
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Fuck this!
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Damn. What a 'mature' comeback.
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I'm not going to keep getting insulted by a little kid. Buh-bye
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