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Oh, I'm running out of predrawn picture soon ^^ Two more "Meta" pics to go and then I probably won't upload so frequently anymore, well like usuall :)

Also "Echo Of Soul" is preventing me from drawing at the moment XD Must say it's a pretty nice game :3 I have excepted something else from the advertisement for that game, but I think it's good anyway. I still don't understand how that goes with the resources for your job-quests and where do I get them from... but mehh, I just buy them from other players I guess ^^ It's too hot to play for too long, though, cause I feel like my Laptop is going to burn me a whole in my legs and I already have a padding in between XD But really... it's way too hot in Germany right now ugh... I already sweat terribly in the bureau at work and it's not much better at home >.<

But OMG my Budgies are so cute *_____* 


:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:Burageons and Other Adoptables:bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletblue:

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  • Watching: Detective Conan, Scarlet was so awesome :D
  • Playing: Echo of Soul (Fantasy MMORPG)
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  • Drinking: Tea
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July 4, 2015


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