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Kylo Ren

By Bea-Gonzalez

Sooo, yesterday I went to watch #StarWars the force awakens for the Third time ( jesus I love that movie so much) and When I arrived home ,even being super late, I couldn’t contain myself and drew a #kyloRen. Maybe you may find it weird, but I find him very attractive and with an unusual beauty, ❤️. I think it could be compared with Benedict Cumberbatch’s ( of whom I’m an extreme fangirl aswell XD), they are not typical “handsome hollywood actors” and maybe that’s why I love them . :) I’m totally obsessed ❤️❤️❤️

So, If you feel the urge to write here how “horrendous and insulting” his face is to you, please open a workpad on you computer and write it here instead, for yourself. I don’t want this kind of comments in my post. Thanks in advance :))) 
#starwarstheforceawakens #theforceawakens

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First time when I saw Kylos face (or Adam Drivers one :P ) I tought to myself - oh, ugly. 

It was the first time and long ago. Now I'm almost obssesed with him <3. Unlike, but attractive. Just love this work!
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wonderful drawing! i love when he removes his helmet, we can see how androgynous his face is... and his beautiful hair make everything better... holy vader, i almost melt myself in my chair lol...
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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i hate you buuuuut i loooove youuuuu TwT)/

nah, no lo odio, aingsh :_D Y es verdad, compararlo con el cucumber es inevitable, tiene también un atractivo raro de ver.
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Ya, cuando hubo el boom este tan negativo en internet (que me sacaba de mis casillas), yo no podia evitar recordar que lo mismito pasó con benedict cuando se hizo conocido. 
Ainnnggg que bonicos son ;_;
ViikingitValk's avatar
Also 've been 3 times, also loving that character (aaand his look too :heart: )... I must admit that sometimes he was a little bit of  a drama queen.. But it enriched him :heart:
Bea-Gonzalez's avatar
Yeah he's a bit "extreme" but I think what makes the character so interesting. That and the "wannabe a bad guy bt I can't" thing. XD
ViikingitValk's avatar
Yup, exactly! I can't stand this criticism towards him, I think he's one of the most underestimated characters in the whole movie (Kylo rage mode :XD: ). But I'm glad that there are still people who appreciated him, more, who make such a beautiful pictures with him :heart:
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Awesome drawing^^
I've also seen the movie for three times now and I'm planning to see it a fourth time...
Also, I'm so glad that you like Kylo as much as I do because everyone I know seems to hate him -.- (they say he is ugly and just a wannabe Darth Vader) But I fell in love with this Character and your picture (he looks like one of my best friends on it ^^')
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The hate him because they don't understand the character itself ;( He's so powerful but also is so afraid to not being like his grandpa. I can't wait to see more of his story! :D (ouch 2 more years to wait T_T)
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well, you won't have that kind of comment from mee :D I have my fair share of "unusual faces" among my crushes! being different is okay, not looking like another generic-ass hollywood actor is a force! I loved this movie, all the main characters too and I loved the villain.  all of them are gorgeous in their own rightful way and gosh, Kylo, was one hell of a great surprise :D 

your portrait is really nice, he's beautiful :D :heart: 
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