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The Moment of Reincarnation


“…Where am I?”

“The End, but it’s also the Beginning”

I’ve always been interested to the concept of Karma and reincarnation. This illustration was also based on it.

The key words of the illustration from the beginning were: Out-of-body experience and Funeral.

When I did the draft, the story of the illustration was:
The death of the princess was caused by the king’s younger brother, but the reason of it is still behind the scenes. The knight, raised together with the princess and admires her so much, was the only one who has the doubt of the princess’s death.
In the funeral, the royal wizard had a concern of the princess’s death when she saw the unusual ambassadors from the other world who came and took the princess’s soul. They’d must come for a reason.

You can go to my blog to see the process that how I created the illustration. The…

It’s similar to the illustration “HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2015!”After finishing the draft, the illustration was begun with the blocks of colors, and then built the lights and shadows. I’d inquired suggestions and advices of the illustration on the sixth stage and received so many good suggestions. To clarify the story of the illustration, I made a connection between the above and below spaces in its space. 

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Great concept here it tells a story
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This looks amazing, fantastic artwork. :D
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Incredible work!Heart 
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Absolutely so strong piece, I would say that you are well knowledged about the spiritual dark world.

I would explain some of details with questioning coz it still blur to me: 

- (The magician hit the princess on her stomach by his hand rest which was carried a "Devil" that was invisible for surrounders. 
Then she screamed, she felt weakness so she threw her body over her bed. Then she felt like dying she was crying a lot as her body was 
stretching out with her nerves. Then her eyes widened staring blankly on the void. At this moment she was looking at spiritual creatures, "Demons,
Devils, or genies monsters probably) then she started crying loudly scared and at the same she can't say a word coz she being totally under their control. The demons rested inside her body, everything was calmed then. She had her deep breathes then slept for a while. After an hour or two she waken up
but she was totally different than the one who was slept for the last time in the bed. She is now a new devil totally controlled then she walked to the magician kneeling to him. As he grains blessing her embracing to their dark world). 

flocks of charmed people crowded there, she wasn't alone. That was comforted her more. Although she forgot totally who she was? She is completely a new slave added to their world. 
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Wow!:o (Eek) 

Astonishing work!Clap I am a dummy! 
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I really love the tones progression and perspective angle! Great! :clap::sun:
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WOW :Q_ Love :happybounce: Hug
The colours are AMAZING!
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What's going on there?
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beautiful and creative
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Fascinating take on the subject!
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Incredible work
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The angels are merciless. BTW this pic is AMAZING! 

great idea, no one really thinks about this and its awesome. the way you pictured it.
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This is so beautiful! I love the concept and how you rendered the 'Reaper'! :heart::heart:
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Can the guy behind the king see what is going on?
He is looking directly at her.
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Awesome :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: 
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i am i little confused, but nonetheless nice art.
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