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Ninjitsu Art of Extraneous Transformation
Do I NEED to point out the art image in the center of this glorious bit of pixels ain't mine? Because it seems like I do. Because it ain't. 

Mods and texts are the BDS's personal touch, though. That stuff ain't cheap.

:iconygocardplz: Continuous Trap Card :iconygocardplz:

Lore: Banish "Ninja" monsters from your hand or field, and  "Ninjitsu Art" Spell/Trap Cards from your GY so the total number of banished cards equals 4; Special Summon 1 Aqua, Pyro, Thunder or Rock monster from your Extra Deck, whose Level/Rank equals or is 1 higher than the Level of the banished monster(s). If you control no cards, you can activate this card from your hand. You can only activate 1 "Ninjitsu Art of Extraneous Transformation" per turn.
Dungeon Dragon
Do I NEED to point out the art image in the center of this glorious bit of pixels ain't mine? Because it seems like I do. Because it ain't. 

Mods and texts are the BDS's personal touch, though. That stuff ain't cheap. 


  • This card's name is based off of the "Dungeons & Dragons" RPG, hence its effects being similar to the all-encompassing defenses usually accompanying a final boss in that game.

:iconygocardplz: DARK/Rock-Type Effect Monster/Level 9/3000 ATK/1000 DEF :iconygocardplz:

Lore: Must be Special Summoned (from your hand or among your banished cards) by Tributing monsters from your field (min. 1) and/or Extra Deck (max. 2) whose total ATK is higher than your current LP + 2000. Unaffected by the effects of monsters with less ATK than this card. Each turn, the first time a card or effect is activated that includes any of these effects, you can send 1 card on the field to the GY when that effect resolves (even if this card leaves the field). • Draw a card. • Summon a monster from the hand. • Destroy a card on the field. • Banish a card from the GY. • Return a banished card to the Deck.
Advent Pack 1 - ASPECT Booster Pack
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Information about this set:
- Set Name: Advent Pack I
- Set Prefix: ADV1
- Cover Cards: "Shire the Virtuous Lightsworn" (center), "Ultimate Assailant - Yuanli" (left), "Abominal Titan Ibis Hominem" (right)

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Features:
- Contains: Advent Monsters, "Twilightsworn" support, Spectre-Type monsters, LIGHT Spellcaster monsters, DARK Warrior, Spellcaster and Fiend monsters, "Advent" Spell/Trap cards, etc.
- Continues: "Bluebird Bow" support (from Desire of the Duelist)

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Introducing new Archetypes/Series:
Pixel: Green Star Abominals:
- Group of EARTH Fairy Monsters and EARTH Fiend monsters, the former usually Main Deck Monsters and the latter usually Extra Deck monsters.
- They work on the utilization of uniquely powerful effects that only work on its first activation each turn, as well as cycling cards between their Extra Deck, GY and Banished Zone, as well as putting monsters on the opponent's side of the field to fulfill conditions of their anti-Advent side effects.
- They are based around swarming-on both sides of the field-and anti-Advent control as a mechanic. 
Pixel: Green Star Assailants:
-Having had previous cards with their name in "Night Assailant" and "Flash Assailant", the Archetype is now focused around DARK Fiends, utilizing a strategy of hand/field control.
- Their mechanic goes off of putting DARK Flip monsters from different locations into the GY as a way to avoid the cost of their powerful, yet deleterious effects, as well as having ways to recover DARK Flip monsters from the GY.
- Vivian Wong, Asian Dueling Champion, will likely be using this Archetype much later on in "Yu-Gi-Oh! ASPECT".

