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FantasyCreators Winners Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 21, 2012, 2:59 PM

These are the winners of the Realistic Fantasy Contest at :iconfantasycreators: :

:bulletgreen: 1st Place:
:icondirewolfwere: :thumb312123195: :thumb316089361: :thumb314069918:

:bulletgreen: 2nd Place:
:iconvampyricarts: Lakuta Info-sheet
A small, mammal-like creature that lives in the icebergs that breaks off the Akûl Ice Sheets in Nungai. The bones of the Lakûta are hollow, allowing them to be lighter so they can swim or glide from berg to berg depending on the circumstance they're in when they need to move. Their fur is white in color, sometimes tinged blue, and is also hollow to provide better insulation from the frigid cold as well as camouflage against the surface of the ice. Their total wingspan is always the exact length of their body, on average a total of one meter, and is designed primarily for gliding short distances however they have been seen flying in flocks, particularly during their mating season which lasts the whole of the Sun Cycle when the sun does not set.
The bodies of the Lakûta are simple, long, and covered completely in long fur. Though they normally reach a length of a meter their height is approximately 20 centimeters at the shoulder if they were not covered
First War ~SNEAK PEEK~"What would you have of me?" Evra said once they removed the clothes from her mouth.
The people in black didn't answer, just forced food and drink in her throat while baring blank expressions. She knew these people were far nicer than the others, and they didn't exactly agree with the treatment she and the other mages were receiving.
Evra sighed in malcontent as they finished the feeding and returned the series of clothes that prevented her from saying anything magic-related.
This was going on ever since the two cities ended up in this weird world that the dragons called Nungai. Both cities had lost their languages, so the dragons taught them the Dragontongue and gave them the lore of the land.
'I just want to know why they're doing this.' She thought as they returned her to her cell and her chains. At least this time they gave her a thin red strip of fabric to cover her naked self with. She had given up fighting, the others seem to get more excited when she struggled and tried to esca
Growth by VampyricArts

:bulletgreen: 3rd Place:
:iconjoachim-berger: Magic theoryThis is my contest entry for #FantasyCreators. It resembles a description in a teaching book, or, to be more precise, a file saved in the virtual EVA-System. It discusses how magic "works" in my Science-Fantasy writing "The Dementari". Considering the rules for entries this might be a borderline submission, because I already have two submissions in my gallery dealing with theoretical magic, but they were in german and had not this form of a teaching book.
Magic theory
Lecture 1, excerpt from the local EVA-archives. Security lock (0)
Initiation protocol for new recruit started.
1. Welcome, student. This lecture aims for giving you an awareness of basic terms of magic.
Everything that exists, does so within certain opposites. This central concept was established many thousand years ago and started with the perception of yin and yang, black and white, good and evil and so on. The key to understanding the ways of magic is to accept that it is the equal opposite to everything
Care for some experiment? by Joachim-Berger :thumb314884710:

Congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:

We got some really good and interesting entries!
Please take a look at them here:… :) You won't regret it ;)


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Commission Waiting-List:

:bulletred: 2 Sprite Avatars for MickieBoo ~status: paid | not started

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:bulletblue: A pic of Sneasel, Larvitar and Misdreavus (or evolutions), just because their awesome :D
:bulletblue: Crystal from the pokemon game :3

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July 21, 2012