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Game: HeartGold
Current Location: Mahogany Town
Current Badges: 5

Current Pokemon:
Quilava - Name: Diamor - Lvl: 30 - male
Butterfree - Name: Fluttershy - Lvl: 30 - female
Weepinbell - Name: Stick - Lvl: 30 - male
Nidoqueen - Name: PoisionQuen - Lvl: 30 - female
Seel - Name: IceTea - Lvl: 30 - female
Noctowl - Name: Uhu - Lvl: 25 - male

So I was in Cianwood City and trained a bit for the gym leader there in the surrounding water, before I went training in the gym itself. Fluttershy and Eater the Hypno where very useful against all this fighting types. Buuuutttttt, I lost Eater against one of them ;_; A stupid Primeape got a crit on him D: And he just evolved not long ago ;_; Ah poor Eater, I will definitely miss you D: I went and put Eater in the Death Box, where I have 3 Pokemon already :/ *sight*

Well, so I went on and challenged Chuck, the gym leader. Was pretty easy for Fluttershy I must say. I just switched out for Diamor in the end because of Fluttershy being hurt to much and I didn't want to risk her. Anyways, I bet him and got my Badge :3 And I finally got the HM Fly :D So handy! I went out of the arena and picked Leeks the Farfetch'd out of the Box, cause it was my only birdie at the moment, and flew back to Olivine City. There I saved the Ampharos in the Light House and got a call from that guy with the Safari Zone. I immediately went there for training, before facing Jasmine, cause I'm scared of her Steelix with it's ground moves :/ Diamor might be in a disadvantage there.  

Okay, I went back to CianwoodCity again and then went in the Cliff Cave, which entrance is in the north of the city :3 First Pokemon I met was a Golbat. I was thinking why not and catched it, although I might not use it anyway. I named it Vamp XD I know it's not very original, but whatever. So I chilled through the cave and through route 47 which came after it. And I luckily was able to catch a Seel in the water there *__* I immediately flew back and switched it with my Goldeen, cause a Seel with ice attacks will be a lot handier :D I named it IceTea XD It's female and has timid nature :3 It's so cute *__* *Ähem* Well so I bet all the trainers and came to the Safari Zone thingie :3 I thought I wait for catching any Pokemon there till later, when I get this decoration things and I'm able to catch more stuff :3 I trained my guys up a bit on Route 48 (coudn't catch anything there thought, cause first one I met was a Farfetch'd).

The route was a bit hard for IceTea so I flew back to Ecruteak City and went to the right. I already caught a Pokemon on the route and cave there (Goldeen and Machop), so I just went throught and bet a few trainers :3 After that I was in Mahogany Town :3 One town ahead that I should be XD But whatever. On Route 43, the route above it, I was able to train up IceTea, cause the Pokemon where at a lower Level there, just perfect :3 And and and I caught a Noctowl there *__* One of favorite Bird Pokemon ever :D I named it Uhu :3 It's male and lax nature. I was so lucky *___* So Ferfetch'd went back in the box and Uhu is now part of my team :D I actually stay here and train him up to lvl 30 before I go and face Jasmine. I know he won't be much help, but I just like my team to be on a constant level ^^ So next time it goes against Jasmine and her steel Pokemon! I hope I don't loose anyone >.<

R.I.P Eater the Hypno ;_;


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Random Art Feature from my Favourites :heart::

TheOneCalledOmega Request: Fluttershy 2 by Xyaddy Beast of the Sea by The-Bomb-Dot-Com :thumb305947355: :thumb305829221: :thumb305566416: Scootalo by Daisken



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Submitted on
June 6, 2012