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Pack Breakdown:
- There are 65 cards in this set, plus 5 specific cards picked from contributors' entries to my BlaDeS of Change Discord. 
- 9 cards per pack:
- 5 commons, 3 Rares, with at most 1 Ultra/Secret Rare per pack.
Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Card List:

ADV1-EN001: Hauringu-Fu
ADV1-EN002: Axe Handler Adventura
ADV1-EN003: Lyre of the Bluebird Bows
ADV1-EN004: Green-Eyed 
ADV1-EN005: Blistering Bombardier
ADV1-EN006: Jenis, Twilightsworn Cleric
ADV1-EN007: Felis, Twilightsworn Sniper 
ADV1-EN008: Advent Mage
ADV1-EN009: Advent Sage
ADV1-EN010: Judge Man the Afterlife Arbitrator 
ADV1-EN011: Steel Assailant
ADV1-EN012: Dawn Assailant
ADV1-EN013: Frozen Assailant
ADV1-EN014: Mist Assailant
ADV1-EN015: Lightpainted Anti-Abominal Lass
ADV1-EN016: Anti-Abominal Prodigy, Rain
ADV1-EN017: Abominal-Tracking Rocker, Indigo
ADV1-EN018: The Tireless Abominal Hunter
ADV1-EN019: Paladin of High Perches 
ADV1-EN020: Nine Path Dragon Lady
ADV1-EN021: Ascended Anti-Abominal Arboretum
ADV1-EN022: Perditious Palace of the Assailants 
ADV1-EN024: Advent Awakening
ADV1-EN025: Warrior's Way
ADV1-EN026: Twilight Gleaming
ADV1-EN028: Advent Fragment
ADV1-EN029: Secret Altar of the Spellcasters
ADV1-EN030: Assailant's Creed #3-"Striking Shadows"
ADV1-EN031: Abominal Scout-Out
ADV1-EN032: Advent Weapon 
ADV1-EN033: Anti-Abominal Gathering
ADV1-EN034: Entwined Dragon Tale
ADV1-EN035: Assailant's Creed #5-"Master's Deference"
ADV1-EN037: Advent Ambush
ADV1-EN038: Bluebird Bowery
ADV1-EN042: Abominal Counterstrike
ADV1-EN044: Assailant's Creed #1-"Executed Escape"
ADV1-EN045: Lieutenant Warb of the Bluebird Bow
ADV1-EN046: Ultimate Assailant - Yuanli  
ADV1-EN047: Abominal Titan Ibis Hominem 
ADV1-EN048: Archfiend Reaper
ADV1-EN049: Curious, Twilightsworn Wasteland
ADV1-EN050: Hyperspeed Dragomecha 
ADV1-EN051: Abominal Titan Aquila Foil
ADV1-EN052: Abominal Titan Bulbalus

ADV1-EN053: Abominal Titan Oryx Laqueatus
ADV1-EN054: Ascended Lightgiver of Legend 
ADV1-EN055: GaLVanic Great Dane 
ADV1-EN056: Advent Allocator 
ADV1-EN057: Gaia Eon, the Reinvented Avatar
ADV1-EN058: Constellation Crusher
ADV1-EN059: The Savage Spitfire
ADV1-EN060: Chimeratech Anomaly Dragon
ADV1-EN061: Shire, the Virtuous Lightsworn  
ADV1-EN062: Adventuring Magician
ADV1-EN064: Corporeal Cockatrice
ADV1-EN065: Mz. Swift, Spectre Supreme


Abominal Counterstrike
Do I NEED to point out the art image in the center of this glorious bit of pixels ain't mine? Because it seems like I do. Because it ain't. 

Mods and texts are the BDS's personal touch, though. That stuff ain't cheap. 


:iconygocardplz: Continuous Trap Card :iconygocardplz:

Lore: If you control an "Abominal" Fiend monster, neither player can Special Summon monsters from their hand or GY during the Main Phase 1 or the Battle Phase, except "Abominal" monsters. If you control an "Abominal" Fairy monster, negate the effects of all monsters on the field during the Battle Phase, except "Abominal" monsters. If this card and "Abominal Scout-Out" is sent from the field to the GY (simultaneously): You can Set this card to your field, but banish it when it leaves the field.
Steel Assailant
Do I NEED to point out the art image in the center of this glorious bit of pixels ain't mine? Because it seems like I do. Because it ain't. 

Mods and texts are the BDS's personal touch, though. That stuff ain't cheap. 


:iconygocardplz: DARK/Fiend-Type Effect Monster/Level 3/100 ATK/250 DEF :iconygocardplz:

Lore: If this card is Normal or Special Summoned from the hand: You can add 1 "Assailant" card from your Deck to your hand, then discard 1 card. Gains 200 ATK and 500 DEF for each "Assailant" Flip monster and "Assailant" Spell/Trap in your GY. This card can attack directly.


