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Hey guys, it's been 5 years since I joined DA. Five years! So much has happened, I've gone from traditional art to digital art. The number of watchers has grown way more then I thought I could of ever though. I meet some wonderful people here and made several awesome friends that I love to death. I couldn't asked for such an awesome time and people. So I want to thank you all with a an art contest, as well as a raffle. ^^ I know that most wanted a contest, but I just decided to toss in the raffle anyway after a while. So have fun my lovelies. Heart The actual date for my 5 years here is July 26th, but I will be heading to Bronycon that day so have this early ^w^;


For this, contestant will have to draw one of several ponies and the winners, which there will be three, will win art and points!

For the ponies:

Unicorn, Sapphire Gem: Sapphire Gem Ref by Beadedwolf22

Sweetart, Queenie: Sweetart contest entry Queenie by Beadedwolf22

Geneigh, Mira: Geneigh MYO Mira by Beadedwolf22

Faering, Belle: Faering Registration: Belle by Beadedwolf22

Fearing, Mariposa: Mariposa registration sheet by Beadedwolf22

Darter, Jasmine: Darter: Jasmine by Beadedwolf22

Pyrlafin, Julia: Pyrlafin Foal : Raffle Winner #2 by AlimareEmpire

Fawndant, Cocoa: Chocolate Croissant Fawndant for Beadedwolf22 by AlimareEmpire

1. Please read the rules!
2. No NSFW please, no gore, nothing sexual please.
3. Can be traditional or digital, bases can be used but please credit the creator of that base.
4. You can draw them either in human or pony forms, I'm okay with anthro forms as well
5. If you have a question about anything please ask here.
6. Sapphire does have a wolf form, so if you like to draw her in that form it is okay.
7. Please tag me when you post your picture here on DA
8. Please comment here with your entry for it to count.
9. You can submit as many entries as you like, but please submit only finish pieces.
10. Contest will end July 31st and the winner will be announced a week later on August 7th.
11. The end date will not be extended unless I feel the need to.
12. Have fun and good luck~


First place winner:
~ 2,000 points
~ Full Body drawing with shading of a pony or an animal/creature character of your choosing
~ Cathedral stained glass drawing of any character of your choosing

Second place winner:
~ 1,000 points
~ Full Body drawing of a pony or an animal/creature character of your choosing
~ A complex stained glass of any character of your choosing

Third place winner:
~ 500 points
~ Bust drawing of a pony or animal/creature character of your choosing
~ A simple stained glass of any character of your choosing


The winner of this raffle will win a Cathedral stained glass. All you have to do is write either a journal and/or poll mentioning this contest and raffle as well as tagging me in them. Then comment HERE with that journal and/or poll for one entry, doing both will get you two entries. The raffle shall end at the end of the month, July 31, and the winner announced.

Thank you all for the love and support. I hope you all have fun and I wish you all good luck Good Luck Heart

What's going on?

Wed Jun 27, 2018, 8:20 AM
Hey guys, how's you all? Doing well I hope~

Me...I'm in major crunch time. There's only a month left to get ready for Bronycon. I'm very behind on my cosplay stuff. I still trying to work on the practice kimono, but it's slowly going. Like that, commissions are slow going as well.

Last week, I had spent that week working on something for Bronycon's Art Show that I can't wait to show you all. I'm still waiting to hear back to see if I got in or not. I really hope I do. If you're in one of the discord groups I'm in, you'll already know what I'm talking about. I'm really proud of it and hope that it does well in the Art Show. Let's just say it has something to do with the Princesses of the Sun and Moon ;P

I also trying to get ready for my 5 year anniversary here on DA with an art contest and raffle. I hope this goes well and you all are very interested in entering. Stained glasses drawings are up for prizes along with other things. Keep an eye out for that on the first, in a couple of days.

Now back to commissions. I'm going to try to juggle them along with getting ready with con, and gift art, and cleaning, and anything else I'm forgetting. I am still taking commissions (shameless plug here), and the sale might get extending. I'm not sure of that yet. I do ask those waiting to have a bit more patience during this time. Once con is over, I'll definitely will be focusing most of my time on them.

I do want to thank those who gotten something from me recently. You all are helping make this trip fun and I can't thank you all enough. You all are wonderful~

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. I wanted to update you all, especially my commissioners. I will try to be as active as I can this next month for my anniversary and try to do something special for it too, but we'll see. I hope you all are doing well, love you all, have an awesome day. :heart:

Adopt this cutie!

Fri Jun 15, 2018, 8:03 PM
My friend LillithCrescent has this cute adopt of a pony spieces she created for sale, please check it out and think about giving it a good home ~


Yeah, not sure how, but now I have a cold. x-x Probably from mom, but she's not sure how she got it, and my grandma is coming down with it.

