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It has been a while since the Halloween this year, hopefully you like the work I brought for celebrating the Halloween.

Originally, for drawing a celebrating illustration, I thought Halloween is most often day I did. 
However, once I searched from my folders for the Halloween illustrations, I found it wasn’t truth lol. ​

The Little Witch: "(poke poke​ poke​ poke ​poke ​poke​)... Meow?"

The Black Cat: "(What's the hell are you doing this little human creature!? It's enough for me being wore this stupid pumpkin hat, you're here to trolling me.)"

The Maid: "(...This times must be getting you.)"

The Vampire: "Wahaaaa, this wine looks so DELICIOUS! It deserves to be a prime goods that found by ME, wahaaaaa~"

I tried a different way to process this illustration compared to the works I did before.
I felt I had learned something from this work. If you’re interested to the process, I might write an article about it in the future.​

You can find three close-up pictures of this illustration and my other Halloween works from my blog page:…!

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Okay, so first off, I really really like the camera angle! I think it looks really nice! It does a nice job of accommodating everyone in the scene, and makes great use of the couch (and that aspect generally makes me happy. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>) There seems to be a good amount of space between the vampire dude and the edge of the couch, but personally there should be at least a *little* more overlap there. Other than that though, you seemed to do GREAT with the depth and it works for the scene! Also, I know that it's a WIP but personally, it holds up REALLY WELL as is. (though I wouldn't object if you decided to keep working on this. Art can always get better.) It's really detailed where it needs to be detailed, and you handle the different textures of all the surfaces (even the nondescript ones) really well. I can't tell whether these are commonly used OCs of yours from the drawing itself, but they seem really nicely detailed for just a single drawing. That's great, personally. The facial expressions are a little on the weak side (except for the girl in the back. Great job on the lip. Although, I can't tell if she's looking at him negatively or not, if you know what I mean...) The general colors seems to work a decent amount too. (I'm probably not one to judge as I'm still learning myself about color theory. The only bit that REALLY actively bothers me is the detailed portion of the ceiling, which stands out from the rest of it and all that. I know it's a WIP, though, so it's not as big an issue.
(As I've typed this, I've determined that the bit with the cat's ear and the pumpkin is my favorite part of the entire piece. It's just...perfect.)
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That vampire is all the fuck ABOUT that drink.
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Beautiful job.
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The look of disgust on that catgirl's face just sells this for me.
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It's the cat girl's expression that sells it.  ;)
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I like this!  It looks like a lot of fun, and it's beautiful so far.  I mean, I love it just as is, but I can only imagine what it'll look like once finished!
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I love ALL. Expressions, colours, pose, lighting, perspective... But what I prefer is the facial expression of the girl on the background! :D
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This looks SO good, amazing lighting!  GREAT work!
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The night of the spirits, now is the time,
all unite and party till the morning light.
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I loooooove the cat!
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