BDSceptyr's Profile Picture
T.J. Abogan
United States
Well, thought it was obvious I like to make cards and chew bubblegum. Let's see what else I do before the taste runs ou-OH COME ON THIS IS THE THIRD TIME THIS HOUR!!
Since Chapter 2's gonna be released on the 15th of April, I feel that its long time to elaborate a bit more on the Advent Monsters-Yu-Gi-Oh ASPECT's new way to Extra Deck your way to greatness.

So here's Adventageous Allure.

Adventageous Allure by BDSceptyr

Ignoring the spitting image of smexyness in the center of this, Double-A allows you to make an Advent Summon, with the same access to Materials as you would normally have to make an Advent Summon without it. Does destroy them too-nice for destruction trigger cards (coughliketheImmortalMonsterscough.) BUT. It also allows usage of an Advent Monster in the Extra Deck as Material too. And to further sweeten the pot, it counts as 2 Spell/Trap Cards when used as a Material for an Advent Summon. 


See, the utilization of this card as a Quick Effect allows you to pull out the Advent Monster on your opponent's turn as well, and -this is not mentioned on the card, though it is still a BDS-confirmed rule for the Advent Monsters-When the Advent Monster comes out with this effect, it still has Advent Counters on it equal to the number of cards used for the Advent Summon. So don't fret, fellow Duelists in the ASPECT saga! Your Advent Monster will still come complete with a punch! 

And now for the second part of its effect. When it says that it counts as 2 Spell/Trap Cards for the Advent Summon of an Advent Monster, well...

1) It means, due to Infearnus still being a Level 7 Advent Monster, now that you've used Adventageous Allure as Material, you only need to put up a Level 5 or lower Fairy or Fiend to make Infearnus. Remember, the total Level/Ranks/Link Number of the monsters + the number of Spell/Trap Cards have to equal the Advent Monsters Leven in order to Advent Summon it. Again, Infearnus.

Infearnus, Dark Deity of Desire by BDSceptyr

Sooooooooooo smexy.

2) And also, thanks to the secondary ability of Adventageous Allure, if you do use, say, a Level 5 and Double-A to Summon Infearnus, it'll come in with 3 counters. One for each Advent Material, and an additional one by Double-A's effect. More bang, less buck.

Adventageous Allure will be far from the only card with this proviso available.

But now, for a final card to show you how well Immortal Monsters can play, here's a new card that'll also be debuting in Yu-Gi-Oh! ASPECT, and on this page.

Eternal Seeker by BDSceptyr

Believe Big Sean said it all about this card.

  But really, this card already helps to alleviate the Immortal Monsters' often unwieldy cost. And again, it will not be the only one. 

Just Foolish Bury it and enjoy. 

Like my novel. 

Which the next chapter of will come on the 15th. Did I mention that? 

BDS, signing off. Leave your questions at the bottom.
Yeah I know, took so long, must be a struggle, yadda dadda doo.

BUT here they are. 

As many of you who have followed my page and not been trapped underneath the largest sedimentary object you can imagine, I've been making a novel. Though it's production date being pushed harder than 

Though it's production date being pushed harder than an (insert unit amount of any drug you can think of here) in (insert place on the planet where it's rife in here), this series throughout Yu-Gi-Oh! are always known for pushing the envelope-either a little bit or a lot-in terms of ingenuity. 

With this in mind, I present to you the new Monster Card Type of Yu-Gi-Oh Aspect: 

Viral Vector by BDSceptyr

Advent Monsters!!

These monsters are based upon two distinct, yet well-established concepts. The first such concept are the Legendary Dragons of Yu-Gi-Oh! DM series past, which were powerful dragons sealed into the form of Spell Cards that synergized with other cards, whether they be monsters, or other Spell/Traps. The second wellspring of inspiration come from a more estranged card game medium that's gripped the world today-the Planeswalkers of Magic the Gathering.

In heralding to both these different strands of cards, the Advent monsters serve as the closest thing to the generals of a Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck as possible-yes, that is yet another term snagged from MtG. 

