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Hinata's bellybutton part-4: belly-byakugan :iconbeakboy:beakboy 13 3
Mature content
Hinata's bellybutton torture part-3 :iconbeakboy:beakboy 39 23
Celebrities' belly/navel compilation by beakboy Celebrities' belly/navel compilation :iconbeakboy:beakboy 12 9
Hinata's belly tickle torture-part 2
Now on with the part 2 -
A vent in the dungeon made fresh air from outside flow in. It threw slow breezes on Hinata's fully exposed midriff.
Whenever she felt the cold air flow on her belly and inside her navel, she giggled from the tickling sensations. The air flowing inside her belly button caused goosebumps to appear on her tummy.
It felt so weird and good at the same time. Hinata smiled. Her midriff was indeed very sensitive.
Her ribs, sternum, sides, waist, lower belly, hipbones all gave her tingles just on being exposed.
And a 100 times more sensitive was her deep soft navel. Her fetish was strong.
Although she had always kept it hidden. She would never reveal her navel like other girls when on the beach. It made her tummy even more sensitive always keeping it covered.
But she had her reasons. Simply just exposing her navel turned her on. When she would feel wind on it, or people looking, she would blush and couldnt control her navel feeling extremely vulnerable and shy. Let alon
:iconbeakboy:beakboy 33 8
Hinata's belly tickle torture (fan-fic)
Hinata opened here eyes as she woke up. She was lying on a large wooden table like platform in an uknown dungeon like place. She sat up and noticed there was dim light enough to see things around her.
She noticed her jacket and ninja tools were gone. The last thing she remembered was that she was on a mission to locate a nearby akatsuki hideout with Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Kiba.
'Oh no! We must have been captured by the enemy. Damn.' Hinata thought.
"Ah so you are awake now..." A stranger voice from behind the shadows said.
Hinata quickly took her fighting stance. "Who are you ? And where are my comrades ?"
"Dont worry, hyuga girl, they are alive and right here. Our orders are not to kill you brats, but to extract some information out from you." Said Konan as she emerged into view.
Hinata froze as she saw konan approach her. She knew she could not take her down alone.
She jumped and attacked konan, but was easily countered and thrown back. Just as she looked up again, konan was right i
:iconbeakboy:beakboy 42 7


Anthea the priestess
"It's time!" a feminine voice called.
Anthea nodded and started to walk. The young Greek has lived here forever, in the temple of Ombilica. Since she was an orphan, priestesses raised her in this sacred place in order to be one of them when she would become adult. Even in these ancient times, when Greece was full of many gods, the young woman was considered as a beauty. Her curly light browned hair stopped at her shoulders, with some bangs falling near her hazelnuts eyes. Her delicate face looked pure and perfect. But what was the most amazing was her body. Anthea had long slim legs with a firm curvy butt. Her vast bust was bouncing by every step she made, and her flat belly with a deliciously diamond shaped innie made everyone envious.
Anthea wasn't really aware of her beauty since she was only living among women. Of course, most of them would tell her how amazingly pretty she was but she wasn't really paying attention. Even if she was living peacefully in the temple of Ombilica, the
:iconessai2:essai2 9 0
IT'S A SNAP by alan1828 IT'S A SNAP :iconalan1828:alan1828 124 8 Kris 01 by suffitsam2018
Mature content
Kris 01 :iconsuffitsam2018:suffitsam2018 55 0
Kinktober 2018 Kiss by pyperhaylie
Mature content
Kinktober 2018 Kiss :iconpyperhaylie:pyperhaylie 310 26
Ino's Tickle Torture
It was a quiet afternoon in the Village Hidden in the Leaves as Ino (older teen) was standing by the cash register waiting for some customers to come and buy some flowers but today no one was coming into the store.
“I wonder why people aren’t coming here,” Ino asked herself.
She then let out a yawn as she waited for a customer to come in and buy some flowers. Just as Ino was about to fall asleep she saw her friend and rival Sakura come in the flower as she greeted her friend Ino.
“Hello Ino how are you this afternoon?” Sakura asked her.
“Well pretty good Sakura but I haven’t had a customer for the past hour,” said Ino.
Sakura then put her finger under her chin and said, “Well Ino why don’t we hang out together since you don’t have any customers.”
Ino looked at Sakura and was thinking about. Ino nodded and said, “Ok Sakura we can hang out together let me go change my clothes.” With that said Ino left the cash register
:iconthunder-bolt:Thunder-Bolt 92 15
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Cana Alberona (Patreon NSFW Preview) :iconchancero:chancero 23 0
Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail by jyu-ichi Erza Scarlet, Fairy Tail :iconjyu-ichi:jyu-ichi 395 15



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Orochimaru came beside Hinata and dropped the tiny snake on her exposed hot midriff. It landed on her curvy heaving belly and stood still for a moment, examining its soft surroundings.

Hinata was truly a sight to behold; a young adult chunin, totally naked, her flawless fair body on display, the curves and slight muscles... round ample breasts and light brown nipples, soft and toned stomach with a super deep navel hole, wide hips with big soft buttocks, a firm but tender back, and the little hairy pu*sy, which was swollen and red now.

Konan commanded him to start his work.

"well little one, you may begin now." orochimaru said to the tiny snake.

