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Oh, I'm running out of predrawn picture soon ^^ Two more "Meta" pics to go and then I probably won't upload so frequently anymore, well like usuall :)

Also "Echo Of Soul" is preventing me from drawing at the moment XD Must say it's a pretty nice game :3 I have excepted something else from the advertisement for that game, but I think it's good anyway. I still don't understand how that goes with the resources for your job-quests and where do I get them from... but mehh, I just buy them from other players I guess ^^ It's too hot to play for too long, though, cause I feel like my Laptop is going to burn me a whole in my legs and I already have a padding in between XD But really... it's way too hot in Germany right now ugh... I already sweat terribly in the bureau at work and it's not much better at home >.<

But OMG my Budgies are so cute *_____* 


:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:Burageons and Other Adoptables:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

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  • Listening to: Floraverse Soundtrack
  • Reading: Comics
  • Watching: Detective Conan, Scarlet was so awesome :D
  • Playing: Echo of Soul (Fantasy MMORPG)
  • Eating: Pizza
  • Drinking: Tea
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Feeling meh...Work\Live is getting more stressful It seams I can't do anything right, even if I really concentrate *sight* Everyone around me is just so good at what they do and I'm just struggling with every little thing and the outcome is more then often just meh... Feels though as if everyone excepts me to be good, too, but I'm not and it adds to the stress and makes me feel useless more times then not. Money is also a bit of a problem, since I couldn't take it anymore to work full time, but now I'm noticing the financially strain... urgh... Makes me feel on edge half of the time.I'm glad I have a vocation soon! Though I always enjoy them with a bit of bitter taste in my mouth, since we're vegan and I have to pick out all the restaurants in the area and check if they are still active, when their open and how to get to them beforehand. Then I also have to find them at the right time when we're there and sometimes that is really stressful and feels like work ;_; I love it when we find a good restaurant and mostly eat their for the rest of the vocation. That's the best :3 Oh and my paranoia of missing trains and stuff doesn't help much with vocations either XDOn another note, Eclipse seems to be much faster and less glitchy today Makes it much better to use, at least this is the case for me. I've gotten pretty used to the design and such and I really think it looks fine. But I'm also wearing filter-glasses so my eyes would not hurt so much when I'm on a PC, maybe that's why I don't understand all the "eye-bleed" design comments XD Anyway, if they really stay on eclipse I prefer getting used to it now, then having to deal with the massive change later, glad I was given the chance :3Can't wait for the next season of MLP, which is sadly also the last, but well we have got 9 seasons then and I think that is plenty Love the development the characters went through, I'm excited to see what happens next, the trailer was really great!
Some UpdatesHello everyone! I just realized that I haven't posted a Journal in about a year, so here goes... My workplace moved last year August, so I have to take the bus to work now, instead of simply walking, which would be OK if the bus would be punctual for once and If I wouldn't have to pay it... I like the new bureau, it looks much more professional and the whole company is on one floor again, which is pretty convenient. I can't enjoy the sun anymore without not seeing anything on my screen, though, since behind me is all windows >.<Soccer would be much more pleasant to watch if they would stop deciding more then half of the matches through shady penalty kicks, especially in the Champions League... I don't know what the referees and the VARs are doing, but it isn't good. One of my favorite teams is already out because of this (and because they couldn't shoot more then one goal in 94 minutes... come on D:) and I really don't want my other favorite team to loose just because of a stupid penalty kick. Not in the Champions League please or you really have to rename it "Luck League".Since I'm only working part time right now (full time was driving me really crazy) I could need some extra money for stuff, so commissions are still open, if anyone is interested: Commission Journal What I doMy newest picture, I'm personally pretty proud of it:Have a nice day! PS.: This journal was created in Eclipse, so it looks much better in Eclipse... With the old design it looks kind of messy :/

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July 4, 2015