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Flying and Slashing

By bcnyArt
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Hi, this is B.c.N.y. I am glad to have this opportunity in which painting this illustration for Honkai Impact 3rd! The illustration depicts Sakura and Teresa, two characters from the game. In this work, I wanted to portray them in a happy, joyful mood for showcasing their charms.

During the period of working, I kept listening to the sakura’s character song which is fascinating! (Although the style of the song doesn’t fit to the illustration lol)
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Nice going here. Please draw more fanart of Sakura & Teresa someday soon!

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Awesome drawing. ^_^
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Air scissoring
is kinda not my style 
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xDD What styles do you like better?
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cowgirl in general 
dogystile (kinda)
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It's so beautiful they look just like the characters from the game !
The expression on celestial hymn is adorable x)
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 celestial hymn is always adorable <3
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Flame Sakitama and Celestial Hymn...

Yup, this looks stunning. I really like how you draw and color them.
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Flame Sakitama and Celestial Hymn! Thank you for sharing their names<3 
Also Thank you love my work!
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This is amazing!!!
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1st simple title but fits so awel to this epic work

2nd X3
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Thank you for loving the title and the work  <3 <3 
             [Happy] Mochi Tokyo MiniPixel 
Are these inspired by Hylotl from Starbound or something? Seeing as they are fish people and I think that is Asian architecture in the

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I drew those buildings based on the scenes from Honkai Impact 3rd!
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Amazing work with everything! <3
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amanzing i like your style
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Thank you ; )
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