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PKMNation Ref: Zeta



Pokemon: Shiny/Morph Typhlosion/Floatzel/Mienshao Cross
Name:  Zeta
Gender: Female
ID: 11692
Types: Fire/Water/Fighting
Hatch Date: July 16th, 2014
Nature: Sassy
Characteristic: Likes to Fight
Ability: Regenerator
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 40
Current Base Attack: 64 (+4 from evolution)

Pound (Starter)
Sonic Boom (Starter)
Tackle (Starter)
Leer (Starter)
Level Up Log: 
Clutch Drawing - 5 levels
Reference - 4 levels
Payment - 25 levels
Evolution - 15 levels
Knight's evolution - 12 levels (EXP SHARED)
Knight leaned Hyper Beam - 10 levels (EXP SHARED)
Father and Son - 8 levels (EXP SHARED)
Collatz evolves - 5 levels (EXP SHARED)
Samuronitte - 5 levels (EXP SHARED)
Pluto x Zeta - 11 levels

Available for Breeding?: Yes
Father: Ramsey
Mother: Ellestadite

Partners & Children: N/A

Her name is based on the Riemann Zeta Function, based on the summation of the recipricals of every positive integer to the power of an input. It is believed that if this quantity is equal to 0, either the input was a negative even integer (trivially true), or the real part of the input is one half (The Riemann Hypothesis). Whoever could prove (or disprove) this result would win a million dollars and be a renowned mathematician
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