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Girl Exorcist 6 Haunted Dorm


Hi this is B.c.N.y., I’m glad to work with author 龍雲 and Spring Publications for the novel “Girl Exorcist6 Haunted Dorm”. I appreciated everything they did for the book. My gratitude also goes to layout designer for such wonderful text and layout design. It made the cover looking so powerful!

It will be the last volume of this series, hopefully you will like it ; )

The scene of the illustration was based on my senior high school, the only difference was that my school located on an upper position instead of being the lower spot. In the artwork, it’s so scaring that a monster jumping out from a bush and attacking someone (I thought even dogs or people jumping out from the darkness would be already frightening enough though.)

Talk about the theme of the novel, school, campus are the places where easily bring urban legends, especially in the East, in Taiwan or Japan, there are so many terrifying tales had been conducted from those places, probably because students had great imagination during their youth in campus? Do you know any horror stories from your school?

On the other hand, even though I like to read some stories related to school, mountains and childhood, I haven’t been really suffered by such supernatural experience so far. Furthermore, I’m just going to stand in awe for spiritual issues and do not expect to encounter it in the future. 

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I really love the colors that you chose, as well as the perspective that you went with.

I think that if you moved the animal back(like where the sidewalk ends) it would help the composition look better. Since right now it sort of looks like the animal is in front of the girl and not really her running away from it. And if you push the animal back it would look more like if she were running away from it. Also like someone mentioned before, her left arm does look a bit odd. Try changing the position to where the thumb would be facing the sky instead of the ground. The more I look at the girl the more I think about how she would be able to run with an open umbrella without it slowing her down. I'm guessing the umbrella has some important significance; maybe instead of having her hold it, you could have her carrying it on her back.

Overall I really like how the piece looks like as a whole. I also love how you managed to capture the animals movement, which I think is hard to do. I absolutely love your artwork, it's so amazing. You inspire me to learn how to draw digitally, which I find hard to transition to since I'm so used to drawing traditionally.
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WOW! Great colored!
         kawai mochi 
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Oh man, you're pretty advanced so giving you criticism is pretty hard for me, most of the things I know about you're already doing pretty well :O

But I guess you might want some tips, the only two things I see wrong is that there's something off about the girls left arm (the one holding the rope) most people probably won't notice it, but i feel that it looks like her shoulder is dislocated or something, I imagine you were going for making her look like she's about to swing the rope, but it looks more like she had a solid object (rather than rope, for example sword) deflected by something so strongly that it dislocated her arm in the process, which I'm sure that imposing tiger could do, but she's not holding a solid object so that wouldn't happen which leaves only one possibility, you made a small mistake. Another way to think about it is that this arm does not look like it could deliver a blow of any strength from the position it is in, it is impossible to utilize most of the muscles in your arm if it is in that position, that arm feels "powerless". I'm not sure how to do it correctly, since I don't know exactly what you were going for, there are various things you could try, maybe the issue is that the arm is bent backwards too much, maybe the elbows should be closer to the head and pointing more upwards, maybe the arm should be out stretched more with the elbows less bent, there's a lot of possibilites, you're gonna have to figure this out on your own. I recommend that whatever movement you are trying to create, try doing it with your own arm to see if it's physically possible to begin with.

The other thing I noticed is that the buildings in the background should probably be darker. The sun is setting behind the mountains, the sky is already dark, but the buildings are lit like as if the sun would still be reflecting light onto them, but based on it's location the buildings facing towards us are facing away from the sun, and even if they weren't, since they are below the mountain not a lot of sun would reach them to begin with, so they should be darker.

Hope that was helpful :D
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Who's the sexy girl?
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OMG!! It's so detailed! Love Love Love 
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