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:bulletgreen: What I do :bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen: Animals and animal-like creatures
:bulletgreen: Dragons
:bulletgreen: Furrys and other Anthros
:bulletgreen: Humans (if you want to see more recent human examples of my work, please note me, since I don't upload some of them here.)

:bulletgreen: Fanart and OC's
:bulletgreen: Nudity
:bulletgreen: Blood (in moderation)

:bulletred: What I don't do :bulletred:

:bulletred: Some fanbased characters, pairings or OC's I will not draw because of personal reasons
:bulletred: Hate-Art
:bulletred: Gore

:bulletblue: For some fetishes I will decide case by case if I'm doing it or not. :bulletblue:

Please keep in mind that some of the conditions can vary from time to time.

:bulletwhite: Paying methods: :bulletwhite:

:bulletwhite: PayPal (0,80 €/$ 1 PayPal fee included in all prices)
:bulletwhite: Bank Transfer for German customers (reduce 0,80 € from all prices)




Black & White: 2,80 € | $ 3,40

Timelizard by Beagon Emerald Master by Beagon Gentleman Fuchs by Beagon Sheepgirl by Beagon Sonnenhuepfer by Beagon
Black & White Head-Shot. Size: 320 x 320 pixel
You can also request to replace black with any other color.

Colored 1: 3,80 € | $ 4,50

Kitty by Beagon Spiegel by Beagon
Colored Head-Shot. Size: varying from 320 to 500 pixel
Very simple background included

Colored 2 *: 6,80 € | $ 8,- 

Flight Rising Siblings by Beagon FR - EarthDragoness by Beagon FR - Anna by Beagon FR - Daregon by Beagon Masquerade by Beagon
Colored Head-Shot. Size: varying from 1000 to 2200 pixel.
Transparent Background. 

Oekaki: 3,80 € | $ 4,50

Firey by Beagon
Colored Head-Shot with pixelated outlines. Size: 500 x 500 pixel.
Simple background included.


Colored 1 *: 14,80 € | $ 17,50

Luka by Beagon Beagon - ID by Beagon Electric Lizard :3 by Beagon
Colored Fullbody. Size: varying.
Transparent background.

Colored 2 *: 25,80 € | $ 30,-

Greeting The King by Beagon

Mature Content

Black Dragon Pristess by Beagon
Please Excuse Me... - FR Commission by Beagon Soaring the Seas by Beagon Cutting through the Illusion by Beagon
Colored Fullbody. Size: varying.
Middle detailed Background included. Picture will be more detailed then Colored 1.

Character and Beast *: 18,80 € | $ 23,-

Black Cat by Beagon White Cat by Beagon Green Dragon by Beagon Crowned Cat by Beagon

Colored Fullbody of a character on an animal/beast/feral creature. Size: varying.
Always in a simple sitting or standing pose. You can choose between transparent or simple background.

Pixel Sprites

Animated Sprite Avatar: 8,80 € | $ 10,80

Commission Avatar: GE Eric by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC Cencetheya by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC Nox by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC Capitain Smiffy by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC Rene by Beagon Commission Avatar: MFB OC Victoria 2 by Beagon Commission Avatar: Noragami Yukine by Beagon Commission Avatar: MFB OC Koko by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC K-O by Beagon Commission Avatar: MFB Sophie by Beagon Commission Avatar: Hyouka Hotaro by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC Hexx by Beagon Commission Avatar: OC Smitty by Beagon
Animated Head-Shot or fullbody.
Size: 50x50 Pixel and max. 15 KB optimized for use on Deviantart
Unique animation after your wish. Eye blinking always included if not wished otherwise.
See my gallery for more examples:…

:bulletblue: Lineart & Shading Styles :bulletblue:
For all Units with a * attached you can choose between the following lineart and shading styles:

Lineart style
Outlines Sketchy by Beagon  sketchy
Outlines Clean Freehand by Beagon  free-hand clean
Outlines Clean Vector by Beagon  vector clean

Shading style
Colo Cellshading by Beagon  cell-shading                          
Colo Cellshading Gradiant by Beagon  cell-shading with gradient      
Colo Smoothshading by Beagon  smooth-shading                  

Lineart color
Outlines Black by Beagon  Black                                   
Outlines Colored by Beagon  Colored           

If you want to commission me, or you have questions just send me a note with the details :)

Thank you very much!
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January 29