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22/365- Color is a Beautiful Thing- Nina Simone


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Day 22- Color is a Beautiful Thing #ninasimone- Hi everyone! I figured it'd be cool to do a few pieces for #blackhistorymonth in dedication to some black figures that I feel drawn to, for one reason or another. Nina Simone is a very interesting figure for me, considering I was first introduced to her music about two years ago. It was a paint ad, playing her song "Color is a Beautiful Thing" I really loved the song and upon looking it up, I found her music. there were other songs I'd heard of hers in my childhood, but I never had a name or a face to tie it to. I wanted to know more about her and happened upon the documentary on Netflix "What Happened, Miss Simone" and was really drawn in to the story of her life and her involvement with the Civil Rights Movement. if I could put it into words, how I saw her life, and her story, I would say it is strong, beautiful and tragic. Like many artist she poured her soul into her music, for her people, and sadly also paid prices for it. There's a lot I would love to say on what I learned about Nina Simone, her life and her struggle that just wont fit here, but her story touched me.
Another post following this one with a process video of the painting.

Process Video-

Process Video commentary-

I wanted to do something different with this painting, by following a video done by #marcobucci called "Are Your Colors Boring? " It's a pretty cool digital exercise where you splash a bunch of colors onto your digital canvas, create a color layer where you make the colors appear black and white-- and then paint using only the values. When you're done, you remove the black and white layer and reveal the colors you've been painting with. In other words, the colors you end up with, will be totally random. I did not anticipate that the colors would resemble the graphic portrait done of Obama of the red white and blue. I honestly thought more yellows and golds would show up, but instead they ended up as background colors. I did encounter some glitches while working on this though, which required I go over and reintroduce colors outside of the black and white layer. I really enjoyed the exercise though and will do it again, to see if I can get more interesting results.
Link to Marco Bucci's exercise-

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That is beautiful☺️