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Pokemon Realms: Lots of Isaac

Level Claims
Isaac| Male Cyndaquil/Magikarp: 11 x Full Body, 1 x Partial, 12 x Color, 12 x Shading
Byron| Male Typhlosion: 2 x Full Body, 2 x Color, 2 x Shading
Sleeping Beauty| Female Cyndaquil/Slowpoke: 1x Full Body?, 1x Color, 1 x Shading

Number of Moves Learned: 1
Isaac: Smokescreen

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"Finished Art, Partial x1, Fullbody x11, Color x12, Shading x12

Isaac gained 67 HP, 46 Attack, 39 Defense, 57 Sp. Attack, 43 Sp. Defense, 64 Speed.
Isaac has earned 316 stat points! Isaac gained 63 levels!

Finished Art, Fullbody x2, Color x2, Shading x2

Byron gained 3 HP, 18 Attack, 13 Sp. Attack, 7 Sp. Defense, 15 Speed.
Byron has earned 56 stat points! Byron gained 11 levels!

Finished Art, Fullbody x1, Color x1, Shading x1

Sleeping Beauty gained 16 Defense, 7 Sp. Attack, 3 Speed.
Sleeping Beauty has earned 26 stat points! Sleeping Beauty gained 5 levels!

Trainer earned 636 Trinities."                                                   

Isaac learned Smokescreen
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This is super cute. ^-^
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D'BABY!  AHAHAH!  //wheeze//  Looket them three - what a close lil' family.  c':