Advent Monsters, in short, are monsters that go in the Extra Deck and come out through a rather exotic summoning method-by using both monsters and Spell/Traps in roughly equivalent measure. Each Advent Monster comes complete with a Summoning requirement, and to Advent Summon them normally, you must sent those Materials in a minimum of 1 from each section, so that the combined Ranks (for Xyz Monsters), Link Numbers (for Link Monsters) and/or Levels (of the other monsters) of the sacrificed monsters and the number of Spell/Trap Cards equals exactly the Level and the requirement of the Advent Monster. See how it's like the Fusion Summons brought about by the Legendary Dragons?

After the requirement is met, that Advent Monster is Advent Summoned from the Extra Deck. In addition, though, a second thing occurs, one that incentivizes using as many cards as possible for the Summon. Advent Monsters, after being Advent Summoned, come onto the field with a number of Advent Counters on them equal to the number of cards used as Materials for its Summon, known as Advent Materials. This is the true marker of an Advent Monster's true power. Advent Monsters can accumulate counters on them themselves through a usually basic action taken during the Duel-like the Setting of cards, or the Summon of a certain Type of monster. Sometimes, Advent Counters can be moved from 1 monster to another! And these Advent Counters are what are removed from the Advent Monsters to activate their powerful effects.

So in short: You send the cards listed in the Advent Monster's text from your hand or field to the Graveyard, then Advent Summon that monster from your Extra Deck, then for each card you sent, place 1 Advent Counter on that Advent Monster. The entire cycle goes in one continuous motion, so no effect can be chained between the Advent Monster's Advent Summon and the placement of its Advent Counters. 

Now to explain the mechanic with the above example in Viral Jester. 

VJ happens to be a Level 6 monster, and its Advent Material requirements are 1 monster and 1 Spell/Trap Card with "Dark" or "Virus" in its name. In this case, the requirements are rigid, but simple. Remember, the Link/Rank/Level total and the Spell/Trap Card total has to equal the Level to summon it. So in this case, you would need a Level/Rank 6 monster, or a Link Monster with a Link Level of 6, and 1 Spell/Trap Card to Summon this. 6 + 1 = 7. Savvy? 

Now for something more flexible, like say, this arson-advocating amphibian:

Flamefanning Frog by BDSceptyr

This Summoning requirement for this Advent Monster now demands 1 or more WATER Aqua-Type monsters and 1 or more Normal Trap Cards. So let's look at the numbers.

Use 1 Level 3 Aqua-Type monster-say, Beelze Frog-and 1 solitary Spell/Trap Card you may not initially have use for-and here comes the superheated Flamefanning Frog, right out!

Take the Level 2 Swap Frog, for example-dispense of that and 2 Normal Spell/Trap Cards from the hand or the field, and you're golden for this Aqua-Type to be Advent Summoned from the Extra Deck-with 3 Advent Counters on it too, since you used 3 cards as Material! 

Or better yet, use the Level 1 Treeborn Frog, that immortal little ribbiting chestnut, and 3 Normal Spell/Traps-you've got Flamefanning Frog with 4 Advent Counters!

This strategy of monsters and Spell/Trap dispersal will offer a new range of options to those cards on the field you just exhausted the initial use of, and offer a new angle of play to take to your opponent!

Now, let's turn to the second Monster Category being introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! Aspect: Immortal Monsters! Take it away, Lesser Beast!

Lesser Beast by BDSceptyr

Goodness, don't you just wanna cuddle it? 

Well, try hard not to, because these Immortal Monsters come with some added bite.

Each Immortal monster sits pretty on the field with some modest effects. But when they go to the Graveyard (or someplace else on the field that is rather unfitting) from there, well, the magic happens. By sending a monster of the same Attribute as themselves with 1500 or less ATK, they come roaring back to the field with a new effect to punish your opponent's puny attempt to put it down. 

And worst (best) of all? These effects place the Immortal Monster back onto the field. This is not counted as a Special Summon. So nothing that impedes Special Summoning can avert this effect. Let your Immortal Monsters loose on the field, and even the sway of Vanity's Emptiness and the Horns of Heaven can stand in your way. 

And what better way to show how unstoppable an Immortal Monster can be, than by merging it with an Advent Monster to create....

