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So Much Byron

(Full Body + Simple Shadings = 3)*7 = 21 + Simple Background = 22 Levels
(Full Body + Simple Shadings + Complex Background (The grass is clearly simple, but those clouds/sky I think count) = 5)*1 = 5
(Simple Shading + Headshot = 2)*2 = 4
Total = 31 levels!

You can never have enough Byron!

Byron learned Smokescreen
Byron evolved into a Quilava!

(And now I need to update the ref art...)

If anyone is looking to maybe get a Cyndaquil, Byron is now open~ I'm looking mainly for Ground types right now, so if you have a female Ground type I'm interested in, feel free to mention in the comments =P

(I HAVE ENOUGH FIGHTING TYPES COMING IN AS IS, WHAT WITH A SHROOMISH, RIOLU, AND MIENFOO. SO Ground types are preferable =w=;; (Unless you have a Fighting Pokemon I REALLY like ;3 (pssst....... Tepig)))
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