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The Ocean Whisperer


Ocean is the origination of Life which has been worshiped and awed by people from the very beginning of the history of human beings. Individual Ocean like a supreme spirit who owns a different character and charm. I often imagine that if a person is able to communicate to ocean, he or she shall be called The Ocean Whisperer.


In this painting, inside the embrace of Mother Nature, an ocean whisperer is floating under the sea with ocean creatures. She is enjoying her time among them and listening to how their feelings are.


There were many changes being made during the process of the creation of this artwork. Particularly for this one, I wanted to seize the instant moment of waves scrolling. Moreover, finding a balance among performance of art, storytelling and decorative function. The theme of the artwork had been shifted back and forth from fighting fish to the others, finally becoming the result you see. Besides just creating a beautiful artwork, I tried to include some symbols of Taiwanese elements, such as her dress and the ocean creatures are common to be seen around Taiwan Ocean. Furthermore, reminding us to think about the issue of environmental protection.


Hope you enjoy the artwork, you could find the previous progress of this one by the following link:…


I also keep posting new stuff which may not relate to art in my other SMS, if you are interested, welcome to visit the following links, thank you!:


Facebook Fan Page:



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it's an awsome work, some much detail and vibrants colors, however i found it a bit overwhelming, its too much of everything, her hair piece, the waves, the animals, since you asked for a critique, that's the only thing i can think about, like they say: sometimes less is more,
About her pose and body entirely, her right hand seems just a little odd and i don't feel like that pose goes with the idea you wrote about she being a spirit listening to the water: (i see her more like enyoing breeze) Something about dinamics and merging the central figure with the background i see in other pieces that i dont get here, but i tell you have no expierience at all in this btw.
but, nonetheless its a beautifull artwork, and i hope someday i could paint just as well as you do, hope this helps you somehow, coming from a fellow artist, whose level is way below yours, but still i have eyes and this is my opinion

keep this beatifull work coming
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With skills like this, I truly hope you enter the Original Character Challenge! 
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Words are missing, this is purely magnificent !
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Excellent !
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your art is so breathtaking and your detail is beyond amazing
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Absolutely wonderful, it's such a beauty! You are extremely talented!
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Such amazing coloring.
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Thank you, the time I spent on adjusting the colors paid off!
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This is a very beautiful piece :heart: 
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Thank you and your heartHeart 
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You're welcome! 
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OMG! The detail! Heart I think I've fainted. 
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I love detailsw00t! 
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         La Koi 
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wow these colors !!!amazing art !!!
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This is beautiful.
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Thanks for your kind words <3
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