With that being said, commissions and art payment will take longer to do. I have tried to work on some since Sunday when I upload those other ones, but I haven't been able to focus on them properly. I'm hoping to get better soon, like Friday, but knowing my dumb luck something else is going to happen and I'll be sicker. =w=

Does this mean my sale is over, no. I'm still going to keep it open, I want to make sure this trip to Bronycon goes well without worrying about money again like last year. As I said, stuff is going to take longer as this cold is cutting into my art time and prep time for con. I still have to work on my cosplay stuff; make a kimono, style my wig, get make up and practice with it, find all my jewelry or make new pieces (seriously lost Sapphire's earrings and haven't found them since ;n;), and make gift art cause reasons. XD;

I do ask those that have commission me or are waiting to commission me to wait and please give me some patience. I really didn't want this to happen and I feel bad make you all wait so long for your piece. I had it all listed down and was working on a commission, then an art payment, then repeat, but I might have to change that to working solely on commissions first, then art payments. Hopefully when I'm better I can find a balance on working on cosplay and working on art.

I do thank you all for your understand and patience, and reading this far. It means a lot Emoticon: Bow 

I'll still check here and Discord, but I'm gonna try taking it easy and getting sleep, restless night last night and it might happened again =w=;

Thank you all, love you all, night~ :heart:

ART RAFFLE! (Not Mine)

Wed May 30, 2018, 5:49 PM

RainBlooms Owner ID Journal

Wed May 23, 2018, 7:34 PM
Rainbloom Owner ID by Beadedwolf22

Restoration Points



Akira, Aria, Jax, Josh, Ellos, Audrey, William, Carol,
Spice, Hexa, Toria, Blaze, Shoreline, Nina, Valkyria Rose,
Nava, Rhava, Tonra, Surtic, Tenryo, Kohaku, Eddy, Chance

Unused MYO Tickets




Fruit Collected


Kingdom Cards




Created at


Sun May 13, 2018, 4:26 PM

Bronycon Sale! OPEN! FEW WEEKS LEFT!

Mon Apr 30, 2018, 8:04 PM
IT'S SALE TIME AGAIN BOYS AND GIRLS! I also would like to raise a bit more money for Bronycon, mostly for food and fun, so have a sale three months before it. ^^ These are mostly stained glass, but I am including my YCHs and my other commissions. And this sale will last from May 1st to July 31~

1. Please don't complain about the prices, I won't change them.
2. Please read these rules!
3. Please no fighting in the comments, you will be blocked.
4. You can give these as a gift if you like.
5. Please be patient as I work on these. I do have a life outside art and DA.
6. Please be kind in the comments.
7. Please have a good reference sheet of your character or a non-shaded picture, it makes it easier for me to do these. Sweating a little...
8. Payment can be made in either points, cash, or both.
9. Please wait until I tell you to send the payment.
10. No NWSF or nudity
11. I mostly do ponies and animals. If you have a character you are not sure of, please ask ^^
12. If you have any questions at all, please note me or comment.
13. I do have the right to turn down a commission if I find it to difficult.
14. There is a limit on how many items you can get, no more then 10 per customer.
15: Please make sure you fill out the form when commenting.

    Oc(s) name(s):
    Ref links:
    Payment: (Paypal or Points)
    Type of commission:
    Species: (if it belongs in closed, semi-open, or open species group, please let me know what it is)
    Additional info:


Stained Glass Commission:

Simple: 200Points/$2usd
Simple with pizzazz: 400Points/$4usd
Simple with character: 600Points/$6usd
Complex: 800Points/$8usd
Complex with pizzazz:  1200Points/$12usd
Complex with character: 1600Points/$16usd
Couples glass: Anywhere between 400Points/$4usd to 2500Points/$25usd, depending if it's simple or complex, pizzazzed or not
Cathedral stained glass: 3000Points/$30usd
Cathedral pizzazzed stained glass: 4500Points/$45usd

Grottoling Stained Glass Commission:
Regular: 300Points/$3usd
Pizzazzed: 800Points/$8usd

Chibi YCH:
    Left side: 200Points/$2usd
    Right side: 400Points/$4usd
Muffin Plushie YCH:
    Flat colored: 200Points/$2usd
    Cell shaded: 400Points/$4usd

Other Commissions:
Sketches: Full body, 300Points/$3usd; Bust, $100Points/$1usd
Digital, no shading: Full body, 600Points/$6usd; Bust, 400Points/$4usd
Digital, shading: Full body, 1000Points/$10usd; Bust, 700Points/$7usd
    Backgrounds: Simple, 200Points/$2usd; Complex, 1200Points/$12usd

So, a tornado hit my city

Mon Apr 16, 2018, 7:15 PM
UPDATE!: Power and the cable are back on, so we're finally back home and slowly getting back into the swing of things! I'm so happy to be back home, in my bed and on my computer. I got a few commissions done and hope to post them as soon as I can. Thank you guys for the love and well wishes. I love you all so much :heart:

Not alot of the areas got damaged, mine did. This is the first time in my life we gotten a tornado in VA, at least in my neck of the woods. It was freaking crazy! The winds have knocked down a lot of the power lines, trees and polls. We tired to check on a friend, trying to get there and back was hectic trying to avoid all the down lines. Thankfully today was better, the city was getting stuff done quickly, but it probably a while for my neighborehood to get back up and running. We're now staying at a friend's house for the next couple of nights. I will try to work on commission while here.

