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WWSO - Cover and Teaser by Beacon515L WWSO - Cover and Teaser :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 2 14 L'organe theatre de Baldwin by Beacon515L L'organe theatre de Baldwin :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 10
WWSO - Chapter 2
Sunrise. Birds twittered as a light breeze carried leaves across an open savannah, south of the city gates of Rabanastre. The ground was damp from the rain, and the air was still slightly humid, and pleasantly warm. What clouds there had been had broken apart to reveal an azure sky.
This description is one that might be found, perhaps, in a travel brochure, or the first few lines of a film script, or as a clumsy attempt on the part of a fanfic writer to start another chapter. It is not, however, a description that befits delivery by a narrator who pretends to be objectively reliable, for it must be said that this description was at once entirely informative and misleading in equal measure. When taken at face value, there was nothing factually wrong with it – at the specific moment to which it refers, it was indeed sunrise, there was indeed a light breeze blowing (leaves moving therewith) and the birds did indeed twitter. However, these grounds are far too general and ambiguous upo
:iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 3 0
WWSO - Chapter 1
Rain fell thick and heavy as thunder shook the ground of Giza Plains. Visibility was bad enough, and most folk had already battened down and tried for some semblance of dryness and warmth. Not the young chocobo-wrangler from Rabanastre. She wasn't quite prepared to give up defying the raging elements just yet, though her fur was soaked through and she could barely see past her hands.
Taking a few deep breaths to centre herself, she drew her saturated coat and sleeves in close to her chest, keeping out what cold it could. Any minute now she was sure she might collapse, and she did not want to end up spending the night in the mud with a storm bearing down on her. Rain stung her eyes and went up her nose, causing her to sneeze every now and again. Between sneezes, she berated her charge for running off, as if it could hear her - every time hoping, in vain, that it could.
"Boco... where do you have to run to, kupo? What was wrong with home? You'll be far safer under shelter, kupo! Come hom
:iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 3 2
WWSO - Prologue
The best laid schemes o' mice an' men
Gang aft agley,
An' lea'e us nought but grief an' pain,
For promis'd joy!
Robert Burns, "To a Mouse"
Six metres per second, north by north-west.
A physicist would look at such a figure and suggest that it perhaps described a moderate jog, or large, slow-moving vehicle. In fact, this particular velocity belonged to the small, Japanese-made hatchback which was crawling through the Mont Blanc Tunnel, crossing the French-Italian border. The occupants, both tourists, had been taking a scenic drive across Europe – they'd been on a gondola in Venice, visited Milan's La Scala opera house (and fallen asleep during a production of The Barber of Seville, to their chagrin), and walked through the cobbled streets of Verona (which they remarked seemed like "something out of a fairy-tale"). That which occupied them at this moment was far less interesting – the peak-hour crawl toward Geneva. The most direct route was to
:iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 0
Writing Meme of Liam from WWSO
Eezybreezy6's writing exercise/meme thingy
As applied to Liam, (self-insert) OC of We, Who Suggest Ourselves, an FFTA fanfic
Prompt One:
Your character has wandered off in a town/city they're visiting. One of their friends is looking for them. They ask someone on the street if they've seen your character by giving a description. Choose several different characters and write how they would describe your character in this situation (ex: someone might describe them by clothes they're wearing, another might describe their looks, someone who likes them would say they were cute, someone who dislikes them might say they're ugly etc).
NB: All descriptions are given at an unspecified point midway through the fic. Hence, spoilers may result. Characters are listed in the order they met him.
Samantha – mage in training, younger sister of Liam, moogle
"Well, he's just wonderful... I mean, he's a bit taller than me, kupo. And, well, he's my brother, so he's go
:iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 4
Capriccio No. 1-Fifth Movement by Beacon515L Capriccio No. 1-Fifth Movement :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 0 Capriccio No.1-Fourth Movement by Beacon515L Capriccio No.1-Fourth Movement :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 0 Capriccio No. 1-Third Movement by Beacon515L Capriccio No. 1-Third Movement :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 4 Capriccio No 2-Second Movement by Beacon515L Capriccio No 2-Second Movement :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 4 Capriccio No 1 -First Movement by Beacon515L Capriccio No 1 -First Movement :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 0 Been Playing You All Along by Beacon515L Been Playing You All Along :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 3 18 Google Meme by Beacon515L Google Meme :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 1 0 OSCILLAMASCOPE by Beacon515L OSCILLAMASCOPE :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 0 IOGraph  - 4.2 Hours Later by Beacon515L IOGraph - 4.2 Hours Later :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 4 Panorama Experiment by Beacon515L Panorama Experiment :iconbeacon515l:Beacon515L 0 4

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Daleks exterminate Edward Cullen by StateOfEmergency2006 Daleks exterminate Edward Cullen :iconstateofemergency2006:StateOfEmergency2006 8 2 Liam emotionless face by CrissyG Liam emotionless face :iconcrissyg:CrissyG 1 3 FFTA3 Monsieur Scrat by CrissyG FFTA3 Monsieur Scrat :iconcrissyg:CrissyG 4 13 HBD: Welcome to the theatre by CrissyG HBD: Welcome to the theatre :iconcrissyg:CrissyG 3 14 Me and My Pillow. by cialone Me and My Pillow. :iconcialone:cialone 4 0 World Of Lines by CrissyG World Of Lines :iconcrissyg:CrissyG 3 7 There's no certainty, only opportunity. by lucydoops There's no certainty, only opportunity. :iconlucydoops:lucydoops 1,028 79
A little bitter, aren't we?
A: Over here.
B: Ah, there you are. Stunning as ever, I see. {He sits down.} You -
A: Shut up.
A WAITER appears, seemingly out of thin air.
A: Black coffee, milk and two sugars.
B: Coke, thanks.
He nods, and vanishes.
A: So what took you so long to show?
B: School. Well, you know how it is; not all of us are completely adept at playing truant whenever we feel like it, you know.
A: It's a waste of fucking time. No-one bothers.
B: No-one you know. And so says the boy sitting sulky in a dark corner with a - frankly dazzling - shiner.
A does not respond, and avoids eye contact, scowling down at the gleaming tabletop. B gives up on waiting for an answer, and continues. Faux-coaxing and unashamedly curious.
B: Who was it this time? I didn't give you that one, I'm sure of it.
A: Oh, it wasn't you. May come as a little shock to you, but I do see other people, you know.
B: Can't think why. Luckily, I've never been the jealous type.
A: Yeah, you're far too ugly
:iconcitylightning:CityLightning 365 195
FF12 - Hug a Mog by careko FF12 - Hug a Mog :iconcareko:careko 102 76 Moogle Enginemen BW by Jonatan Moogle Enginemen BW :iconjonatan:Jonatan 5 3 Moogle Enginemen by Jonatan Moogle Enginemen :iconjonatan:Jonatan 20 8 Way to truth by Luce-in-the-sky Way to truth :iconluce-in-the-sky:Luce-in-the-sky 763 33 The Breakfast Waltz Cartoon by louiezong The Breakfast Waltz Cartoon :iconlouiezong:louiezong 1,139 196 Steve by V-IMAgine-L Steve :iconv-imagine-l:V-IMAgine-L 6,766 1,093 Fantasy Map TutorialxResources by calthyechild Fantasy Map TutorialxResources :iconcalthyechild:calthyechild 3,695 279


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Favourite cartoon character: Montblanc
Personal Quote: "I'm working on it."


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