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Pokemon Reign Ref: Knight's Tour

Name: Knight's Tour
Species: Dragonite/Samurott
Type: Dragon/Water/Flying
Special Traits: Chimera
Gender: Male
Hatch Date: July 15th, 2014
Ability: Multiscale [Hidden Ability of Dragonite]

Level: 100
HP: 108
Attack: 142
Defense: 104
Special Attack: 92
Special Defense: 92
Speed: 112

Lifemate: N/A

Move List:
Megahorn (Starter)
Tackle (Starter)
Tail Whip (Starter)
Water Gun (Starter)
Water Sport (Starter)
Hurricane (Starter)
Fire Punch (Starter)
Thunder Punch (Starter)
Roost (Starter)
Wrap (Starter)
Leer (Starter)
Thunder Wave (Starter)
Twister (Starter)

Experience log :
Transferred from that other group - [80 HP, 120 Attack, 80 Defense, 60 Sp. Attack, 80 Sp. Defense, 80 Speed], 100 levels.
This ref - [9 HP, 9 Attack, 4 Sp. Defense, 2 Speed], 4 levels.
Knight and Pritha - [
19 HP, 13 Attack, 24 Defense, 32 Sp. Attack, 8 Sp. Defense, 30 Speed], 25 levels

Father: Eyol
Mother: Lycherl

His name is based on a set of moves that can be done by a Knight on a chessboard, such that each space is landed on exactly once.
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