So I will back hopefully late Wednesday, but we will see. I love you all, later.

ART RAFFLE! (Not Mine)

Sat Mar 31, 2018, 4:50 PM
NebulaNovia is holding an art raffle, check it out~

<da:thumb id="738211360"/>

Check this out!

Mon Mar 26, 2018, 5:44 PM

Turtledog FTO Raffle!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 14, 2018, 8:24 AM
FluffleBear is holding a Valentines Day FTO Turtledog raffle, check it out:

  Valentines day FTO Turtledog Raffle CLOSED! by FluffleBear

Promoting Adopts

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 11, 2018, 4:29 PM
Several friends of mine have some adorable adopts for species they own.

First up is a new pony species that are also genies, called Geneighs  by Dazeymazey
Geneigh Adopts! CLOSED by Dazeymazey

Next is LillithCrescent 's Bitty Orchid Pony

~: Valentine's '18 BOP :~ [OPEN!] by LillithCrescent

And finally, GazeCreative , of this adorable Fruit Bloom family:

Fruit Bloom Family Adopt: CLOSED by GazeCreative 

Then this Pygmy  Fruit Bloom, design by gromlyn
Pygmy Fruit Bloom: CLOSED by GazeCreative

Tossing in a YCH done by RukaStephanieLuna

::YCH:: A nice stroll [[Open]] by RukaStephanieLuna

Please go check them out ^^


Journal Entry: Wed Feb 7, 2018, 1:18 PM
I got my new charger and the laptop is charging up as I type this. ^^ I'm so happy to be back on my computer. Now I can focus on stuff, like commissions and Metalsi. I also have an adopt for a pony species I'm in coming up too, I can't wait to show her off. I will be less active on here to focus on that stuff, but once I do get all this done, I'm planning on either doing another sale or just working on a personal project dealing with stained glasses and RWBY characters :3 and ponies. I hope you guys will like them.

Now on to work! Love you all~ :heart:

So...remember when I disappeared cause my laptop's charger broke on me? It happened again... =n=

I only had this replacement for less then two months and it's broke! I'm so annoyed and angry! Thankfully I didn't spend to much on it and this new one that will, hopefully, be here soon. Until the new one comes in I will be checking in every now and then on my sister laptop. It's so nice ;w;

This will, once again, push me back on my commissions. ;n; I'm truly sorry to those who are still waiting for your orders. I'm hoping to finish/work on the small orders first before working on the bigger ones once I get my laptop charged and ready. I miss you all so much.

I'm tagging these people so they can know
2018 is finally among us, and 2017 is out. Let us pray for a good year, cause this past year has been rather..."interesting" for most. Some good, some bad. It's been an alright year for me mostly. My commissions have been doing well, including the recent sale. I can't thank you all so much for all the love and support ^^ I never imagine my stained glass drawing would do so well when I first started in 2016, I've come a ways from that first one. I hope to keep improving and hope that you all keep enjoying them.

I do hope in this new year to improve in art and in real life, but we'll see.

I want to thank you all who have stayed and faved my work, gave me critics, and love. I never imagine I would get up to 260+ watchers or have such wonderful people as friends. I love you all and I pray that this new year will be better for all of you and you my watchers.

I will start off the new year with closing all of my commissions to work on the winter sale list, there's a lot, but I look forward to most of them ^^ Hopefully that will only take me till March, but we will see. Once I get most of them done, I will open them back up. I will also try to get those Mane Six stained glass done  as well along with other fan art. I do hope to maybe open a store on RedBubble or some site like it if they are really good and people are interested. I also hope to get my pony species, Metalsi, back up and running sometime this year, if I have time.

I'm rambling, so again, Happy New Year everyone. Love you and hope everything goes better this year for you all.
It's time again to make a wish list, so this time I would like core or a picture of my ponysona, Sapphire Gem. That's it.

Enjoy your holidays, have fun, and be safe ^^
Update: I'M FREAKIN' BACK! ;W; I'm so happy, I got my cord today and the laptop is now charged, I can work on art again! ^w^

Hey guys sorry I been gone, still going to be gone for a bit longer. Last Wednesday, my laptop's cord broke ;-; My computer is dead until I get a new one. Thankfully I have new one on the way...but it's going to be a while. I've been so bored and I miss everyone here and on Discord. I have been trying to relax while I'm waiting, but it's been annoying and driving me crazy knowing that I have 12 commissions waiting for me to work on them and I can't because of this! ;n; I'm truly sorry for the wait to those who have gotten a commission from me. As soon as I get that new cord and my laptop is fully charge, I will get to work! I truly hate making people wait for their stuff. 

I hope you all are doing well, I apologize for the lateness for my commissioners and for the silence. I'm hoping it will get here soon, but we shall see. Love you all, have a good weekend. :heart: