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Jules - Nerf Gun Mod

A Nerf Nite Finder gun that was disassembled and reworked with acrylic paint, polymer clay and a few cameos. It still works just fine, even the 'laser' sight.

More stuff that was done a while ago. I'm not sure why it never got posted. The brainchild of ~JavanDrakar and I, we're slowly decorating the small library nook of the apartment with a Steampunk/Lovecraft theme.

The other completed pistol can be found here: [link]

Here is a detailed view of Lucy's thumb. [link]

If you are interested in commissioning a similar pistol, please note me.

If you like this, please consider commissioning me. [link]
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Where did you get the little bottles?
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I found the same nerf gun at a flea market today. Mine isn't going to look this awesome though.
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I hope that you had a great time on your mod. Thanks for the comment. :)
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Great job, really love the shade of gold, and the steampunky ornaments along the side. :)
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Thank you very much. I had fun with the embellishments. I'm glad you like it. :)
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Thank you kindly.
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How did you go about attaching the polymer clay pieces?
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I use epoxy. I've found it to be a strong bond.
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I would love to put something together similar to this. Do you have a tutorial?
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I don't, sorry. But I'll try to give a basic overview.

A friend dissembles it for me and I put a base coat of black spray paint on it. I use metallic craft acrylics and a dry brush technique for the refinishing and then my friend puts it back together (because I'm terrible with the technical side of things). I paint on finishing details and seal it.

I think you can do most of it without taking it apart though, if that would be easier. Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Fuckin' awesome :D
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Thank you kindly! ;)
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Coolest guns ever. I really really want to commission you. ONE DAY. ONE DAY. You're on my wishlist of commissioners. x3
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Thank you so much for the support. I'm honored. :bow:
This is just beautiful. It makes me want to be a nerf modder too.
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It's really fun. I would recommend it for anyone with the hankering. ;)
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Wow. Just wow. Participating in a steampunk LARP just became that much more attractive. :D
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Thank you! I think a steampunk LARP would already be pretty awesome. ;)
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Umm...thank you. :blush:
CanYouFeelSora921's avatar*steals* I would comission one, but my mom would eventually find out. Howd you make the snake thing and that...thing on the part where the nerf gun should be (or, where'd u buy em.) I NEED THIS!!!!
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