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Hinata's bellybutton torture part-3 :iconbeakboy:beakboy 37 17
Celebrities' belly/navel compilation by beakboy Celebrities' belly/navel compilation :iconbeakboy:beakboy 12 9
Hinata's belly tickle torture-part 2
Now on with the part 2 -
A vent in the dungeon made fresh air from outside flow in. It threw slow breezes on Hinata's fully exposed midriff.
Whenever she felt the cold air flow on her belly and inside her navel, she giggled from the tickling sensations. The air flowing inside her belly button caused goosebumps to appear on her tummy.
It felt so weird and good at the same time. Hinata smiled. Her midriff was indeed very sensitive.
Her ribs, sternum, sides, waist, lower belly, hipbones all gave her tingles just on being exposed.
And a 100 times more sensitive was her deep soft navel. Her fetish was strong.
Although she had always kept it hidden. She would never reveal her navel like other girls when on the beach. It made her tummy even more sensitive always keeping it covered.
But she had her reasons. Simply just exposing her navel turned her on. When she would feel wind on it, or people looking, she would blush and couldnt control her navel feeling extremely vulnerable and shy. Let alon
:iconbeakboy:beakboy 27 7
Hinata's belly tickle torture (fan-fic)
Hinata opened here eyes as she woke up. She was lying on a large wooden table like platform in an uknown dungeon like place. She sat up and noticed there was dim light enough to see things around her.
She noticed her jacket and ninja tools were gone. The last thing she remembered was that she was on a mission to locate a nearby akatsuki hideout with Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Kiba.
'Oh no! We must have been captured by the enemy. Damn.' Hinata thought.
"Ah so you are awake now..." A stranger voice from behind the shadows said.
Hinata quickly took her fighting stance. "Who are you ? And where are my comrades ?"
"Dont worry, hyuga girl, they are alive and right here. Our orders are not to kill you brats, but to extract some information out from you." Said Konan as she emerged into view.
Hinata froze as she saw konan approach her. She knew she could not take her down alone.
She jumped and attacked konan, but was easily countered and thrown back. Just as she looked up again, konan was right i
:iconbeakboy:beakboy 36 7


Amy's hot ass 3 page 2 by Antonissen
Mature content
Amy's hot ass 3 page 2 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 72 23
Amy's hot ass 3 page 1 by Antonissen
Mature content
Amy's hot ass 3 page 1 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 63 14
Once upon a time in Norway Page 5 by Antonissen
Mature content
Once upon a time in Norway Page 5 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 63 5
Once upon a time in Norway Page 4 by Antonissen
Mature content
Once upon a time in Norway Page 4 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 49 6
Once upon a time in Norway Page 3 by Antonissen
Mature content
Once upon a time in Norway Page 3 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 52 3
Once upon a time in Norway Page 2 by Antonissen
Mature content
Once upon a time in Norway Page 2 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 53 2
Once upon a time in Norway Page 1 by Antonissen
Mature content
Once upon a time in Norway Page 1 :iconantonissen:Antonissen 52 6
Jenny unmasked by Antonissen
Mature content
Jenny unmasked :iconantonissen:Antonissen 99 10
Motor stripper by Antonissen
Mature content
Motor stripper :iconantonissen:Antonissen 89 7
Navel Tentacle (Yuffie) by elitetrainer29
Mature content
Navel Tentacle (Yuffie) :iconelitetrainer29:elitetrainer29 41 1
Navel Lick(Jessie x Grunt) by elitetrainer29
Mature content
Navel Lick(Jessie x Grunt) :iconelitetrainer29:elitetrainer29 40 7
After a Long Day (Mrs. Ketchum) by elitetrainer29
Mature content
After a Long Day (Mrs. Ketchum) :iconelitetrainer29:elitetrainer29 47 3
A Useful Quirk (Yaoyorozu x Tsuyu) by elitetrainer29
Mature content
A Useful Quirk (Yaoyorozu x Tsuyu) :iconelitetrainer29:elitetrainer29 48 7
Navel Lick (Nia x Yoko) by elitetrainer29
Mature content
Navel Lick (Nia x Yoko) :iconelitetrainer29:elitetrainer29 48 8
Fang becomes a 'Divine' Treat? (commission) by UsagiForehead Fang becomes a 'Divine' Treat? (commission) :iconusagiforehead:UsagiForehead 72 0 Naval Piercer (commission) by UsagiForehead
Mature content
Naval Piercer (commission) :iconusagiforehead:UsagiForehead 68 2




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