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Hey all! Hope you all are doing well in the new year. I'm doing good mostly. But now I want to let you all know about a new group a friend of mine, CalebP1716 , has started. It's for animals, any kind of animals. To the ordinary cat, dog, and pigeon, to mystical/fairytale creature like dragons, unicorns, and such. Sounds like a great group to join. He needs members so give it check and think about joining, maybe even spread the word around.

Check it out:

Okay what else do I want to tell y'all? Well, I'm going to lose my Premium Membership in a day, so that some news. sigh So sad, I was really enjoying it. Thanks (again) to Jess5500 for giving me the membership, you rock girl! :brofist:

Alright next thing is that I have/had a poll up asking you all about pricing. I have several eggs that will hatch into ponies, and I'm trying to figure out pricing. So far I'm getting between the price of 5-10Points as the choice for everyone. But I really want/need to know what would be a good price. Should I start at 5 and let people bid for them, going one point up with each bid? Should I give it to the first person who wants that egg? What? I need you guys to help me out, especially if you done this before...if you don't mind that is.Fluttershy - Free icon for ~Crystallyna

Okay what else?

I got my first commission. Who? You'll just have to wait and see. I hope she likes it. It might be a while before it gets posted though, along with several other drawings. I don't have a scanner, I have to go to a family friend's house to use hers. She's basically my godmother, and I love her to death and grateful that she let's me use her scanner and computer. She took in a 20 something year old girl she knew and her toddler and helping with others laundry. I go to do some laundry while scanning things and whatnot on the computer, but since this girl came in I don't go.

I'm not good with young children, it gets...awkward...that's the best word to describe it. I don't know what to do when a child, more like toddler, come near me. I don't want to be around the kid so I'm staying away from the house until they're gone. I know that sounds mean, but that's just how I feel. Plus they're both sick, I'm not getting sick again!

Like I said, I have several drawings that I'm going to post. I've been working on armour ponies; just ponies in armour. I have three friends I'm doing, but I'm also going to do one of my fave bronyalsis, Antony C. I freaking love that guy! He's funny and awesome.

I've also entered the January Star-Catcher contest to try and win this pony...

Isn't it cute! I've always wanted a star-catcher, but I don't have enough points to do so. (if you want to generously give points, go to my page and donate so I may get one or work toward getting Premium Membership back) So I've entered to try and win that pony. I entered the last one, but issues caused me to not get it finished (stupid sicknesses!), so I had to withdraw from that one. I do have it sketched out and have it somewhat colored, I'll just give it as a present to the winner of that last one.

I have two drawings for that one, hopefully I can get the other one done and up too, if not, it will be just one. Wish me luck everyone. If you're curious, give it a check. The deadline isn't until the 31st of this month so you better hurry if you want to enter.

I've also have a new pony oc drawn that I can't wait to show off. She's so awesome looking, I really been inspired to draw her after drawing Smoky Quartz for VooDollLove. I love doing darker, thicker eyelashes now! I'm glad she loved her present. If you haven't checked her out you should, here's a shout out to you VooDollLove!


I've also entered another contest that isn't pony related, shocking yes, but fun. It's a designing a wedding dress for a character. I've got two done, ones colored and ready to be posted, the other still needs to be colored. It's really fun, I do like drawing dress/outfits, especially pony dresses. So I've been thinking about drawing dresses/outfits and then sell them for points, or do a points commission for a specific pony. bunneh icon17 Not sure about that yet, but we'll see in the future.

Ashley: (pops in) Yeah, after you get a new sketch pad that is.

You're not needed here Ashley. I don't need my yami (darkness) for this.

Ashley: Yeah, but you've been yaking on these poor people for a few minutes, they're probably bored now. You need me to liven it up a bit.

You're not leaving are ya?

Ashley: In the words of Big Mac...NOPE! Smirk

:sigh: Why me?

Ashley: Because you're not right in the mind, Sapphire. Or should I call you Beaded? Or your real name?

To you, it's still Sapphire, to them it's whatever they know me best.

Ashley: Okay then, confused them more.

Whatever! Now where was I?

Ashley: Boring them to death.

Eye Roll Anyways, I've also started a new drawing with three ponies I've adopted last month.

Ashley: Wasn't those points supposed to go for Membership.

I had a moment of weakness, plus they're so cute, I couldn't pass them by!

Ashley: You're just glad you could get them. Sad, sad writer.

Hush you! I'll have a wip or completed for them up soon as well. I have one more pony that I've adopted a while back, I'll draw her once I can learn how to draw a weeping cheery tree. I've also doing another drawing with several bronyalsis in it. So I've been busy.

Ashley: (whispering) More like lazing around while drawing and not doing any jewelry.

What was that?

Ashley: Nothing Sapphire!

Uh-huh, sure. Well like Ashley said, both of my sketchbooks are out so I need to get another.

Ashley: Don't think they care about that. You'll update when you can.

Just trying to be nice and informative.

Ashley: And what about your stories!


Ashley: Yes, them.

I haven't wrote a chapter for any story in a while, creativity for stories, including the ones on my Fanfiction account, have died! They're dead man! DEAD! Gone, I have no inspiration! WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!Cry emote

Ashley: Oh Ra! Shut up and get a hold of yourself. Breath before you lose it completely.

fat :la:

Ashley: Better?


Ashley: See, I do care. Just have my weird way of doing it.

I know. Truthfully, I haven't shown no love on my Fanfiction account. I have several stories that haven't been up dated in a year or so.

Ashley: You really should focus on that.

I know, but with the way senior year of college went I couldn't get creative then. I haven't been creative with it now!

Ashley: Plus, her family is using her computer screen for her sister's computer. She hasn't used her computer in...four months?

Give or take...but I won't go into detail into that. Once I get all these drawings in, I might take a hiatus on DA for a bit. Now this won't mean I'll be gone forever. I'll will daily check my inbox and reply to messages and whatnot. So I won't be completely gone.

Ashley: Just forcing herself back into Fanfiction.

It's going to be my second year on that site, you do realize that right.

Ashley: Yep, two proud years of providing yaoi to the good people. You might want to update on something for that.

Most likely Stuck in the Darkness, but we'll see.

Ashley: Any other business we need to get off our chest?

:shudder: I don't think so. Sorry about the long rant, I needed to get it out. Try talking to the family about this stuff and it either goes in one ear and out the other or they just don't understand it.

Ashley: I don't think they'll ever understand your brand of craziness. Truthfully I don't think your watchers understand it either.

If they don't they can ask. I know some will. My motto is that we're all a bit crazy inside to be creative. Craziness is creative!

Ashley: Weirdest motto I have ever heard.

I know, and I like it! Well have a good day or night all you wonderful people! Thanks for reading this if you haven't left already. YOU all ROCK! Headbang Emoticon

Ashley: Oh sweet Ra. Facepalm 
CalebP1716 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much for helping me spread the word about my new group Beaded, I really appreciate it!! :D

I also hope that you'll get your pics scanned soon, I'd love to check em out! ^^ Oh, and if you ever think about it, there are also great places here on dA to post your stories as well! So you'd have a few places where you could update your fics and have them read! :)

Good luck Beaded, and thank you again for your help!! :D
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
No problem Caleb! Happy to help a friend out.

Right now it's just trying to be creative and sit down and type up a new chapter. But I'll get back to it soon.
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