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Hey all~! Happy 14th brithday DeviantART! I can't believe this site has been up that long, I wish I had known it sooner. This place has been so fan and interesting. In the one year I have been here I made so many watchers and wonder friends. I love all of you! :heart:

I started on DeviantART last year on July 26. I originally was going to use this site to advertise my jewelry once I got my Etsy page up. But I started to draw a couple months about jewelry designs, which eventually lead me to drawing ponies jewelry designs, and that lead me to wanting to actually draw ponies. My first few drawings were...okay

Blue Writer by Beadedwolf22

This is Blue Writer. I tried to base a pony off me, at least writer me. She was my very first attempt, and at the time I was very proud of her.

Silver Star by Beadedwolf22

This is the very first one I posted on DA. I was really proud to post her. I loved how I did the wing and her cutie mark. I did several more, including elemental alicorns that were originally going to be guardians of Equestria, but that's changing now as I create my own pony world.

Amme Magician by Beadedwolf22

I drew this for a friend of mine on, named Wordsorcereress. I had asked all my friends, and they were okay. I was so happy to do this, though I still have a few that I need to do. Sweating a little...

Pumpkin Spice's sunny flight by Beadedwolf22 Welcome Starlet! by Beadedwolf22

These two were from the first two contest I entered, at the same time. I might have went a bit crazy trying to do them, but I was determined to win it. These were the very first time I drew backgrounds. I was so proud of myself, especially with the poses. It was my very first time doing different poses. I lost the contest for the pony on the left, but I won the one on the right.

Good Girl! by Beadedwolf22

This is the first time I tried to draw something else. A winged wolf. I was dubbed as the family's crazy winged wolf pet that loved to give hugs by StarletNightwind , so for her contest I wanted to show that. Basically it's me being trained how to sit. I got a few good laughs out of that one, along with my friends.

Yume and Miyako by Beadedwolf22 Modernist Popart by Beadedwolf22 Rainy Days and Loofah Scrub by Beadedwolf22

These were from all the Christmas groups I join in November/December. Each was challenging to do, but fun as well. I was so happy that the people I made them for were happy with them.

Commission: Painted Affection by Beadedwolf22

My very first commission. It was for April-Cakes . I was so thrilled to draw her oc Painted Affection. She was so beautiful, she was a bit of a challenge with the markings, but I got them done. I'm really happy with this one.

Emerald and Ruby by Beadedwolf22

My pony species, the Metalsi. I'm so happy I came up with them and that everyone likes/loves them. They make me so proud to be a creator of a species. These two are the first two I drew. Golden Emerald and Silver Ruby. We now have a group and we're growing, something I didn't think anyone would want to be part of at first. I'm so happy with them, but not only that, but my style was getting better as I continued to draw.

Random Drawings 5 by Beadedwolf22

My first attempt to draw something other then ponies. I got hooked back into Sonic, so I wanted to try drawing my ocs as Sonic characters. I still need to work on it, but I'm getting a bit better as sonic.
Random Drawings 1 by Beadedwolf22 Sonic wip by Beadedwolf22

Deadly Sapphire by Beadedwolf22
My first attempt to drawing a human. I was sick at the time, but I really wanted to try drawing what would happen if my oc, Sapphire, got captured in one of my stories I had posted here. I hope to have that one finished soon.

Imagination Creation contest entry for Round Three by Beadedwolf22

My very first dragon! It was for GazeCreative Imagination Creation contest. I've experienced a lot during that contest, and grown a lot in the two months I've been in that contest. I won't be in the last round, but I'm truly honored and happy that I made it all the way to round nine. I didn't only learn how to draw dragons, I learned how to improve on wolves, I created two new species, I created a beautiful human, worked on background, and worked on my very first collab with Nyantawn . So much in two months, and it was worth it. So if Alex and Vaughn are reading this, thank you so much for letting me enter this contest. I'm truly grateful for the opportunity and critiques.

Anna Lee by Beadedwolf22

 Imagination Creation Contest, round 4 by Beadedwolf22

Darius the Desert's Wrath by Beadedwolf22

Fight scene by Beadedwolf22

Imagination Creation contest entry for Round Nine by Beadedwolf22

Turquoise wip by Beadedwolf22

This is a pony I adopted from mewmewbeary . I choose this one to show how I have improved some since my very first ponies. I've definitely have grown in the year I have been here, and I have all of you to thank for that. Your words and friendships helped me grow, I can't thank you all enough.

Josh's cookie part 1 wip by Beadedwolf22

My Fruit Bloom, Joshua. I'm putting this up because this species, created by GazeCreative , has helped me out as well. I'm learning how to do other poses and drawing other creatures with this species. I think they have helped me out with my pony drawings as well. They're a very interesting species and I hope they continue to grow.

And finally, my jewelry. You didn't think I would forget about that did you? I haven't made anything in a while because of everything above, but I'm going to soon. I miss playing around with my beads. I need to work on those pony necklace designs, I might post those one day. But here are several pieces I'm truly proud of.

Earrings crystal by Beadedwolf22 Crystal Flower Necklace by Beadedwolf22

Pink and Green. by Beadedwolf22 Heart of Pearls earrings by Beadedwolf22

Chandelier earrings by Beadedwolf22

I still have several pieces that I need to post. I'll try to get those up one day.

This year here on DA has been amazing. I want to thank you all for being there for me, being my friend or faithful watcher. I want to thank DeviantART for creating a wonderful place for all of us to meet and mingle with each other, and being an awesome place for us to post our art on. Thank you and happy brithday DeviantART!
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DrChrisman Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
keep up the good work:D
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
I will! :salute: 
AlphaKaiser22 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So happy for You Beta! You came a long way! ^_^
Beadedwolf22 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Thank you so much Alpha~ ^^
AlphaKaiser22 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anytime! ^_^
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