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Nuno sa Punso or Old Man on the Mound



A 3D representation of a Nuno or Nuno sa Punso, a dwarf-like creature in Philippine folklore believed to live in an anthill or termite mound, hence its name, literally 'Ancestor/Grandparent of the anthill'. The Nuno is described to be a small old man with a long beard, and differs from a duwende or dwarf of Philippine folklore. The duwende is a playful hobgoblin who shows himself to children, while the Nuno is a goblin easily angered and will do harm to those who damage or disturb his mound. If an invader destroys the Nuno's home by kicking it, the offender's foot will become swollen. Nuno sa punso are also believed to inhabit places such as underneath large rocks, trees, riverbanks, caves, or a backyard. In order for a Nuno to successfully curse a person, the trespasser must come in close proximity of the Nuno. If the trespasser is within range, the Nuno can spit on any part of the trespasser's body. The trespasser will then experience aches or soreness on the affected part of the body, such as stomach pains, swollen genitals (after urinating on the mound), or swollen feet (after kicking the mound).
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Dear Mr. Buddy Paraiso (BDY):


Greetings from GMA News and Public Affairs!


I-Witness is the Philippines' longest running and most awarded TV documentary show. It is a two time recipient of the prestigious George Peabody Awards.


For fifteen years, I-Witness has stood its ground as the flagship public affairs documentary program of GMA Network, Inc. (GMA-7). The show seeks to chronicle places, issues, people, and events that are of significance and interest to the Filipino people.  Hosted by four award-winning broadcast journalists, Howie Severino, Kara David, Jay Taruc, and Sandra Aguinaldo, the program has garnered local and international awards for its thought-provoking documentaries. The show currently airs every Saturday night in GMA 7 and every Tuesday night in GMA NEWSTV.  It also airs in over 80 countries through GMA Pinoy TV.


Veteran journalist Howie Severino and our team are currently working on a story about termites, their benefits to the ecosystem and how they have become one of the extremely destructive pests on earth.


In relation to this, we will be discussing some Filipino beliefs on "nuno sa punso" and we would like to show some illustrations of it.  We would like to ask proper permission from you to use your digital art as one of the nuno sa punso illustrations in our episode which will air on May 2, 2015 (Saturday).


We are sorry for the urgency of this request.  We hope that you could allow us.


Thank you very much and more powers!


Sincerely yours,                                                                                                




Patricia de Guzman

Program Researcher

I-Witness Howie Severino Team