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July 12, 2009
Pole Dancing for Pixies by *Liol is whimsical, joyful and beautiful.
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Pole Dancing for Pixies

This grass nymph Started out as just a sketch in my sketch book and I decided to finish it in photoshop. I'd say it was a study to get back into the flow of things, and practice some new brushes I've got. Funny, while drawing this I was watching the news on how pole dancing is becomming a hot trend among women.
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paramveersingh1's avatar
I loved the concept gonna make it in 3d will send  you the render
FrodoPrime's avatar
beautiful - so elegant and such a feeling of lightness - seen on facebook: [link]
theAZscorpio's avatar
so beautiful and love the anatomy!
Fairy-Nature-Lover's avatar
Aww, she is so adorable!!! :love::heart:
Arta-Illustration's avatar
this is amazing! you work usually always combines two things that arent necessarily put in the same context, and you make it work so nicely! your expressions, poses, and colouring is inspiring :D
canpassion's avatar
Excelent :clap: :love: :heart: Thank you so much :)
iFatty's avatar
i like her smile... so warm
AlexandraHaley's avatar
I have a nude upside down green faerie too! Its nice to see Im not nuts : P I love it I think its very beautiful and playful.
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
Beautiful looking pic, very well done and very magical!
oddballoffun's avatar
Hey! I'm a professional tattooist in Australia and I recently had the pleasure of reproducing this gorgeous lady! [link] Thanks again for creating such a beautiful thing.
daxxxy's avatar
Very interesting concept!
la-Structure-du-Ciel's avatar
This is so beautiful! It's an enchanting work! Very delicate and sensual. I love it.
zerry's avatar
This is a visual embodiment of the word "WHEEEEEEEEE!"
Lunatic9289's avatar
iwillburnyou's avatar
That looks like fun xD
HappyHenry's avatar
I think this is wonderful. The pixie looks, from the pose, to be the flower. Masterfully done illustration.
Lady-Nerea's avatar
F**K it's just AMAZING !
EonOrteaShadowmaster's avatar
My, that would be a sight worth seeing... Matter of fact, it already is! Excellent work!
bdunn1342's avatar
The supple curves in this really make it amazing. Great job!
RaisloverSakura's avatar
What a sweet little concept! Love the carefree and happy expression and love the beautiful white flowers! :heart: Beautiful work!
CSulli's avatar
Very cute and spirited. Made me smile on a gloomy day. :)
I love this. :heart:
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