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A penguin telling his friend a story~
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hello! the art is so cute and i make a 3d version of this  Talk with a New Friend by Brookelok4
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Love this! Nice color choices and textures. This made me smile big as I'm wondering about those seaweed wraps - are they medicinal and she's having a spa day? LOL
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thank you :~>
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you're welcome:)
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This is amazing! The colors and expression and contrast between the light ice and the dark water are really stunning. I look forward to seeing more of your work!
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Thanks so much!
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I love the fluid style and solid colors. You are an amazing artist. Why did it take me so long to type "mermaid, penguin" into the search bar? 
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Haha, your search has me thinking of what a mer-penguin would look.  And it's pretttty silly. 

Thanks for the comment :D cheers 
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This is beautiful. :) I really like her clothing here. Is that sealskin?
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Yes!  I think leopard seals are natural predators of the penguin?  So I thought it would be appropriate for her to wear the seal skin.  She is a guardian of the penguins, so maybe she even hunts the particularly fierce seals.  

Thanks for the kind words :) 
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O3O A mermaid in Antarctica? That's new!
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It would be a really neat place to live o__o all the ice formations are so beautiful!  
Nin10dohgirl's avatar
Unfortunately, it's too cold for that:(And that's saying something, 'cause I tend to cope better with cold than I do in extreme heat:saddummy:At any rate, this is a really neat picture <=3
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Daw thank you.  Stay cool :sunglasses: revamp  (but not ice cold!)
Nin10dohgirl's avatar
NP, and same to you(LOL)
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A magical realm, where penguins can talk with mermaids and tell them all of their best kept secrets = a world I want to live in. <333

I wonder what the story's all about. ;u;
beagler9's avatar
Haha me too!  I think the story is about escaping a seal.  I also think the penguin is making himself sound suuuper brave.  
nixequeen45's avatar
Oh, most definitely. <3 Just look at his little face; he is totally hamming it up, just for his audience.
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What a precious and imaginative concept! :heart: I love how this piece tells a story within a story itself! Also, the blue hues are gorgeous! 
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