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Poisenous Fangs by Beagon Poisenous Fangs by Beagon
This is Poison, one of my Creatures from my Story Meta.

I tried a half Cell-Shading and half Smooth-Shading style on this one ^^ I'm not so satisfy with it, but I like how the Design came out, though :D So everything good XD

Name: Poison (will probably change)
Race: Meta
Species: Snake
Gender: Female
Element: Poison
Weapon: none
Ability: Mising powerfull poison inside his body for almost every occasion.
Description: Be it paralytic, sleepy or even deadly, Poison can mix all kind of posionous liquid to inject into ones body. To do so, she uses various plants, mushrooms and seeds which she carries always around on bags strapped on her body. She can then swallow and mix them together inside her body and store up to 3 different types in her different rows of teeth, while her most outer shown teeth always carry her initate poison that can cause paralyzis and severe pain on a victim of the size from an avarage human and is deadly for anthing smaller then a cat. If she wants to inject a different poison she just retracts her teeth and pulls out another row behind them. In dire circumstances she can also deliver poison throuout her skin, but that is a risky procedure, since she doesn't have that much controll on to whom gets poisoned form her, so she usually doesn't like to do that. Her personality is very cheerful and she will always try to laugh at anything. She really hates depressing situations.
Picture and all it's characters (c) by me Beagon
Pose reference by pricecw-stock 
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Andecaya Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Interessante Farben, gefällt mir :)
Beagon Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Danke! :hug:
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