Vitro the Masked Marvel by BDSceptyr

A doozy, I believe it's called. But it has everything I've put up in this post in one easy-to-get package-it's an Advent Monster that can be Summoned with the use of Quick-Play Spells, so one of those Twin Twisters and Lesser Beast can bring it out with 2 Advent Counters. It's a WIND Immortal Monster, so the sacking of a weak WIND Monster can bring it back with 3 Advent Counters. And it's a Spectre-Type monster, so it's the last effect can really speed up the...



Well, with all the hubbub about the Immortals and the Advents I forgot to mention them! See, as a little birdie told me, the WIND Archetype has been rather...stiffed in terms of having a proper type made for them. Originally it was supposed to be Winged-Beasts, but given how both the Blackwings and Raidraptors have converted it into a haven for DARKness, I felt that the arrival of a new series in ASPECT demanded a new type to go with it.

So the Spectre-Type covers all the otherworldly, benign spirits of the world, a near opposite to the more malevolent spirits that gravitate towards the Zombies. 

Currently, the Spectre-Type monsters will mostly be WIND, and focus around strength in numbers-with effects than reach more and more targets and grow in power based on the number of monsters on the field with the same name, Type, Attribute, stat get the idea. 

Oh don't worry your heads off Deviant Duelists, this series is shaping up to to be a barnburner for creativity. And these new creature types and categories are but the first step to a glorious readjustment of the game of Yu-Gi-Oh!

...well, within this website, anyway.

Sorry for boring you all to tears with this long-as-dong entry. Post any further questions you may have on my Advent Monsters, my Immortal Monsters category, or my Spectre-Type goodfellas below, folks. Your input competes me-and I'm always open to better options about these new angles I've made in the cardcreating meta.

BDS, signing off.


Q1: Does then sending of Spell/Trap Cards for an Advent Summon occur at Spell Speed 2 or 3-in short, do the cards have to be permanently on the field, or can the Advent Summon also utilize Normal Spell/Trap Cards being activated before they go to the Graveyard? 
Well, in terms of the timing of an Advent Summon, you cannot use Spell/Trap Cards that are currently being activated for an Advent Summon, though you can use Set Spell/Trap Cards, as long as they are revealed before being sent to the Graveyard. No double-dipping that Pot of Duality, folks!

Q2: Following up from the last question, can you manipulate a Monster's Level/Rank/Link Number to decrease the number of Advent Materials needed for an Advent Summon?
The Level/Rank/Link requirement for an Advent Summon counts the monster's original Level/Rank/Link number when using monsters as Material, so even though a boost to a Gagaga Magician's Level make turn it from a Level 4 to a Level 8 monster, when using it as an Advent Material, its Level is treated as what's planted on the card-Level 4.
Q3: Where does an Advent Monster go when Advent Summoned, or when Special Summoned from another area on the Dueling field beside the Extra Deck? 
As an Extra Deck Monster Type, Advent Monsters follow the same rules as the other Extra Deck Monsters. Namely, that in the current meta of this post's first submission, and in most of the regular Duels of Yu-Gi-Oh! ASPECT, they go into the Monster Zones from anywhere they're Summoned outside of the field unless otherwise moved to another Zone. Later on-in the new meta we may yet be facing by the end of this year-and in the Etro/Cyber/Entity Duels of Yu-Gi-Oh! ASPECT-the Aspect Monsters go to the Extra Monster Zone when Special Summoned from the Extra Deck, and to the Main Monster Zone if Special Summoned from...well, anywhere else outside of the field.
Q4: Can the effect of an Immortal Monster that would place them in the Monster Zones on the field be negated?
Yes they can, by any card that would qualify to handle effect negation. But a card that negates a Special Summon solely cannot negate an Immortal Monster's field-returning effect, as 1) the field return happens in a separate part of the effect, broken by a "then", so the effect must either prevent the monster sacrifice that would predate the Immortal Monster's field return, or negate the entire effect outright, and 2) because the effect specifically returns the Immortal Monster to the field without Special Summoning it, so the effect does not Special Summon it.
Q5: Any more elaboration on the Spectre-Type monsters, and which Archetypes you have or may have that will feature them?
Well, these monsters are mainly centered around the WIND-Attribute, so I will be changing a couple of cards in the Torque Set-held by Aspect member and central protagonist Evy to fit them. I'm also making a set of monsters soon called the Pryme Prysm, which feature more such Spectre-Type monsters (as holograms, held by an antagonist in the Anomaly) within Yu-Gi-Oh! ASPECT, that'll be out in mid-March or April by the latest. But as for how I plan to make the Spectre-Type diversify in the long-run....
...wel that's for another post.
Yubel, Deity of Desire by l1lxbunny-d33u5uz by BDSceptyr

