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The Three Kingdoms Mobile Zhou Yu

In the end of 2013, I started participating to a smartphone game called 三國群英傳mobile which produced by USER JOY. I had painted some illustrations for the game. This game used to be a series of console games on PC, I loved it a lots when I was young, I’m so glad to be able joining this game!

Since the game was officially debuted recently, I have a chance to share the illustrations I did for the game.

The theme of the game is related to the three kingdoms. Although I wasn’t the first time doing this theme, it was fresh for me to use gentle and young aspects approaching the character in the illustration. Hopefully you like the work!

If you’re interested about the game, welcome to download it via the websites below:

宇峻奧汀的三國群英傳mobile, 是我在2013年年底開始參與的案子.
三國群英傳一直是我很喜歡玩的單機遊戲, 所以很開心能有機會參與武將的繪製.

這次不是我第一次畫三國題材, 不過這樣比較年輕文弱的周瑜是第一次的嘗試, 希望大家會喜歡!
等之後比較有空也來玩玩看這款遊戲, 然後目標是湊齊我所畫的武將xD 
不曉得大家認不認得出來, 在遊戲中碰到了哪幾位了呢?

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All too often in the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu, historically a genius with few equals, is presented as little more than Zhuge Liang's green-eyed monster. This doesn't seem to be the case here and I applaud you for it. The costume design is fantastic, a bit o.t.t on the shoulder pads but quite captivating and the colours blend well. The expression maintains the character's calmness and determination though try to be careful to not make it seem flat. I'd show a little more background, I could only see the ships of Chibi behind the cloak. Otherwise an excellent illustration, congratulations.
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Looking very stylish.
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That is amazing! I love the armor!
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this is Beautiful!
I like.                                                                                                                                                                                        Chinese Zodiac: Dragon emote 
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oh wow! Zhou Yu looks so cool in that game! Beautiful artwork!
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Wonderful work! :love:
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