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15-17/365- 27th Letter Books



#27thletterbooks - 6 hours over the course of 3 days. Hi everyone! Due to my workload I could only do so much each day, so this is one I kinda spread out, about 2 hours each day till done, and as a result was able to push the concept further. This is also a dedication piece, to one of my favorite new book stores, 27th letter books. I was supposed to meet with you both today, and would have loved to give you this in person, but Michigan weather struck again and I'm home bound >_< Anyway, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you both for supporting me, and expanding my opportunities while bringing me closer to my local community. You're both awesome, and I just wanted to show my gratitude. Also thank you for not judging me for my introverts awkwardness lol
Posts for my challenge are still going to be slow, but I have some cool concepts I was able to start and excited to finish. See you soon!
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 thanks for this piece.
this reminds me why I do art. 
Not that I was un-happy before I found this gem, but this made me happy.
 I have a small art supply shop in my head that I hope is something of an analog to this.
the colors give a sense of season and, well, yeah
"I'm there man!"