The BlaDeS of Change Workshop is whirring to a start for this new meta we're in. Let's begin with the obvious pleasantries. 

For those of you who don't know, I've been working on a novel, all the live-long daaaaaaaaaaaay...called Yu-Gi-Oh! ASPECT, centering around a group of dimension-hopping prospects called the Aspect. Their entire line-up of cards are already posted, and their monster line-up is solid-but the new meta centering the Extra Deck monster work around 1 SOLITARY ZONE until further Link-enabled notice has required I push up the schedule of presentation some more to adjust. 

Let me be clear. SOME of these cards will STILL be unchanged. Having 1 Extra Deck monster on hold was how I originally wrote some of these Duels to begin with. But now, with Link Monsters and the newfound Cybers Archetype, I may need to readjust to allow for more extensive play of these Archetypes you know and love. 

I will introduce new Link monsters to the Archetype starting now. As of now, the only new Cybers you'll see now from the ASPECT story Archetypes are the conversion of Cyrus's Mechanical Dragons and the soon-to be released Pryme Prysm monsters. They come from the mind of the Aspect's nemeses', the Anomaly, who will introduce the Link Monsters into the storyline in the first arc (the Link type as is will be introduced to the Aspect in the second arc.) 

For those unaware of the other changes to the meta, here they are so far: 

1) Pendulum Zones now count as the original Spell/Trap Zones, so with a full set out, you're only setting 3 maximum backrow now. (OH BY THE WAY CALLED THIS CHANGE IN A PREVIOUS THREAD AROUND A WEEK AGO, PRAISE ME!)
2) Extras can still swarm the field if they're returned to the field from the Graveyard, as they go into the now-dubbed Main Monster Zones upon that Summon. Think Stardust and Omega-like cards may benefit from that. 
3) Link cards work like proto-Xyzes, though they have 2 ways of Summoning-through meeting its Material requirement equal to the Link Number, or by using Link Monsters to alleviate the cost. Think they may still be on the field if they're Link Monsters.
4) Oh yeah, only 1 Extra Deck Monster Zone per player exists now. MAN its a good thing I didn't go for that Buster Blader Deck, its about to be cratered now. 
5) And there are 2 of those Zones exist on the field, though its first come first served. 

Now to my latest procrastination-bred issue. 

Harbingers-my new Archetype for the last (peripheral) member of the Aspect, their resident Duel Spirit/ex-goddess of discord, Ehris (name alteration to Greek Goddesses intended.) They're going through a bit of a cosmetic change-thankfully, they have no Extra Deck type, so that's not the issue. They're being called the  Proángelos - the Greek word for Harbinger -now, and revolve around swarming and draining the Levels of non-Proángelos monsters-much like the Eieno Negai Ehris' master Akaine does, but for ATK/DEF stats. For now, they're coming along swimmingly-though I now have to get a new idea for another Archetype I was planning to make-but the main issue is that because of the remodeling I'm doing for our new VRains overlords, they will now be released on the 27th, with the first chapter of Aspect to be released on the last day of March. 

And now for the final item on my agenda-the new meta. NO I'm NOT doing over all my cards to compensate for this change in the meta, but I will be hitting up my good friends Batmed and grezar for a workable Link Monster meta to do it. Plus, I have come to a decision that I will still be debuting a new Monster Type (the Spectre-Type) , a new Sub-Type based on Duelists of the Roses (Immortal Monsters), and of course, a new Extra Deck type that is exclusive to the ASPECT Storyline (Advent Monsters). More on THEM will come during the next week, along with the compressed Decklist for the Proángelos a bit before that to tease the High Rares of the set.

Until then, BDS is signing off.


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