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Game: HeartGold
Current Location: Goldenrod City
Current Badges: 7

Current Pokemon:
Typhlosion - Name: Diamor - Lvl: 36 - male
Butterfree - Name: Fluttershy - Lvl: 34 - female
Weepinbell - Name: Stick - Lvl: 35 - male
Nidoqueen - Name: PoisionQuen - Lvl: 34 - female
Dewgong - Name: IceTea - Lvl: 36 - female
Noctowl - Name: Uhu - Lvl: 34 - male

Ok, where did I leave of? Alright, I trained Uhu till lvl 30 and then went and faced Jasmine, the gym leader in Olivine City. So because I helped her healing that Ampharos I didn't need to fight the other trainers in the gym, so I went straight to Jasmine. Her first Magnemite was free food for Diamor :D That was kind of easy ^^ Well her Steelix was a bit harder, like I thought. I went with IceTea against it, cause of the part ground type. Took me a few Surfer and one or two potions but IceTea the Seel took it down like a Boss! *hehehehe* Her other Magnemite was owned by Diamor again :3 And so I got my 6th Badge! :D

Since I already have Fly I took the short cut and flew directly back at Mahogany Town, where I went straight to the next gym :3 What I really hate on this ice gym are the many Seels >.< I mean, I know they know Ice attacks, I also have one because of that reason and Dewgongs are really part ice type, but come on D: Whom am I supposed to put against them? Stick? Well Stick was my only choise -_- I was lucky he wouldn't die to 1 even 2 ice attacks directly. So he took out most of the seals of the gym trainers and Diamor the Rest. Well a really bad thing was that the gym leader himself, Pryce, had a Seel, a Dewgong and a Piloswine, so nothing Diamor would have been usefull against D: So annoying. Well I went against his Seel with Stick. He took him out with 2 Vine Whips :3 Next he went with his Piloswine and I put IceTea out. Luckily IceTea evolved into a Dewgong *__* She is so cool! She took the Piloswine out with Surfes :D So what to do against his last Pokemon, because it was also a Degong. Simply answer: Sheer Cold! It hit with the third try and boom! K.O. :D So I got my 7th Badge *yeah*

Well, so far so good :3 After that comes the part where the Professor is calling you and tells you about Team Rocket in the Radio. So I flew on my Uhu directly to Goldenrod City :3 This was the perfect timing to train up my Pokemon a bit :D So I went to the Underground, grabbed my Team Rocket costume and went back to the Radio Tower. I bet myself through till I got this key for saving the Director of the Tower. Well, I also bet myself through the Underground and so on, nothing interesting to write about ^^ So I save this guy and got another key. Then I went up the Radio Tower again, and began to fight the whole board one after another. Was a bit tricky at some points but I made it without loosing anyone ^^ At the top of the Tower the new Leader was waiting for me :3 He was easy to beat because 2 of his Pokemon were Houndour and Houndoom so IceTea took them easily out :) No Problem at all XD

So here I am now :3 standing in the Goldenrod City Pokemon Center ^^ Next time it goes through the Ice Cave and to Blackthorn City :D


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Random Art Feature from my Favourites :heart::

Chickorita, Bayleef, and Meganium by Sandstormer Rainbow Dash by Livingpixel Rie- First ever OC by Fiirae :thumb307165736: Day03 by Bambrii Penumbra: Wet Mane by VampTeen83



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Submitted on
June 12, 2012