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Kylo Ren



Sooo, yesterday I went to watch #StarWars the force awakens for the Third time ( jesus I love that movie so much) and When I arrived home ,even being super late, I couldn’t contain myself and drew a #kyloRen. Maybe you may find it weird, but I find him very attractive and with an unusual beauty, ❤️. I think it could be compared with Benedict Cumberbatch’s ( of whom I’m an extreme fangirl aswell XD), they are not typical “handsome hollywood actors” and maybe that’s why I love them . :) I’m totally obsessed ❤️❤️❤️

So, If you feel the urge to write here how “horrendous and insulting” his face is to you, please open a workpad on you computer and write it here instead, for yourself. I don’t want this kind of comments in my post. Thanks in advance :))) 
#starwarstheforceawakens #theforceawakens

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First time when I saw Kylos face (or Adam Drivers one :P ) I tought to myself - oh, ugly. 

It was the first time and long ago. Now I'm almost obssesed with him <3. Unlike, but attractive. Just love this work!