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Improving Skills - Part 30 - Page 1

By BCRich40
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Here it is! The longest comic I've made so far! Since it's so lengthy, I had to split it in five pages to be able to work with it.
Now, about the comic itself:

How did the comic turn out? Well, it's not that great. I mean, it was good about a month ago, but now it looks pretty awful. That's because my eyes have gotten better at spotting mistakes during that time. I had to do a lot of tweaking to the characters, since I drew the sketches so poorly. The ponies didn't even have manes and tails in the sketches! I might actually upload them as extra stuff on to my blog.

The next subject is the backgrounds. Some of you might have noticed that they're not as detailed as they were before. That's because I got tired of drawing this comic in the end and wanted to move on, so I took some shortcuts. I'm sorry about that. Fortunately, part 31 is much shorter, so I can pay more attention to backgrounds. I've been practicing them lately with single drawings, so backgrounds might look a bit more lively in part 31.

One more important thing: You see those coloured outlines of ponies? This might be the last time you see them. It's quite possible that they'll be black from now on. It saves a lot of time and makes it easier to create expressions. For some reason, coloured lines tend to blind me and distort the end result. Besides, I kind of like the way they look on characters. The decision isn't final though! I might change my mind!

So this comic wasn't really that good, but it doesn't mean that I'm not happy about its existence. After all, it's the longest comic I've ever done! It's an achievement! Even though I think that the dialogue is a bit off, I have to remember that those are the most complex lines I've ever written. It would be even worse without Mudpony's help. He did a great job!

And that's about it. Enjoy the comic, and have a nice day!

Proofreading done by :iconmudpony: Thank you for the help!

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If you want to follow the progress of the comic series, check out my blog!

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At first "Page 2" (the next part) in the description didn't appear to be the next part in the series. Just saying.
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There is nothing wrong with this. Stop beating yourself up.
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Twilight is so cute. Who ever would have thought all you had to add was nail gun? :D

To answer your questions: I didn't really notice the sparse backgrounds until you mentioned them. They're not pretty, but they do their job and more importantly do not distract us from adorable Twilight. Not that they were ever distracting before- they never were and that's harder to pull off than you might think. :nod:

As for the lines, I'm not familiar with many digital mediums, but perhaps there is a way to work in black and give the lines color at the end? Or maybe you could remain in color, but with much darker hues, so they remain colorful but still contrast with the coat?

I still have some pages to read so I'll just go see if you found the solution on your own. ^^;
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You are probably right Twilight.
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It's either battery, or it sucks excess energy from your soul.
Mr-Dr-Sweetness's avatar
What's happens if you run out of excess?
ChaosDX1's avatar
Dunno. I didn't build the safety protocols.
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Well, Twi, if I'm not mistaken, that nail gun is pneumatic. Which really just raises further questions, because it clearly is not connected to the compressor that would be vital for it to function.

Well, Twi, if I'm not mistaken, that nail gun is magic and is powered purely on the fiat of the creator. He is the unchallenged god of this world, after all, so in a way everything here works for no more or less reason than because he says it does.
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I've finally caught up, and I'm sad.
MixingRainbows's avatar
Next chapter everyone will be a realistic horse
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Is it stinky?  My coworker always brought his butane cordless one and we ended up naming it "Stinkie" after about half a day with it.   Looks like it too (minus the cartridge). Good lookin' nailer!
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Yes! Those Civilians I let burn to death as a sacrifice in Mass Effect 2 have summoned you back from the grave!
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Twilight looks so adorable in this!
Skarsniknyo's avatar
Twilight look so adorable yes :)
Coletrain12's avatar
In the 3 panel too
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
Heck, in every panel.
Coletrain12's avatar doubt :3
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I was worried, you were the first person I ever watched on deviant art, so I was extra worried you might be dead
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yay new one looking good
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seriously. this art stile is one of the best ive seen this far (ok, for comics. if this comic would have the best overall art stile ive seen this far, it would become as popular as Double Rainboom, Snowdrop, Past Sins and Derpy combined). anyway, what would u give them if u could? i would give them a computer so they can watch comics on the internet and destroy time and space when they discover this comic :)
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I hope you don't think too much, Twily. The Creator is God in this comic. :o
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I like the design much better now. You really have improved. :)
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