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Byron x Komachi clutch! (Auction Ended)

My half of a clutch between my Typhlosion, Byron, and FENNEKlNS's Feraligatr, Komachi. Made awesome Base Attack 40 Fusion Totodiles~
(Other half can be seen here)

Top left: -  SOLD TO :iconpyr0m4ncer:
Male Totodile
FUSION (Fire/Water typing)
Base Attack: 40
Level: 3
Details: Flames in the place of red spikes. Coloring similar to the burning of copper. Skin is darker and hotter to the touch.

Bottom Middle: - MINE
Female Totodile
FUSION (Fire/Water typing)
Base Attack: 40
Level: 3
Details: Steam comes off her body, especially on the spikes of her back. Loves baths, especially really cold or really hot baths. Her skin is very light colored and quite moist. 

Top Right: - SOLD TO suicunetobigaara
Male Totodile
Base Attack: 40
Level: 3
Details: Mischievous bitch. Total Angel, I swear

Auction ended.

Congrats to the winner.
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Heya there! ;v;
Could you please lighten up the first one's blue a bit? It's too dark to be a nonshiny pokemon. Thanks, an' have a g'day! ;v;