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February 3, 2009
The message of this piece is powerful enough to speak on its own.
Greed by ~Liol
Featured by PurpelBlur
Suggested by IllustraShu
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It speaks for itself *shrug*

Note to those who critiqued me: Thanks for bringing it to my attention that this kind of greed is not limited to america. I was influenced just by what I see going on where I am, but the fact is, it's a universal problem, therefor, I removed the text. Thanks guys--you know who you are :D
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Can I please reproduce this image in a book on environment and capitalism? Please let me know if this is okay.

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Hey look, its America!
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Undo the courts that have said we cannot regulate the bribes and the conflicts of interest.  Undo the courts that hand our Constitutional rights to artificial entities. The system serves us up while it serves the corruption and greed of the distorted political system.
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I really like "Greed." I'd like to include it in my book on the environment as a black-and-white image. Do I have your permission to do so?

Regards, Michael Wright (

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That really, show it!
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I hope it's ok to share this image on my Effbook page, it seems to sum up Easter Sunday rather well, in its modern form! Especially with the recent Trump news... Great pic, thanks for posting :*
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It was not obvious this kind of greed exists in all humans? 
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Using it today in contrasts post on Facebook, together with the "I want" Lyrics by Rammstein. THANKS!
(of course with a link to your profile here.)

Would be honored to have you in my friendlist there, if you like.
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The chills and the feels! love this so much!
I must say ive been waiting years for someone to load something like this on here. welldone. may i request a bigger one for my background though... i really hate greed 
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The sad truth. powerful art tho.
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Indeed that's how so much of the world is I'm afraid :c
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I found this as the cover photo of a Medium article and am wondering if I can get a print of it. This is the kind of thing I want on my wall.
Hi? I used this art for my poem.. you might want to check..… i already added deviant art credits.. but with no link.. is it cool? Satisfaction Guaranteed.. With music to indulge yourself while you read..
I've been trying to get hold of you for permission to use the inspiration in this wonderful statement for an illustration in a book.  Please contact me.  Thank you!
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HOLY CRAP!!!! YOU.. YOU!!! You are the one who drew this piece of work :D!!!!!!!!!! *bows down* xD !!!! LOVE YOU FOREBER!!!!!! o.o in  a non-crazy way :3
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Show this to a neoclassical economist.
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Ouch, that's gonna burn :noes:
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Very powerful. Just heard on the radio some people suggesting moving on to other planets and asteroids to mine them for dessert. Scary. 
Hey BeaGifted, This Drawing said more than a thousand words. amazing. My name is Dion and my artist name is "Dematiq". I make electronic music. Can i use this as my cover art for a new track? its called "Take" and i think this illustrates perfectly what i meant by it. And of course you will be mentioned all around the track :)
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Very vivid and needs no words to describe the power of greed.
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Very poignant image.  Greed is a disease; this disease knows no geographical boundaries.  As far as rampant consumerism, America is I'm sure at the top of a increasingly long list.  Richard
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