"HEYYY ! stop this im warning you, or you- hhahahahahahahaa ahheheheheheheheh" Hinata was cut mid sentence as the snake began crawling on her sexy tummy, unable to stop giggles. Her belly quivered and her abdominal muscles danced as she laughed harder and harder, the deep belly button changing its shape and size with each movement. The tiny snake crawled across her stomach, it got really ticklish when it slid into the underboobs and travelled down to her lower belly towards her womanhood. But it always returned to the belly. As for the worst fear of Hinata, the snake-worm was now circling her inviting navel, getting closer.

"No! There's nothing in there for you creature, scoot!" She shook her midriff trying to throw the worm away but could not. It dipped its head inside and pushed on the knot which sent Hinata into hysterics. "Hahahahahaa nooohoho it feehehels so strange!" Since her navel was open now, it pushed past the folds and slid inside slowly, arousing many senations in and around her tummy hole. It dug deeper until only its tail was visible outside, slapping her belly and then it went inside whole.

"ahhahahahah OH-" Her eyes opened wide as the bug slid inside her hole and her navel was penetrated finally. "Mmmpphhh what will happen now? Will it lay eggs inside me?" She asked the Akatsuki as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the hot sensations she got from the bugging: tickling, intense pain and immense pleasure. She felt the worm moving inside her belly, below her button and around, causing bumps and ripples to appear on her taut belly. Slowly, she stopped feeling the bug at all.

"Aha I knew it, well done my child!" Orochimaru patted her belly happily, speaking proudly to his worm to have done its task. "Now release her and let her stand Konan..."

Konan lifted her paper bondages and helped Hinata on her feet. She stood in front of them feeling dizzy and holding her belly tight.

"Ughh my stomach feels so hot, like its on fire." She said fearfully clutching her sweating soft belly.

"Now time to complete the ritual! Hina dear please raise your hands above your head." Hinata obeyed Orochimaru this time, too much tired of everything crazy going on there. He put his palm on her belly and muttered some spell. Hinata's bellybutton was still very sensitive and sore so she felt hot again on the touch and closed her eyes. He squeezed her belly from the middle which caused Hinata to moan a little "Ohh not again...". Orochimaru did many hand signs and stopped on the tiger sign with two of his long fingers stretched out, he got behind Hinata.

"Thousand years of pain, HA!" He thrust his fingers into her butthole straight and she jumped from pain and disgust. "EWWWWW you sick *** what the hell was that!" She shouted angrily as she flexed her ass and shook her butt, trying to ease her throbbing as*hole. Her panties were starting to get wet again.

Konan smacked Orochimaru on his head in pure fury, "Son of a bitc*! Enough of your pervert jokes here! Do your job or we will destroy you!" Konan scolded him, her huge breasts shaking.

"Okay sorry sorry! I always wanted to do this, I could not help it. That's a solid butt haha! Now on with the ritual..." He stood in front of Hinata and made the sharp tiger seal again.

"Thousand years of bellybutton jutsu!" He jabbed his fingers straight into her navel hard and deep. Hinata coughed and doubled over on her knees in pain, holding her navel with both hands.

"Owwwwwwww *cough* *cough* *moan* aaghh" She cried in pain on the floor and rolled on her back clutching her belly. "Enough with my poor belly please." Her panties were wet now and the juices were dripping.

"The ritual is done now, you can stand up again." Konan said. "Try to activate your byakugan."

"We gave you a special power, dear. The legend of the belly-byakugan is alive again! hahaha. The worm was made of chakra, it disappeared inside your belly and got mixed with your chakra network."

"What huh?" Hinata was regaining her power by now. She charged her chakra and concentrated. "Byakugan ha!" She shouted.

She felt all her chakra being focussed in her belly region. Suddenly, instead of her eyes, the veins appeared all around her navel like in a byakugan, and pop! her innie navel popped into a hard outie! "Whaaahahat is this!?" Hinata cried in tension.

Ino, sakura, ten ten and Kiba also woke up and witnessed the strange event. The hyuga belly now looked fierce and strong, with an eye-like outie navel in the center and veins around it like that of a byakugan.

"Whoa... I wish I had that." Ino said as she fingered her own small shallow innie in awe.

Hinata's outie turned red in color and the veins around it started twitching. "Oh it hurts waahaha" she shouted holding the navel.

"Undo the byakugan, you have to train a lot to use this jutsu, you are weak now." Konan said. "The first hyuga queen had the belly-byakugan, and we had her cells stored with us all this time, now we have it again on our side! That was the plan. But be aware of one fact, while that jutsu is activated, your navel and belly will be very vulnerable and a weak spot, so do not let any one attack you there. At the same time, you will have to keep it bare haha! Good luck using it carefully."

Hinata undid the byakugan and relaxed her sweaty belly, "fweww" she breathed out and rubbed her belly. She fingered her navel to see that it was a normal, closed innie again, and did not hurt anymore.

"You guys can leave now, but when we need you again, we will send you a signal through my bug inside, and you will have to obey us! or the bug can do bad things too hahaha." Orochimaru chuckled evilly and disappeared into the shadows.

"Later, brats. Go back to the village" Konan's body turned into paper birds and they flew away.

"Haaaaargh! Is it real at all!" Hinata cried out in irritation and fainted due to fatigue. Sakura and Ino rushed to her help and carried her on the way back. Each of them was curious and fingered her belly button to see what changes could be felt in there. She giggled and laughed each time her wonderous, sweaty and soft navel was poked inside. "Stop it guys hehehe, its embarrassing."


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