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October 12, 2014
Sheep with a Girl showcased a very peaceful and picturesque scene that makes you smile with its cheerful feeling.

Sheep with a Girl by bcnyArt
Featured by cinyu
Suggested by Minato-Kushina
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Sheep with a Girl

Done! The draft please visit my facebook page:…
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Very, very scenic artwork. However there's a lack of contrast between the background and the focus (which is the girl in the foreground) - if you can touch up by bringing both the Background color and line work into a more faded finish, you will definitely achieve a more stunning look..

I really like the costume details however and this is a very strong point of yours. Also, you may want to put stronger shadows on the foreground characters (sheep, and girls) as well as additional details on the floor tiles.

Other than this your scene is very well planned and pleasing to look at.
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I'm so wowed by all the effort you put into this. Thank you! 
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This is my second favorite from your artworks! I just love this scene! Your depiction of nature, the sheep and of course the main character. She is marvelous! The traditional somewhat ethnic clothing, her hut, the patterns on the clothes. It makes you feel that she is deep connected with culture and she is where she is suppose to be! :) Great artwork! :)
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really nice :D
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Lovely piece! I really enjoy the color palate you chose, and the background is nicely detailed, giving the viewer a lot to look at. The girl and black sheep looking on from the background are a nice touch. It makes the viewer wonder what their story is.
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Your work is really beautiful, wow! Love 
Hm, I'm not very good at critique, but I'll try. You've managed to keep the viewer focused quite well on the main subject of the picture despite a wealth of detail in the illustration. I think it works because of a few factors. 1. The white of the concrete and the sheep is very eye catching when the rest of the picture is mostly hues of green and gray. So your eye instantly focuses there. 2. The focal figure and her sheep are in sharp focus, while the background is just slightly blurred and diffuse, much like the focus of an actual photograph. I think this makes the picture work much better that if the background details had been just as crisp and in focus as the girl herself. Having her clothes colored an aqua blue shade with red details also help focus audience attention as they stand out very well compared to background colors. 3. Restricting your choice of colors to quiet harmonious ones in the background helps keep the picture from feeling cluttered. Anyway, I hope my comments aren't too stupid and are somewhat useful. By the way, I love seeing art with a shepherdess. I wish we had more art of things like dairy maids, farmers, and shepherds on Deviantart.
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Do you mind if I use a cropped form of this as my avatar?
<— Like this.
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Really awesome!!! Very lively colors and great background!!!
This picture is really good. I especially like the style and depth of it.
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Absolutely love your work! Amazing detail : )
beautiful! really love the background.  looks like some place from Europe
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the girl is wearing a Chinese dress...
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this is so beautiful! ^^ I will totally visit your Facebook pagezerz! :333333333333
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Hehe, sheeps...beautiful serene piece

(the girl with a black sheep wants love too)

congrats with the DD
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Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:

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Lucky sheep. Girls like that are hard to find. 
I love the color in this, and I want her outfit oh my goodness. Hmm, I may have fabric that color... to the sewing machine!
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Hope you like it ! and sorry ... 
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Great piece of work!!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations at…
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Gorgeous artwork!!

Congratulations for the DD :clap: well deserved :dance:
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